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Second Amy Winehouse Death Inquest Confirms the First

Samir Hussein/Getty Images(LONDON) -- A second inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse is complete, and the finding is the same as before: the singer drank herself to death.

A second investigation was ordered after the deputy coroner who supervised the first inquest in October of 2011, and who ruled Winehouse's death was alcohol-related, was found to lack the necessary experience. 

The BBC reports the new inquest determined Winehouse's blood-alcohol level was more than five times Britain's legal limit for driving, and that she died from "alcohol toxicity."

Winehouse died in July of 2011 at age 27.

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Alcohol Killed Amy Winehouse, Coroner Rules

Samir Hussein/Getty Images(LONDON) -- An inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse resulted in a verdict of "misadventure," reports the BBC.

The coroner determined that Winehouse was five times over the British legal limit for drunk driving, having had 416 mg of alcohol in her blood at the time of her death. The legal limit is 80 mg, or .08 percent.  That makes Winehouse's blood alcohol level when she died .416 percent.  In addition, three empty vodka bottles were found in her London apartment.

The BBC reports that the coroner, Suzanne Greenway, said, "The unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels [of alcohol] was [Winehouse's] sudden and unexpected death."

The inquest also found that Winehouse had not had a drink three weeks prior to her death on July 23, which may have exacerbated the effect of alcohol on her body.

Prior toxicology reports determined that Winehouse had "no illegal substances" in her body at the time of her death.

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Amy Winehouse's Family to Appear on 'Anderson' Premiere

Simone Joyner/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Though her father Mitch Winehouse has spoken publicly many times since her death, Amy Winehouse's family, including her dad, will sit down with Anderson Cooper for their first interview since Winehouse's passing, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The interview will air on the premiere of Cooper's new syndicated talk show, Anderson, on Sept. 12.  Joining Mitch Winehouse will be Amy's mother, Janice, as well as her brother Alex and her boyfriend Reg Traviss.

Amy Winehouse died in her London apartment on July 23 of as yet unknown causes.  She was 27.

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'No Illegal Substances' Found in Amy Winehouse's System

Samir Hussein/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Whatever caused Amy Winehouse's death, it wasn't illegal drugs.

The BBC reports that according to Winehouse's family, toxicology results show that "no illegal substances" were found in the singer's system at the time of her death.  Alcohol was present, but it's unclear if it played a role in her death.

The BBC reports that Winehouse's family thanked the police for their work, and said that they are awaiting the results of the inquest into her death on October 26.

Winehouse was found dead in her London home on July 23.

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Amy Winehouse's Funeral Set for Tuesday

Samir Hussein/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Amy Winehouse's funeral will take place on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Winehouse family told reporters Monday that the singer's "funeral will take place on Tuesday and will be a family and close friends affair."

Earlier Monday, officials began an autopsy to determine what killed the 27-year-old singer, who was found dead in her home in London's Camden district on Saturday. They are waiting for the results of a toxicology test, which are anticipated in two to four weeks. No formal cause of death has been established, and officials reportedly have not find any paraphernalia or sign of drugs in Winehouse's home.

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Amy Winehouse's Dad 'Speechless' over Her Death

Simone Joyner/Getty Images(LONDON) -- The distraught parents of Amy Winehouse returned to her north London home Monday, calling themselves "devastated and speechless."

"Amy was about one thing, and that was love," musician Mitch Winehouse said to the fans and media gathered at the makeshift shine outside his daughter's home. "Her whole life was devoted to her family, friends, and to you guys as well. So we're devastated, and I'm speechless."

The five-time Grammy winner was found dead, alone in her bed, at her London apartment Saturday afternoon by a bodyguard. She was 27. Medical authorities who responded to the scene said she had been dead for several hours, and that there was no evidence of drugs or alcohol in her apartment.

Winehouse's family said the singer had visited the doctor as recently as Friday and received a clean bill of health. There were also reports that she had entered treatment again as recently as last month.

