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Morgan Spurlock Back for a New Season of "A Day in the Life"

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Morgan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker who lived on McDonald's food for Super Size Me, and swapped lives with people for the series 30 Days, is back for a second season of his highly-rated Hulu show A Day in the Life.

He told ABC News Radio the show's first season made quite an impression, considering it ran on the online streaming service.

"Here was a show on the Internet that was getting the same kind of numbers you would get on basic cable," Spurlock said.  "I mean, it was phenomenal."

The show's cameras tagged along as celebs like Sir Richard Branson, and Will.I.Am went about their daily lives.

And now Spurlock's back with a slew of new celebrities to follow.  The second season will feature Community and Talk Soup star Joel McHale, and The Chew celebrity chef Mario Batali among others, but kicks off with comic and podcast host Mark Maron.

Spurlock said the segment, which is now available on Hulu, "is really great...because it [gives] a window into the mind of a...funny, brilliant, neurotic comedian," which Spurlock says "is fantastic."

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