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Alec Baldwin Wants 'Five More Seasons' of '30 Rock'

PRNewsFoto/Turner Classic Movies(LOS ANGELES) -- Alec Baldwin is backing off his claim that 30 Rock will end after next season.

The Emmy-winning actor made waves earlier this week by telling New York magazine the critically-acclaimed comedy wound conclude its run after next season, when his contracts expires, as well as that of fellow star Tina Fey.  However, he changed his opinion in his regular column on The Huffington Post Thursday.

"Gosh,” he wrote, “I want to take the opportunity to state that although my days on network TV may be numbered, I hope 30 Rock goes on forever.  Or at least as long as everyone involved desires.  Next year hopefully won't be the last.  Kenneth can run the network.  Jenna will get her own talk show.  Tracy will become mayor of New York.  Then resign to go raise exotic reptiles.  And Lemon will go do.... just about anything she sets her mind to.  Here's to five more seasons."

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Alec Baldwin: '30 Rock' to End Next Year

PRNewsFoto/Turner Classic Movies(NEW YORK) -- NBC may have to fill a major hole in its lineup after next season, if Alec Baldwin is to be believed.

The Emmy-winning 30 Rock star told New York magazine Tuesday night, "Our show next year is our last year of the show."

Baldwin has said in the past he'd leave the series after his contract expires next year, but this is the first time there's been word the whole show itself would wrap up.  The 53-year-old Baldwin said Tina Fey's deal is up as well next year, and it'll be time for her to move on to bigger and better things, adding, "Tina is gonna have a big career directing films and writing."

However, Baldwin may be jumping the gun.

A source with NBC tells, "We have had no conversations about 30 Rock ending next season."

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Alec Baldwin Excited to Work with Tom Cruise on 'Rock of Ages'

PRNewsFoto/Turner Classic Movies(LOS ANGELES) -- Alec Baldwin, who's joined the cast of the upcoming film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Rock of Ages as former rocker Dennis Dupree, is excited about working opposite the musical's star and director. 

Baldwin tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm excited to be able to work with Tom Cruise and Adam Shankman.  I love Adam. He directed the Oscars when I hosted, but to do a movie with Tom will be fun." 

Baldwin added that he hired a voice coach because his character gets to sing, but he admitted it will be "something very modest; I might sing 'Yeah, yeah, yeah,' or something like that."  While his character singing is OK with him, Baldwin said you won't see him dancing. He explained, “It's not that kind of thing. It's not Glee, it's rock and roll." 

Rock of Ages also stars former Dancing with the Stars pro Julianne Hough and singer Mary J. Blige.

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Alec Baldwin Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Photo Courtesy - PRNewsFoto/Turner Classic Movies(LOS ANGELES) -- Alec Baldwin received the 2,433rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday. He was joined at the ceremony by his brother, Billy Baldwin, and his friend, Megan Mullally.

Baldwin had a recurring role in Mullally's sitcom Will & Grace, and she later returned the favor by guest starring on 30 Rock.  She joked at the ceremony that Baldwin's brothers -- Billy, Stephen and Daniel -- "respect him so much that they all followed in his footsteps and became handsome."

Of all his accomplishments, Baldwin said 30 Rock ranks at the top of the list.

He said, "It really has been a lot of fun.  And I'm grateful to be given this recognition to kind of cap that off, because it's really been a great five years.  I've really enjoyed it."

Noting that he began his acting career in the NBC soap The Doctors at the network's New York headquarters, Baldwin hinted that his time on 30 Rock, and perhaps in acting, may be coming to a close, saying "I started my career at 30 Rock, maybe I'm going to end my career on 30 Rock.  I don't know."

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