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Poll: Adele Among Artists of Whom British Music Fans Are Most Proud

Michael Tran/FilmMagic(LONDON) -- The Brits take a lot of pride in the success of their newly-minted Golden Globe winner, Adele.

She ranks third in a new poll, conducted by U.K. Internet provider Plusnet, among the artists of whom British music fans are most proud, according to

Adele received 48 percent of the vote, trailing The Beatles and Queen.  The Beatles topped the poll by receiving 71 percent of the vote.

Pink Floyd and Oasis round out the top five.

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Rolling in the Sheets? Adele's Music Puts Britons to Sleep

Kevin Mazur/WireImage(LONDON) -- Adele's music is heartbreaking and beautiful...but also, apparently, sleep-inducing.  That's according to a new survey by British budget hotel chain Travelodge, which found that the Grammy-winning singer's songs are the U.K.'s favorite choice at bedtime, because they help people relax and drift off to sleep.

Coming in second on the bedtime tunes survey of 2,000 adults was the music of Coldplay, followed in third place by that of Snow Patrol, best known for their Grey's Anatomy ballad "Chasing Cars."  Soul legend Barry White came in fourth, but perhaps that's because his music gets people in the mood for doing other things in bed besides sleeping.

Other artists on the list include boy band One Direction, whose peppy singles don't seem very relaxing at all; Michael Buble; Frank Sinatra and, most baffling, Guns 'n Roses.  Trying to drift off to dreamland while listening to the guitar solo in "Sweet Child O' Mine" doesn't seem very relaxing at all.

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Duran Duran Star Who Created Hit James Bond Theme Sounds Off on Adele's "Skyfall"

Theo Wargo/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- The new James Bond movie Skyfall hits theaters Friday, and in the opening sequence, moviegoers will of course hear Adele's haunting theme, "Skyfall."  The song is popular, but it hasn't topped the charts yet.  In fact, the only James Bond theme ever to reach #1 in the U.S. has been Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill" in 1985, from the movie of the same name.

So what does Duran Duran -- whose lead singer Simon LeBon is a friend of Adele's -- think of "Skyfall?"  Bass player John Taylor, who was responsible for hooking up Duran Duran with the James Bond folks back in 1985, thinks the song is great.

"I like it. I think they got it right," he tells ABC News Radio. "I think it ticks all the boxes. I think the sound...she's got that drama, that old-school drama, and I think they got the sound of the track just right. I thought, 'Ooh, I'd like to hear more songs like this on the radio, actually.' Maybe it'll influence more contemporary music."

Overall, being involved in a James Bond theme is something any artist can be proud of, says John.

"That was a very satisfying experience, seeing the titles roll in that film," he says. "Even though it's not my favorite of the Bond films. But is there anybody who doesn't love James Bond? So to be a part of it was very significant."

One reason that "A View to a Kill" hit #1 was that in 1985, Duran Duran were one of THE biggest groups in the world, and certainly the #1 teen heartthrobs worldwide.  In fact, you could say that they were the One Direction of their day.  So what sort of advice can Duran Duran offer the boys in One Direction?  How can they stay on top as the years pass?  John Taylor says it's all about reinvention, noting that because 1D is a vocal group, it's relatively easy to do.

"One thing they can do, is they can freshen up their sound, you know, like Madonna does," Taylor tells ABC News Radio. "They're not tied to a particular bass player, a particular drummer -- you know, they can change the sound as long as they keep the sound of the voices. And that's quite an asset, actually."  

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Reports: Adele Moving into Pippa Middleton's Neighborhood, Hasn't Named New Son Yet?

Kevin Mazur/WireImage(LONDON) -- Is Adele about to become neighbors with Prince William's sister-in-law?

The British paper The Sun reports that the new mother and her boyfriend Simon Konecki have purchased a new home in London's trendy Notting Hill area.  The paper claims that the five-bedroom home cost the couple nearly nine million bucks, and is in the same neighborhood as pop star Kylie Minogue and Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton,  Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William's wife.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Adele still hasn't chosen a name for her new son, even though he was born last month.  The British paper The Daily Star quoted British TV personality Alan Carr, a friend of Adele's, as saying of the new baby, "He’s beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  I saw him on Wednesday.  But I need to find out what his name is before I can get a gift -- you can’t sign a gift ‘To X’ now, can you?”

Carr was also quoted as saying, "He is lovely, ­really lovely -- a beautiful boy and the two of them are getting on brilliantly. Really great."

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Adele Gives Birth to Baby Boy 

Dan MacMedan/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Adele has given birth to a baby boy, People magazine reports.

The British singer announced she was expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, in a message posted on her website in June.

