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Melissa Rycroft Wins "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars"

ABC/Adam Taylor(LOS ANGELES) -- TV personality Melissa Rycroft won the Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars championship Tuesday night, taking home the Mirror Ball trophy and bragging rights as the popular reality show’s champion of all champions.

When co-host Tom Bergeron announced Rycroft and her partner Tony Dovolani had won, Dovolani started jumping and cheering. The pair was soon surrounded by other members of the cast. They were hugged, kissed and lifted into the air.

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson took second place, and actress Kelly Monaco was third.

The three women made it to the final three following 10 weeks of fierce competition featuring complicated and unusual routines. They comprised the first all-female finale in 15 seasons of Dancing with the Stars.

Rycroft had topped the leader board going into Tuesday night’s finale. She earned perfect scores for her two performances on Monday, finishing with a total of 60 points. Monaco followed with 59 points, and Johnson was third with 57.

Tuesday night's show opened with the entire season-15 cast doing a routine. Then the finalists and their partners chose music and dance styles and had less than one hour to rehearse an instant dance. The scores from those dances were added to their totals from Monday night. Viewer votes were added to the two-night totals. The viewer votes counted for half the combined score.

Rycroft had the highest combined score of viewer votes and judges’ scores.

Tuesday's Instant Dances:

Melissa Rycroft: The TV personality danced a samba to the song “Life Is a Highway.” She and partner Dovolani have done well with sambas this season, and one of her perfect scores Monday was for a samba, but judges were not as impressed with Tuesday night’s samba.

Judge Bruno Tonioli said she had done a great job to difficult music, while Carrie Ann Inaba felt Rycroft was “a little bit behind the music.” Head judge Len Goodman agreed that the performance hadn’t been as impressive as her other samba, but said of Rycroft’s overall performance, “You’ve been my greatest pleasure to watch. You’ve been fantastic.” Total score: 28.5 out of a possible 30. Overall score, including Monday's performances: 88.5 out of a possible 90.

Shawn Johnson: The Olympic athlete and her partner Derek Hough drew a cha cha cha to the song “Respect,” and they earned a standing ovation for the routine.

Tonioli said Johnson was going out “with a bang," adding, "That was a grand finale! Perfection!” Inaba said Johnson started and ended the season a star, and Goodman added, “Derek has thrown some fantastic choreography at you. Whatever you’ve got, you’ve coped with...I tell you, that was fantastic.” Total score: 30/30. Overall score: 87/90.

Kelly Monaco: The actress and Val Chmerkovskiy, her pro partner, danced a jive to the song “Cat and Mouse.” The judges were impressed with the routine.

Inaba said it was “fantastic,” and while Tonioli thought Monaco’s balance was off at times, he said the routine was magnificent. Goodman agreed. “You’re clear, you’re crisp, your spins are fantastic, you’ve comes out here and you’ve really gone for this,” he said. “You’ve nailed the footwork, you’ve worked hard. Well done!” Total score: 28.5/30. Overall score: 87.5/90.

Before the final three performed their final dances, the audience was entertained with routines from the celebrities who were eliminated during the season: Pamela Anderson, Kirstie Alley, Drew Lachey, Joey Fatone, Gilles Marini, Bristol Palin, Sabrina Bryan, Helio Castroneves, Emmitt Smith and Apolo Anton Ohno.

Others from the cast performed a group dance to “Gangnam Style” – reprising a routine that has become a highlight of the All-Stars season. The cast also gave an encore of another standout performance of the season — a group dance set to the hit “Call Me Maybe.”

The Finalists’ "Dancing" History:

Rycroft, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader who gained fame as a contestant on The Bachelor, had been a last-minute cast addition on season 8 of Dancing with the Stars. She replaced contestant Nancy O’Dell, who injured her knee just days before the season premiere. Rycroft and Dovolani placed third that season.

Johnson, who has four Olympic medals to her name, was the season-8 champion. She narrowly defeated French actor Gilles Marini.

Monaco, who appears on ABC’s daytime drama General Hospital, won the very first season of Dancing with the Stars, but her win wasn’t without controversy.

