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Patricia Heaton Apologizes for Attacking Sandra Fluke on Twitter

Jason Merritt/Getty Images For The Broadcast Television Journalists Association(LOS ANGELES) -- Patricia Heaton took a page from Rush Limbaugh's book and hurled insult after insult at Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke for her stance on the birth control debate, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although Heaton claims she was trying to be funny, the Republican actress mocked Fluke with a string of biting remarks, including, "If every Tweaton sent Georgetown Gal one condom, her parents wouldn't have to cancel basic cable, & she would never reproduce—sound good?"

She also wrote, "Hey GTown Gal: How about only having sex on Wednesday? (Hump day!)," on Feb. 29.  And this tweet, "If your parents have to pay for your birth control, maybe they should get a say in who u sleep with. Instant birth control."

It was only a matter of Tweets before Heaton felt the backlash.  The Everybody Loves Raymond star even deleted her Twitter account amidst the controversy.

Now, Heaton is back on Twitter and this time with an apology.

"Just caught up on all the debater re Ms. Fluke's testimony. Mea culpa! We have diff opinions but I was too flippant in my attempt at humor," she wrote.  Heaton then added, "Tweatons: Finally heard all the commentary. I crossed the line w/@SandraFluke. Don't agree w/her views, but I was not showing Christ's love."

Heaton, a Conservative, has long been outspoken about political issues, including the pro-life movement.

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