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Matthew Fox Countersues Woman over Alleged Party Bus Altercation

Danny Martindale/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Matthew Fox, who in August was accused of attacking a female party bus driver who subsequently sued him, is now pursuing legal action against the woman. reports the former Lost star has countersued Heather Bormann, who alleged an intoxicated Fox attempted to board a bus in Cleveland reserved for a private party, and then punched her in the chest and pelvis area after she told him to leave.

Fox says she attacked him -- something that she has already admitted, though she claims it was in retaliation of his alleged actions.  He also claims that he's lost work because of the allegations, which he says have caused him "public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame."  He seeks unspecified damages.

Cleveland prosecutors in September said they declined to file charges against Fox in connection with the incident.

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Joe Francis Charged in Connection with Alleged Attack on Woman

Angela Weiss/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- The man behind the Girls Gone Wild video series has been charged in connection with an alleged attack on a woman following a party in Hollywood in January, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Joe Francis is accused of bringing three women he met at a Hollywood club to his gated home, where he allegedly grabbed one of them by the throat and hair and slammed her head into the tile floor four times.  Prosecutors say the women had entered the limo believing that they would be driven to their car.

Francis is facing three counts of false imprisonment, one count of dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and one count of assault causing great bodily injury.  Francis, who's 38, faces up to five years in jail if convicted of all charges.

Francis' bodyguard and driver, Vagram Gegdzhyan, allegedly impersonated a law enforcement officer during the limo ride and refused to let the women exit the vehicle.  He faces up to six years in jail if convicted on various charges.

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Update: Gavin DeGraw Recovering after New York City Attack

RCA Music Group(NEW YORK) -- Pop star Gavin DeGraw is in stable condition after an attack that left him with a concussion, broken nose and several cuts to the face.

The "Chariot" singer was beaten by a group of men on New York City's Lower East Side early Sunday morning, and was then hit by a taxi as he stumbled away, according to police sources.

Degraw, 34, had been drinking with friends before the attack. He was accosted between 3:50 and 4:20 a.m. at East 6th Street and 1st Avenue, the police sources said.

After breaking his nose and scratching his face, the perpetrators fled, and Degraw kept walking. He ended up at 19th Street and 1st Avenue, where he was struck by a cab but not seriously injured. He was then taken to the emergency room at nearby Bellevue Hospital.

Degraw remains in the hospital. His publicist, Fran Curtis, told ABC News today that the singer is "currently recovering and in stable condition."

"He suffers from a concussion, broken nose, black eyes, cuts and bruises," Curtis said in an email statement. "The police are conducting an investigation of the attack. "We have no information yet regarding his upcoming concert dates and promotion for his new album," she added.

Degraw has spent the summer opening for rock bands Maroon 5 and Train. His fifth album, "Sweeter," is due in stores Sept. 20.

An upstate New York native, Degraw currently lives in Manhattan and co-owns the National Underground bar, which is located six blocks south of where he was attacked.

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Paris Hilton, Boyfriend Cy Waits Attacked Outside California Courthouse

Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic(VAN NUYS, Calif.) -- Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits were accosted Wednesday outside a Van Nuys, Calif., courthouse, where Hilton was set to testify against a man accused of an attempted break-in at her home.

The couple walked to the courthouse surrounded by reporters and cameras when a man appeared to hit Waits on the neck. He was apprehended by security guards.

The alleged attacker was arrested last year, according to TMZ, after walking onto Hilton's property and fighting with her security. The man pled no contest to assault charges and was given three years probation.

"So creepy seeing that guy in court today, it sent shivers down my spine," wrote Hilton on her Twitter account. "Psycho intruder just punched Cy in the back of the head as we were walking into the court house."

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