When she was declared the winner -- over actor John O’Hurley -- fans were outraged. O’Hurley had been a favorite during the season and many viewers believed he deserved to win. The show staged a “rematch” between Monaco and O’Hurley to benefit charity. O’Hurley barely edged Monaco out to win that dance-off.

This was the 15th season of ABC’s popular reality dance competition, but the first featuring contestants who had performed in regular seasons of Dancing with the Stars.
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"Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars": Melissa Rycroft Leads into Finale

ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- Shawn Johnson, Melissa Rycroft and Kelly Monaco battled it out Monday night on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars in the first all-female finale in the ABC program’s history.

Each finalist performed two routines, one of which was an elaborate freestyle. For the other performance, they each got to choose the style of dance that they felt best showcased their skill.

At the end of Monday's show, Rycroft topped the leader board after earning two perfect scores. Monaco followed one point behind, with Johnson a close third.

The three women will dance one more time during Tuesday’s finale results show. They will pick the music and style for their instant dances during the show. Judges will score their performances, and those scores will be added to Monday's totals and viewers’ votes.

The Mirror Ball trophy will be presented to the finalist with the highest combined total of judges’ scores and viewer votes.

First Routine:

Kelly Monaco: The General Hospital star chose to reprise her week 3 paso doble. Even though she missed her partner’s hand during a spin early on in her routine, judges approved.

“You can always ignite drama, you always have power but what I saw tonight was artistry and polish...,” judge Bruno Tonioli said, commending her for recovering after the “slight mishap with the hand.”

Judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Len Goodman told Monaco Monday's paso doble was her best dance yet. Total score: 29.5 out of a possible 30 points.

Melissa Rycroft: The TV personality gave an encore of her samba, and again won rave reviews from the judges.

Goodman, the head judge, dubbed Rycroft the “carnival queen,” adding, “you captured the party flavor of the samba. Great technique, great rhythm. Fabulous!”

She topped her earlier samba performance, which earned her 27 points. Total score: 30/30.

Shawn Johnson: The Olympian and her partner, Derek Hough, reprised their electrifying quickstep that broke the rules of hold the first time they did it. They chose to break the rules again Monday, deciding it was more important to entertain fans than to please judges, and the judges definitely disapproved.

Inaba acknowledged the routine as being “fantastic,” but said she was sad that the pair chose not to follow the rules, telling them that points mattered at this point. Goodman agreed, adding: “You’re not allowed to break hold which, you did. You’re not allowed to do lifts, which you did. You leave me nowhere to go.”

Tonioli commended the pair for having always pushed the boundaries this season, but said “our scores are bound by the rules, but it takes nothing away from your achievement.” Total score: 27/30.

The "Supersized" Freestyles:

Kelly Monaco: Monaco’s freestyle featured a Dirty Dancing-themed routine that opened with her performing an aerial dance.  The rest of the performance featured extra dancers from the Dancing with the Stars Troupe, plus a chorus of gospel singers.

Goodman said the routine lacked a little originality, but he praised the lifts and said “the opening was spectacular.” Tonioli enjoyed the chemistry and what he called the mix of Cirque du Soleil with Dirty Dancing.

Inaba said everyone has watched Monaco and partner Val Chmerkovskiy grow as a couple -- and while she wasn’t sure they were a real couple or not, she said she enjoyed the routine. “You added artistry and you told us a happy ending to a beautiful love story and I thought it was wonderful,” she said.

When the show’s co-host, Brooke Burke-Charvet, asked the pair about the status of their relationship, Monaco demurred, saying there was still another day of interviewing to do. Total score: 29.5/30.

Melissa Rycroft: Her contemporary-inspired freestyle routine with partner Tony Dovolani earned Rycroft the highest of feedback from the judges: a perfect score.

Goodman said the routine had passion. Tonioli said Rycroft has “fantastic extensions, beautiful lines, sculptural positions, musicality and lyricism,” finishing with: “You were a gem!” Inaba said Rycroft took “humongous risks, and with great risk comes great reward. Freestyle jackpot!” Total score: 30/30.

