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Pregnant Alicia Keys Presides Over Annual Black Ball Charity Concert 

Photo Courtesy - YORK) -- Singer Alicia Keys, who's about eight months pregnant, walked the red carpet Thursday night to attend her annual charity event, the Black Ball.  The event raises money for Keys' charity, Keep a Child Alive, which provides medicine to children and families living with HIV/AIDS in Africa and the developing world.

The singer was most excited to talk about a new way in which people can donate to the organization, called "Buy Life."  The way Keys explains it, she and other celebrities have posed for a series of ads wearing t-shirts with barcodes on them and the slogan "Buy Life."  Scanning that barcode with your cell phone triggers a donation to Keep a Child Alive.  She explains, "You're literally saving a life.  [It's just like] you go to the store and you get your juice and your cereal and your chicken, and you scan it and you pay for it.  Now you can scan this t-shirt and you're part of changing the world."

Keys also talked about the example she hopes to set for her unborn child.  She told reporters, "The baby is going to see everything that I do, and that we do, and I think that being a giving individual, being a person that knows that we can all do something...reaching out to one person in the changing that one person...and that's a big deal.  So I plan to show that in every way."

Performers at the event included Jay-Z, Sade and Janelle Monae, while guests spotted on the red carpet included Uma Thurman, Usher, Deepak Chopra and 30 Rock star Jane Krakowski. 

Singer Jay Sean, who just became an ambassador for Keep a Child Alive's work in India, spoke about how excited he was to be involved with the charity.  Sean, who nearly became a doctor, told reporters, "This is a wonderful way of me being able to still fulfill that side of me.  I wanted to become a doctor because I wanted to...spend my life trying to help others. And I think to be able to tie that in with my music is just the most incredible thing." 

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