Winehouse was working on an album before she died but canceled her latest tour last month after a Serbia show in which she stumbled, mumbled, and got booed by the crowd.

Winehouse's death follows a lifetime of substance abuse. Though she sought treatment for her drug and alcohol addiction numerous times, even those closest to her could not save her.

Winehouse's relationships with her friends and family -- particularly her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, and father, Mitch Winehouse -- were fraught at best.

Winehouse's mother, Janis Winehouse, also failed to get her the help she needed. In a statement released Sunday, Janis told Us Weekly that she believed her daughter's death had been "only a matter of time" when they met 24 hours earlier. "She seemed out of it," Janis said. "But her passing so suddenly still hasn't hit me."

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Amy Winehouse Visited by Mother Day Before She Died

Simone Joyner/Getty Images(LONDON) -- New details are emerging following the untimely death of soul singer Amy Winehouse.

Janis Winehouse, the singer's mother, reportedly visited her north London home on Friday, the day before she died. Janis told reporters that she believed her daughter's death seemed inevitable, and that the 27-year-old seemed addled prior to her death.

Winehouse's father said he had already written Amy's eulogy due to her destructive drug and alcohol habits.

The Winehouse family released a statement mourning the loss of a wonderful daughter, sister and niece.

The cause of death remains unclear. A post-mortem has been arranged for Monday or Tuesday.

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Singer Amy Winehouse Dies in London

Samir Hussein/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Troubled singer Amy Winehouse, 27, has been found dead at her home in London.  The cause of death is still unknown.

Credited with revitalizing British pop with her new twist on classic soul music, Winehouse had success in her native UK with her debut album Frank, but it was her second album, Back to Black, which made her a worldwide superstar.  That album, and its hit single "Rehab," won Winehouse five Grammys in 2008, the most ever captured by a female British artist.

Following that triumph, Winehouse's self-destructive behavior turned her life into a tabloid nightmare, with drug and alcohol abuse, arrests, several trips to rehab and many missed concert appearances, most recently last month, when she was booed at a gig in Serbia for reportedly being too drunk to perform.  Her European tour was subsequently canceled.

Though Winehouse was said to be working on a new album for the past several years, it never appeared. Other artists, including Adele and Lady Gaga, have said that Winehouse paved the way for them to top the charts.

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Amy Winehouse Booed, Stumbles Through Show in Serbia

Samir Hussein/Getty Images(BELGRADE, Serbia) -- Rehab may not have been very effective on Amy Winehouse after all, as the British singer appeared to be intoxicated during a performance in Serbia on Saturday.

Winehouse took to the stage in Belgrade in what was supposed to be the kickoff show for a 12-date tour across Europe. However, Winehouse’s performance was probably not what the approximately 20,000 people in attendance was expecting, as she could be heard mumbling through songs and seen staggering across the stage at times, according to a report by the BBC.

Dressed in a green and black dress, Winehouse became the target of boos from those in attendance throughout her performance. There was no confirmation on whether she was in fact intoxicated during the perfromance.

The 27-year-old performer recently checked out of an alcohol rehabilitation program in London.

Winehouse was scheduled to continue with her tour with a stop in Istanbul, Turkey on Sunday.

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Amy Winehouse Back in Rehab

Samir Hussein/Getty Images(LONDON) -- They tried to make her go to rehab -- and they succeeded.

Amy Winehouse's rep tells People magazine that the singer has checked into the Priory Clinic in the UK as part of her ongoing struggle with alcohol addiction.  The rep said, "She wants to be ready for performances in Europe this summer and decided to seek an assessment. She will remain at the Priory on doctors' advice."

A source tells People that Amy's dad Mitch Winehouse initiated the move, telling her that he felt she was drinking too much again.  Says the source, "She agreed to go an assessment to stop it becoming a bigger problem."

Winehouse's concerts in Europe are scheduled to begin June 18.

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