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TV Directors Circling "Captain America 2"; "Black Panther" Coming Soon?

Paramount Pictures/Marvel Entertainment(LOS ANGELES) -- Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, who have directed episodes of the TV series Community and Happy Endings as well as the film You, Me & Dupree, are in talks to helm the Captain America sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Joe Johnston directed the 2011 original, Captain America: The First Avenger.

Speaking of The Avengers, after Cap 2, which hits theaters in the spring of 2014, the next Marvel hero to get the big-screen treatment could be Black Panther, an occasional member of the supergroup.

The well-connected fansite says four anonymous sources confirm the African prince-turned hero, who made his debut in 1966, will be starring in his own movie.  The character, who only coincidentally shares a name with the radical African American group, is credited with being the first black comic superhero.

Marvel hasn't confirmed or denied the Black Panther story, and the website points to a key hint to his existence in Iron Man 2: a map showed the fictional African nation of Wakanda, birthplace of the hero's alter-ego T’Challa.  According to Marvel lore, Wakanda is also the only place where vibranium can be mined: Captain America's impenetrable shield is made from the vibration-proof element.

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