Shawn Johnson: Backed by the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team on the dance floor, Johnson’s high-flying freestyle brought the ballroom audience surging to its feet.

Goodman said the routine was a medley of the best of the pair’s routines from the season, dubbing it a “gold-medal performance.” Inaba said the dance was “supersized and sensational!” Tonioli found it “fierce, flawless, exciting, explosive and brilliant.” Total score: 30/30.

The Scores (First Routine; Freestyle: Total):

Melissa Rycroft: 30; 30: Total: 60
Kelly Monaco: 29.5; 29.5: Total: 59
Shawn Johnson: 27; 30: Total: 57

The Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

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"Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars" -- Apolo Anton Ohno, Emmitt Smith Voted Off in Semifinals

ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- Emmitt Smith and Apolo Anton Ohno, who both won their respective seasons of Dancing with the Stars, were voted off Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Tuesday night -- just one week shy of the finals.

Ohno’s results were announced at the show’s halfway mark, and the ballroom audience reacted with a mix of boos and applause.

Ohno, an Olympic speedskater, took the Mirror Ball trophy in season 4.

After he learned he wasn’t going to the finals, he called his pro dancer partner Karina Smirnoff “a champion,” and said the show was amazing.

“Every single person who does this show is a champion because it forces you to become a champion in your own right. It forces you to become more confident, stronger and it’s been a blessing. Every single week the fans have been so amazing,” he added.

NFL legend Emmitt Smith, the show’s season 3 champion, smiled when he learned he would not advance to the finals.  “You know, it’s been a tremendous experience. It’s been a great ride,” he said, adding that his pro partner, Cheryl Burke, has pushed him “to another level.”

“Season three was something else, but this right here takes it over the top,” Smith added.

Following Monday night’s semifinal performances, Smith and soap opera star Kelly Monaco were tied for last place on the leader board.

Ohno, who got a perfect score for one of his two performances on Monday, ended up in third place on the scoreboard. Olympian Shawn Johnson and TV personality Melissa Rycroft were the top scorers.

Elimination is based on a combination of judges’ scores plus audience votes. Smith and Ohno had the two lowest overall totals after the audience votes and judges’ scores were combined.

Rycroft, Johnson and Monaco will return next week to battle it out for the all-stars championship.

The results show also featured the British pop band The Wanted performing two of their big hits, and singer/dancer Paula Abdul singing and dancing a mash-up of four of her number-one hits.

Twenty-one-year-old New Zealand dancer Parris Goebel earned a standing ovation for her routine during the show's AT&T Spotlight Performance.

This is the 15th season of ABC’s reality dance competition, and the first featuring a cast of performers who appeared on previous seasons of the show.

Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars returns next Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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"Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars" Semifinals: Three Stars Get Perfect Scores

ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- The five stars remaining on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars danced two routines in Monday night’s semifinals, and their second sets were performed to songs from Michael Jackson’s Bad to commemorate the iconic album’s 25th anniversary.

The stars pushed themselves and delivered outstanding routines that earned three of them perfect scores. At the end of the night, Shawn Johnson was at the head of the pack with a total of 59 out of a possible 60 points, while Emmitt Smith and Kelly Monaco each had 54 points, tying them for the night’s lowest totals.

The first round required dancers to create a coherent routine featuring an unusual mix of styles and themes. Among the styles were the surfer flamenco, knight rider bhangra, and big top jazz.

Two dancers will go home Tuesday ahead of next week’s finale. Elimination is based on a combination of judges’ scores plus audience votes. The stars with the lowest overall totals will go home.

Kirstie Alley and Gilles Marini were voted off the show last week.

Also on Tuesday's show, Paula Abdul will return to the ballroom to perform her new single “Dream Medley.” She served as a guest judge earlier this season.

First Round

Melissa Rycroft:  Even though Rycroft’s pro partner Tony Dovolani was dancing with a back injury, he easily performed the lifts in an athletic routine that presented the hustle with a prehistoric flavor.

“Melissa, you never disappoint. ... I thought Tony had the muscle and you had the hustle and I really enjoyed watching it. Well done,” head judge Len Goodman told Rycroft. Total score: 27.5 out of a possible 30 points.