"I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time," she wrote.

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Adele's "Skyfall" Is First Bond Theme in 10 Years to Hit Top 10

Dan MacMedan/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- OK, so maybe Adele's new James Bond theme "Skyfall" didn't debut at #1 on the charts -- it's still the most successful James Bond theme in quite some time.

Yahoo!'s Chart Watch points out that by debuting at #8, "Skyfall" is now the first Bond theme to hit the top 10 in ten years.  The last one to manage it was Madonna's 2002 theme for Die Another Day, which peaked at #8.  It's worth noting that Madonna also appeared in that Bond movie, playing a fencing instructor.  It was also the last James Bond film to feature Pierce Brosnan in the title role.

Adele can also add another achievement to her list: "Skyfall" is one of only seven themes in the entire history of the Bond films that have hit the top 10 in the U.S.

The other ones are, of course, "Die Another Day," plus "Goldfinger" by Shirley Bassey, "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney & Wings, "For Your Eyes Only" by Sheena Easton, "Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon and "A View to a Kill" by Duran Duran.

The Duran Duran Bond theme remains the only one that's ever hit #1 in the U.S., but Adele still has a shot at that.

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Adele's James Bond Theme "Skyfall" Debuts

Dan MacMedan/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- After much anticipation, Adele's James Bond theme, "Skyfall," debuted Thursday night at 7:07 p.m. Eastern time. That would be 0:07 Friday morning in her native London.

The majestic track features a 77-piece orchestra and hopeful lyrics from Adele. She sings in the chorus, "Let the sky fall/When it crumbles/We will stand tall/Face it all together."

The song, named after the new Bond movie of the same name, debuted on Adele's official website, It's now available for purchase.

"Skyfall" has a chance to become the second Bond theme to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, following Duran Duran's 1985 theme "A View to a Kill."

There's also talk that "Skyfall" could be nominated for an Oscar, though speculates that it could be disqualified from consideration because it has elements of the signature James Bond music.

If it does receive an Oscar nod, it would become the fourth Bond theme to accomplish the feat.

The release of "Skyfall" coincides with the 50th anniversary of the debut of the first James Bond film, Dr. No, which is being celebrated on Friday.

Skyfall, again starring Daniel Craig as 007, opens in the U.S. on Nov. 9.

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Adele: I'm Not Concerned That I'm a Plus-Sized Singer

Kevin Mazur/WireImage(LONDON) -- Adele is comfortable in her own skin, and doesn’t relate to singers who rely on sex appeal to attract fans.

The pregnant singer is quoted by Britain’s The Sun as saying, “I just stand there and sing. I’m not worried that I’m a ‘plus size’ and so much bigger than other artists. No matter what you look like the key is to be happy with yourself.”

According to The Sun, Adele believes that singers who show plenty of skin in their music videos are projecting what the newspaper describes as a “false image.” She reportedly says, “I’ve seen them up close and they don’t even look like that.”

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Adele Denies Secret Wedding

Kevin Mazur/WireImage(LONDON) -- “Rumour Has It” singer Adele has responded to the rumors that she secretly married boyfriend and baby daddy Simon Konecki.

Adele, who’s pregnant with her first child, tweeted Thursday, “I’m not married….Zzzzzzz.”

Life & Style magazine published a photo that the magazine claimed showed the pregnant singer wearing a gold band on her left hand. That was followed by a report in the U.K. newspaper Daily Mail, in which a source claimed to have attended the singer’s secret wedding.

If and when Adele and Konecki, the head of the charity Drop4Drop, do tie the knot, it will be her first and his second marriage.

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Adele's Boyfriend Says Baby Is 'Coming So Soon,' Plans Special 'Push Present'

Kevin Mazur/WireImage(LONDON) -- Since Adele announced her pregnancy back in June, she hasn't said anything else on the subject, not even to respond to reports that she's much farther along than we thought, and that the baby is actually due in September.  Well, now her baby daddy has weighed in on the topic.

Speaking to the British paper The Mail on Sunday, Adele's boyfriend Simon Konecki said, "The baby is coming so soon. I’m very excited. Adele is doing well and we can’t wait."

In addition, The Mail on Sunday reports that Konecki has his eye on a special "push present" -- a gift of jewelry to present Adele with in honor of their new arrival.  The paper claims that Konecki wants to purchase a gold Buddha necklace designed by artist and spiritualist Lady Marina Cowdray.  Reportedly, Konecki saw Cowdray wearing the bauble and decided he wanted to get one for Adele.

According to Cowdray, the Buddah embodies "wisdom, knowledge and compassion," and is "a reminder of who we are and who we are not."  The necklace costs about $4,700 dollars.

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