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Matthew McConaughey: What I've Learned as a Dad

Photo by Ray Tamarra/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves welcomed their third child five months ago, and on Sunday, they told ABC News that they were in the middle of the first weekend away from their kids since his birth.

“It’s very relaxing, exciting,” Alves said at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. “I got off the plane and was like, ‘No car seats! No strollers!’”

“We noticed on the plane: ‘Where is everybody?’” said McConaughey, who also told reporters that he’s gained back much of the weight he lost for Dallas Buyer’s Club. He said he’d gained the weight back by just increasing the portions of his already healthy diet.

The couple, who were there on behalf of their Just Keep Livin Foundation, a charity dedicated to empowering high school students to live active and healthy lives, were ready to kick back — but their minds were clearly with their kids, Levi, 4, Vida 3, and baby Livingston.

“Right now there’s a whole lot of signs of me in all of them,” McConaughey said. “It’s a colorful house that’s for sure! And talk about whose personalities: One thing you learn when you’re a parent that I didn’t know as much beforehand is how much DNA … as soon as they’re born they are who they are. You can shape them, but they’re very unique, different from each other immediately.”

But his little girl has her dad wrapped around her finger, he said: “That’s a constant honeymoon!”

Alves said that three kids is work, too.

“It’s not that it’s tougher — it’s just that I had my systems down with two kids and now with three I’m still learning,” she said of her little ones, who are “into everything.”

“I’m taking tips,” she said. “I’m still working on the systems that work for three, but we’ll get there!”

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Leo DiCaprio: Highest Paid Actor

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images(NEW YORK) --  Leonardo DiCaprio has fame, good looks and, according to Forbes, the biggest paycheck in Hollywood.  

DiCaprio tops the magazine’s 2011 list of the five highest-paid actors over the past year with $77 million in earnings.  

The magazine says the actor moved to the top spot from 5th place thanks to his 2010 films Shutter Island and Inception.  

Last year’s highest-paid actor, Johnny Depp, fell to second place when his earnings dropped from $75 million to a mere $50 million.

Earlier this summer, Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie topped the Forbes 2011 list of the highest-paid actresses, with both stars earning $30 million between May 2010 and May 2011.

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Actor Andrew Keegan Tasered by Cops?

Comstock/Jupiterimages(LOS ANGELES) -- Actor Andrew Keegan found himself in a bit of trouble with the law Saturday, as police were called to a party he was throwing in Marina Del Ray, Calif.

Police reportedly converged on the party and asked the 32-year-old actor to turn down the music, when he reportedly refused to do so and became aggressive, TMZ reports.

Witnesses tell TMZ a scuffle ensued between Keegan, who starred in the television series 7th Heaven, and police, and at some point a Taser device was used on the actor.

Authorities later denied using a Taser on Keegan, according to TMZ.

The actor was reportedly detained then released, but was not placed under arrest.

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Actor Jeff Conway Hospitalized, in Critical Condition

AbleStock[dot]com/Hemera Technologies(LOS ANGELES) -- Actor Jeff Conaway is in critical condition at a Los Angeles hospital.

His manager, Phil Brock, said Thursday the 60-year-old actor was found unconscious on May 11, with initial reports citing a drug overdose - possibly from painkillers - as the cause of the hospitalization.

Celebrity Rehab's Dr. Drew Pinksy came to Conaway's defense Friday, tweeting, "Just visited Jeff Conaway. He is stable & looks like he will recover from his pneumonia.Not an OD like press is alleging & certainly not dead"

Dr. Pinsky also clarified the initial reports that Conaway was in a coma, tweeting that the actor is in an induced coma on a Propafol drip.

"Pneumonia with sepsis. No evidence of intentional OD."

In 2008 Conway appeared on VH1's Celebrity Rehab series, where he admitted his addiction to cocaine, alcohol and painkillers and talked about his sexual abuse as a child and his co-dependent relationship with his addict girlfriend Vikki.

During his second season on the show, Conaway left rehab before graduation and was seen taking painkillers after he arrived home.

Conaway began acting on Broadway at age 2, but it was his role as Danny's sidekick Kenickie in Grease that earned him fame.

He went on to star as out-of-work actor Bobby Wheeler in Taxi.

After a number of television and film appearances, he landed another series playing Sgt. Zack Allan on Babylon 5.

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