Shawn Johnson: The Olympian danced a Bhangra – an Indian folkdance – to an Indian version of the theme of Knight Rider, the hit 1980s TV show. The ballroom audience surged to its feet and roared its approval of the frenetic routine, and the judges loved it, too.

Judge Bruno Tonioli gave Johnson and her David Hasselhoff-styled pro dance partner Derek Hough a standing ovation. “Another mega hit for Shawn and the Hoff – and this time - they’re doing it Bhangra style,” he proclaimed. Total score: 30/30, the first perfect score of the night.

Apolo Anton Ohno: Ohno’s big top jazz routine featured ambitious jazz choreography with a circus theme that drew mixed feedback from judges.

Ohno slipped at the beginning of the routine, and judge Carrie Ann Inaba said that may have thrown him off. She also called the routine “disjointed.”

Tonioli strongly disagreed, saying he appreciated the routine’s creativity.

“That was edgy, surreal, it was like a blend of Cirque du Soleil and Clockwork Orange,” he said. Total score: 27/30.

Emmitt Smith: His lindy hop was a comical take on an espionage story, and Tonoli called it fun. “It was like a Looney Tunes version of James Bond,” he said.

Goodman said he would have liked a little more lindy hop content, but approved of the concept, the energy, the lifts and the overall package. Total score: 27/30.

Kelly Monaco: The soap opera star’s surfer-themed flamenco was aggressive and passionate, and when Monaco and her pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy stripped off their costumes to reveal swimsuits, ending the routine on a wet platform, the crowd went wild.

Judges appreciated the energy, but told Monaco that the routine didn’t have enough flamenco content. “It was all paso (doble), it really didn’t have the arms,” Inaba said, mentioning a unique feature of the dance. Total score: 25.5/30.

Second Round

Each second-round dance was performed to a song from Michael Jackson’s Bad.

Melissa Rycroft:  Rycroft’s sensuous Argentine tango was set to “Dirty Diana,” and the routine was filled with intricate lifts that Rycroft and Dovolani performed without a hitch.

“Dirty Diana, I would like to introduce you to magnificent Melissa,” Inaba said, praising the performance. Tonioli told Rycroft she had exceeded all expectations and deserved a spot in the final. He ended with a plea to America to support Rycroft. Total score: 30/30.

Shawn Johnson: Johnson’s Argentine tango was set to Bad, the title track from the album. The crisp, passionate performance drew rave reviews from Tonioli and Goodman.

“It was breathtaking...stylistically it was perfect. Is there anything you can’t do?” Tonioli asked. Inaba agreed that Johnson’s performance was beautiful, but said it lacked the drama that such a dance required. Total score: 29/30.

Apolo Anton Ohno: Ohno’s fluid rumba to “Man in the Mirror” drew praise from all three judges.

Tonioli said the performance was the “perfect pitch between sensuality and romance.” Inaba said the routine touched her with its passion and emotion, while Goodman added: “It had a subtlety to it. There was a calmness. It was captivating. It was fabulous.” Total score: 30/30.

Emmitt Smith:  The NFL legend’s tango had judges praising his commitment even as they pointed out the flaws in his technique.

Tonioli commended Smith’s “almost criminal and predatory power” but added “the footwork could have been more exact.” Inaba agreed, saying the hold was “a bit broad,” but adding that the performance would please fans. Total score: 27/30.

Kelly Monaco: Monaco’s sultry rumba wowed judges. Tonioli commented on the chemistry between Monaco and her partner, with whom she had shared a kiss at the end of the routine.

“Well, that was smoldering, driven by desire,” Tonioli said of the performance. Goodman told Monaco she had done well in showing emotion with control. Total score: 28.5/30.

