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Alec Baldwin Back on Twitter

Art Streiber/NBC(LOS ANGELES) -- After a one month hiatus, Alec Baldwin has returned to Twitter.

The 30 Rock actor stopped using his account on Dec. 6 after he repeatedly tweeted about his removal from an American Airlines flight for using his cellphone prior to takeoff.

On Saturday, Baldwin reactivated his account and posted three words: "Back on Twitter."  He then wrote, "Happy New Year."

The actor also said he was on vacation with his girlfriend, Hilaria Thomas.   

Baldwin claimed on Twitter last month that an American Airlines flight attendant "reamed" him out for playing the game Words with Friends on his phone.  American Airlines later said that he was booted from the plane for rude behavior.

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Supermarket Chain Resumes Airing Alec Baldwin TV Ads

Art Streiber/NBC(NEW YORK) -- A New York-based supermarket chain has resumed airing TV commercials starring Alec Baldwin after pulling the ads last month in the wake of the actor's tiff with American Airlines.

The commercials were originally set to air for three weeks in December, but after Baldwin's confrontation with an American Airlines flight attendant over his use of a cellphone, Wegmans Food Markets pulled them -- one week earlier than planned, after receiving complaints from some customers.

In a statement posted Wednesday on its official website, Wegmans says it now regrets making the decision to pull the ads based on, "a couple of dozen complaints."

The statement adds, "Clearly, many more people support Alec, as evidenced by the hundreds and hundreds of tweets, emails, and phone calls we have received."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Baldwin filmed the commercials after he revealed his mother is a loyal customer of Wegmans.

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Alec Baldwin Dismisses Venture in Politics After Airline Incident

Art Streiber/NBC(NEW YORK) -- While he was once thought to be eying a career in politics -- specifically a run for Mayor of New York City -- the scrutiny from Alec Baldwin's Words with Friends-inspired fracas on an American Airlines plane has apparently shuffled his priorities.

In an interview with director Stephen Daldry on Baldwin's show on a New York City public radio station, Baldwin ranted, "Give [30 Rock] up for what?  I give up money and fame and position and success; I give up this wonderful life I have now in exchange for the chance to 'really change things'?  Yeah, I'm not quite sure you can anymore.  I've got a good job.  Am I doing To Kill a Mockingbird?  No.  I'm doing a sitcom.  But we have fun, and it's a family."

Baldwin also sniped: "The people that are running for mayor.  I don't see myself in that crowd.  They are like a guy on a date that you can tell he just can't wait to get his hand up your blouse before even the lights go out in the theatre...They're all so horny for it, horny for their own ascension."

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Airline Pulling '30 Rock’ from Flights Because of Alec Baldwin?

Art Streiber/NBC(FORT WORTH, Texas) -- There have been reports that American Airlines may pull 30 Rock from its roster of in-flight entertainment in the wake of Alec Baldwin’s blow up last week on an AA flight from Los Angeles to New York. That doesn’t seem to be exactly the case. Here’s AA’s official stance:

“NBC routinely rotates programs on and off what is offered on board, and not all programming is the same on every flight,” an AA rep said in a statement to ABC News. “At this time, 30 Rock continues to air on some of our flights, but not others, which is our standard programming procedure.”

Asked if the move had anything to do with the Baldwin incident, the rep said, “Absolutely nothing. All this was in motion months ago, as part of our regular entertain[ment] rotations.”

Earlier Monday, E! News reported that the American Airlines Flight Attendants Union had lodged its own bid with management to get Baldwin’s show off AA’s airwaves. AA’s rep told ABC News, “There have been some discussions about all this, but I don’t know that we can call this a ‘formal’ request.”

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Alec Baldwin Apologizes to Fellow Passengers for Plane Incident

Art Streiber/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Actor Alec Baldwin apologized to his fellow American Airlines passengers in an online post Wednesday, but not to “the 1950′s gym teacher” or other members of the plane crew that forced him to leave a flight Tuesday.

“It was never my intention to inconvenience anyone with my ‘issue’ with a certain flight attendant,” Baldwin wrote in article posted on The Huffington Post.

Baldwin said earlier via Twitter that his love for a Scrabble-like iPhone game got him “reamed out” and forced off the American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York.

“Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving,” Baldwin tweeted Tuesday afternoon, along with the hashtag, “#nowonderamericaairisbankrupt”

Baldwin’s rep said the dispute with American went so far that the 30 Rock star was asked to leave the plane.

Baldwin said he’s been a loyal American Airlines customer for more than two decades and the frustration and confusion started when he was already on board a behind-schedule flight.

“I then did what I have nearly always done and that was to pull out my phone to complete any other messaging I had to do before take off,” Baldwin wrote in The Huffington Post article. “In nearly all other instances, the flight attendants seemed to be unbothered by and said nothing about such activity, by me or anyone else, until we actually were pulling away from the gate.”

Baldwin said he was “singled out” by a flight attendant and felt that he was being made an example of, “while everyone else was left undisturbed.”

American Airlines battled back Wednesday after being blasted by Baldwin the previous day.

“Since an extremely vocal customer has publicly identified himself as being removed from an American Airlines flight on Tuesday, Dec. 6, we have elected to provide the actual facts of the matter,” the airline posted on its Facebook page. “This passenger declined to turn off his cell phone when asked to do so at the appropriate time.”

“The passenger ultimately stood up (with the seat belt light still on for departure) and took his phone into the plane’s lavatory. He slammed the lavatory door so hard, the cockpit crew heard it and became alarmed, even with the cockpit door closed and locked,” American wrote.

The airlines said after flight attendants were asked to check on the situation, “the passenger was extremely rude to the crew, calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language. Given the facts above, the passenger was removed from the flight and denied boarding.”

Baldwin said the incident has taught him a valuable lesson.

“The lesson I’ve learned is to keep my phone off when the 1950′s gym teacher is on duty. That was my fault there, even though this trip was quite a bit different from so many others,” Baldwin wrote in the post. “But it is sad, I think, that you’ve got to fly overseas today in order to bring back what has been thrown overboard by U.S. carriers in terms of common sense, style and service.”

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Alec Baldwin Reprimanded on American Airlines Flight

Art Streiber/NBC(LOS ANGELES) -- Alec Baldwin’s love for a Scrabble-like iPad game got him “reamed out” on an American Airlines flight Tuesday.

“Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving,” he tweeted Tuesday afternoon, along with the hashtag, “#nowonderamericaairisbankrupt”

He added in a separate tweet, “#theresalwaysunited,” and then added again, “But, oddly, 30 Rock plays inflight on American.”

American Airlines didn’t respond to ABC News’ request for comment but did respond to the actor via twitter: @AlecBaldwin Mr. Baldwin, we are looking into this. Please DM (direct message) us contact information.” Reps for Baldwin declined to comment on the incident.

Tweets about the 30 Rock star getting kicked off an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York began circulating Tuesday afternoon. The passenger who tweeted that he saw Baldwin getting kicked off, author Grant Cardone, said he was “told by an AA authority” that the actor was booted because he “Didn’t have his Capitol One Card and [was] Abusive to attendant.” (Baldwin appears in Capital One credit card commercials.)

Baldwin’s temper has gotten the better of him before. In 2007, he infamously left a voicemail for his young daughter calling her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.” He later apologized and wrote a book inspired by the incident.

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