The Scores (First Round; Second Round: Night’s Total)

Shawn Johnson:  30; 29: Total: 59
Melissa Rycroft:  27.5; 30. Total: 57.5
Apolo Anton Ohno:  27; 30. Total: 57
Kelly Monaco:  25.5; 28.5. Total: 54
Emmitt Smith:  27; 27. Total: 54

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Kirstie Alley and Gilles Marini Voted Off "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars" in Week 8

ABC/ADAM TAYLOR(LOS ANGELES) -- Gilles Marini and Kirstie Alley were both booted from Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Tuesday night in the eighth week of the competition, just one week shy of the semifinals.

Alley’s departure was announced midway through the hour-long show. The actress smiled when her name was announced. She said it had been an honor to have been asked to compete a second time on the show.

“I learned more about dancing, believe it or not,” she said. She thanked her professional dance partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy: “He’s so patient with me and he’s so helpful to me and I just love dancing....”

She also thanked her fans and the show’s three judges for their feedback.

Marini, the actor who was in the middle of a close pack Monday night, was fiercely competitive throughout the season and was a consistent high scorer. He failed to capture a perfect score of 30 but did come within a half-point of his goal.

He learned he was going home at the end of the show, and he called his second turn on the competition “an incredible experience.”

“I tried my very best,” he said, adding that Peta Murgatroyd, his professional dance partner, was “an angel out there, teaching me amazing things.”

He also thanked his wife for her support, and acknowledged that his participation on the show had been a challenge for his family.

Generally, one star is sent home each Tuesday on the results show, but because there was no show — and therefore no elimination — on Election Day, two stars were voted off Tuesday night.

Elimination is based on a combination of judges’ scores plus audience votes.

Tuesday's show featured live performances from Kylie Minogue, Ne-Yo and the cast of the Broadway musical Newsies.
Returning next week to perform in the semifinals are Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno, actress Kelly Monaco, NFL legend Emmitt Smith, Olympian Shawn Johnson and TV personality Melissa Rycroft.

They will be dancing to styles and themes that they picked for each other Tuesday night. Their choices were: Surfer Flamenco, Knight Rider Bhangra, Big Top Jazz, Mad Monk Merengue, Espionage Lindy Hop and Caveman Hustle.

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"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Gilles Marini and Shawn Johnson Tie for First Place

ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- For the second week in a row, there is a two-way tie atop the Dancing with the Stars leader board.

Gilles Marini and Shawn Johnson on Monday night each earned a near-perfect total score of 39.5/40. That's not a misprint -- the couples had the opportunity to earn up to 40 points, rather than the usual 30, due to the presence of a special guest judge: Paula Abdul. She joined regulars Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba at the judges' table.

As part of their scores, Marini and Johnson received the first 10s of the season.

Kirstie Alley, who opened the broadcast, was the lowest-scoring celebrity of the night.

The couples performed dance styles rarely seen on Dancing with the Stars. The styles were assigned to them by their fellow competitors.

Here's a rundown of Monday's performances:

-- Kirstie Alley kicked off the first dance of the night by jumping out of a fake, oversized wedding cake. She then joined her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, for their version of the Charleston.

Maks cleaned up his look -- he had a stubble-free face and a neatly-parted hairdo.

Goodman said Alley turned "Monday into a fun day" with her entertaining dance. Abdul admired the former Cheers star for adopting a new persona in the ballroom each week. Tonioli called Alley a "mad woman," reasoning that she danced as if she was a combination of Debbie Reynolds and Shelley Winters. Total score: 30 out of a possible 40.

-- Bristol Palin turned the clock back with a 1950s rock 'n' roll dance with Mark Ballas, set to "At the Hop" by Danny & the Juniors. Once again, her mom, Sarah Palin, was in the audience to cheer her on.

Abdul and Inaba both noted how much Palin has improved from the start of the season. Goodman praised her for giving it her all on the dance floor. Total score: 32/40.

-- Sabrina Bryan donned a feathery blue outfit for the start of her disco routine with Louis Van Amstel. She quickly ditched it for the rest of the performance, with the Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing" providing the soundtrack.

Tonioli shot out of his chair, did a few Bee Gees-style moves himself, and proclaimed Bryan to be a disco diva. However, he claimed she lost her timing in spots, a sentiment that Inaba disagreed with. Inaba said Bryan managed to demonstrate a different style effectively. Total score: 35.5/40.

-- The fog machine was in full effect for Emmitt Smith's bolero with Cheryl Burke. The song of choice was the Leona Lewis single "Better In Time."

Inaba practically drooled as she said she enjoyed watching a burly man such as Smith dance so dramatically. Abdul was on the same wavelength as Inaba, describing Smith as a "sexy beast." Goodman said he had been concerned that Smith was attempting the bolero, but he marveled at his fluidity. Total score: 36/40.

-- Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd tackled the Bollywood genre with the help of the Oscar-winning song from Slumdog Millionaire, "Jai Ho."

Goodman applauded Marini for committing himself 100 percent to the dance. Abdul imitated Tonioli's exuberant tone in complimenting the actor on his spicy maneuvers. The real Tonioli was similarly enthusiastic. Inaba claimed Aladdin has nothing on Marini. Total score: 39.5/40. Marini became the first celebrity of the season to earn a 10 from a judge.

-- Melissa Rycroft teamed up with Tony Dovolani for a jitterbug to Brian Setzer's "This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof." Both wore green and white costumes that would have fit right in at a '50s café.

Abdul said Rycroft and Dovolani fit together like a brother and sister. Inaba remarked that the couple's work seemed effortless. Goodman told Rycroft that all of her dances, including what he termed her "glitterbug," are clean. Total score: 37/40.

-- Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough followed last week's crowd-pleasing display with a mambo set to Santana music.

Tonioli raved that the Olympic gymnast keeps getting better and better. Goodman said he really liked what he saw from Johnson. Inaba declared that the other contestants should be scared of Johnson and Hough at this stage of the competition. Total score: 39.5/40.

-- Apolo Anton Ohno struggled with his microphone pack during his hip-hop dance with Karina Smirnoff; at one point, it was swinging wildly in the air.

Even worse, Smirnoff slipped during the routine. She was so distraught that she cried once the music -- Bell Biv DeVoe's "Poison" -- ended.

Goodman said he didn't even notice Smirnoff's mishap, and told Ohno he was excellent. Abdul said hip-hop comes naturally to Ohno. Tonioli said the speed skater covered his own mistake beautifully.

As co-host Brooke Burke pointed out, Smirnoff's performance did not factor into the judges' scores. Total score: 34.5/40.

-- Kelly Monaco showed a lot of leg for a steamy contemporary dance with Valentin Chmerkovskiy, as the band played Coldplay's "Fix You." It was inarguably one of the sexiest dances of the season.

Goodman mentioned the wide range of emotions displayed by Monaco -- love, hate and more. Tonioli complimented her for ably handling the most difficult genre of dance of the night. Inaba said the dance was "stunning" because Monaco wore her heart on her sleeve. Total score: 37.5/40.

One of these celebrities will be eliminated on the Dancing with the Stars results show, airing on ABC at a special time of 8 p.m. Eastern time. Donny Osmond and Susan Boyle will be the musical guests.

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Donald Trump Announces "Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars" Contestants

Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- Celebrity Apprentice has caught the all-star bug.  Donald Trump announced the cast of Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars on Friday's Today show.

The 14 celebs and former contestants returning to compete for their favorite charities include returning champion Bret Michaels, La Toya Jackson, rapper Lil’ Jon, actress Lisa Rinna, basketball legend Dennis Rodman, reality TV star Omarosa Manigault, model Claudia Jordan, country superstar Trace Adkins, actress and former Playboy playmate Brande Roderick, Las Vegas headliner Penn Jillette, rock star Dee Snider, actress Marilu Henner, actor Stephen Baldwin and Oscar nominee Gary Busey.

Production on season 13 of the show begins next week.  Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars returns to NBC in March.

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"Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars" Recap: Pamela Anderson Goes Home

ABC/ADAM TAYLOR(LOS ANGELES) -- Viewers won't Baywatch-ing Pamela Anderson compete on Dancing with the Stars the rest of this season.

The former Baywatch beauty and her pro partner, Tristan MacManus, on Tuesday night became the first couple to be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars' all-star season. It was hardly a surprise -- they received the lowest overall score, 17 out of 30, on Monday night's performance show following a shaky cha cha cha.

After the results were announced, Anderson said she had prepared herself for an early exit, and she vowed that she will dance with MacManus again. It wasn't an empty promise, since Anderson will be invited back to the ballroom at some point later this season to perform, albeit strictly for fun.

Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya joined Anderson and MacManus in the bottom two.

As always, the results were determined by combining judges' scores with viewers' votes.

The two-hour results show also featured Justin Bieber performing his hit "As Long As You Love Me" and Pitbull delivering the network TV debut of his new single, "Don't Stop the Party."

The second week of the all-star season begins next Monday night on ABC.

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"Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars" Begins Monday Night on ABC

ABC(NEW YORK) -- Several of Dancing with the Stars’ most popular celebrities will return to the ballroom Monday night, when the ABC competition kicks off its 15th season.

Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars will feature 13 of the show’s most notable alumni, including former champions Kelly Monaco, Emmitt Smith, Shawn Johnson, Apolo Anton Ohno and Helio Castroneves.  Memorable finalists Bristol Palin and Kirstie Alley are also part of the cast.

Smith says all of the stars will feel pressure to do well on the dance floor.  He says the stakes are higher for each of them because "before the expectations were very low.  But now the expectations are extremely high."

On the two-hour season premiere, which begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time, the all-stars will dance either the cha cha cha or the foxtrot.  The first elimination of the season is scheduled for the following night.

Entertainment Weekly's Dancing with the Stars expert, Annie Barrett, predicts that Gilles Marini will be the front-runner to win the Mirror Ball trophy, while Pamela Anderson or Bristol Palin will be the most likely to get the boot this week.

The fifth-season premiere of Castle follows Dancing with the Stars at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

Here’s a rundown of the all-stars and their pro dancing partners:

  • Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff
  • Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas
  • Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya
  • Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke
  • Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd
  • Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower
  • Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson
  • Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
  • Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
  • Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani
  • Pamela Anderson and Tristan MacManus
  • Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel
  • Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough

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"Dancing With The Stars" All-Stars: Season 15 Cast Announced

ABC/RICK ROWELL(LOS ANGELES) -- The stars, the glittery costumes, the ballroom drama, and of course, the dancing, are all back for a new season of ABC's hit show Dancing With the Stars.

The all-star Dancing With the Stars cast was announced today for season 15, where for the first time ever, previous contestants will return to the ballroom to vie for the coveted mirror ball trophy.

Olympians and former DWTS winners Apolo Ohno (Season 4) and Shawn Johnson (Season 8) will show off their fancy footwork again this season, along with fellow champs from seasons' past: former 98 Degrees member Drew Lachey (Season 2), former Dallas Cowboy star Emmitt Smith (Season 3), Brazilian race car driver Helio Castroneves (Season 5) and soap star Kelly Monaco (Season 1).

[ PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Dancing With the Stars All-Stars: Season 15 Cast ]

Actresses Pamela Anderson (Season 10) and Kirstie Alley (Season 12), French actor and finalist Gilles Marini (Season 8), and former 'N Sync singer Joey Fatone (Season 4), are also among this season's high-wattage alumni in the competition.

Bristol Palin (Season 11), daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and TV personality Melissa Rycroft (Season 8) round out the pack.

Another first in Dancing history, the 13th contestant will be decided by America in an online vote. Fashion commentator Carson Kressley (Season 13), singer Sabrina Bryan (Season 5), Disney Channel star Kyle Massey (Season 11) are vying for people's votes to score the 13th spot in the competition.

Watch ABC's Good Morning America Monday to see Carson Kressley, Sabrina Bryan and Kyle Massey live.
Paul Lee, president of the ABC Entertainment Group, announced the new cast at the Television Critics Association conference in Beverly Hills, Calif. The alumni's professional partners were not announced, but will be revealed Monday, Aug. 13 on Good Morning America.

The all-star line-up will hit the dance floor on the two-hour season premiere of Dancing With the Stars Monday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. ET. The couple with the lowest combined judges' scores and public votes for their performance will be sent home in the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars: The Results Show.

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