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Kelsey Grammer's Starz Series "Boss" Returns

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- The second season of the Starz series Boss, starring Kelsey Grammer, premieres Friday night at 9 p.m. Eastern time. Sanaa Lathan joins the cast as the new chief of staff to Grammer’s corrupt Mayor Tom Kane.

Lathan makes it clear that she believes Grammer should have picked up an Emmy nomination for his work on the show, on the heels of his Golden Globe victory early this year.

Lathan, herself once nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in A Raisin in the Sun, says, “When someone is giving a performance like what he is giving it's almost mind-boggling.  I mean, he won the Golden Globe for his performance in the first season and I just can't believe he's not even in the category.  It's weird to me.”

The actress says she will portray Mona Fredricks, a smart, savvy Chicago native who has become an advocate for her community. 

Jonathan Groff, best known for his role as Jesse St. James on Glee, also joins the cast of Boss for season two.

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Who Does Your Boss Remind You Of?

Hulton Archive/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- While there undoubtedly are workers out there who wish their boss had never been born, a new survey found that one in five employees say their boss is so nice, he or she reminds them of George Bailey from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

Harris Interactive asked 4,721 U.S. workers to name the holiday movie character who most reminds them of their boss.  Nineteen percent chose the Jimmy Stewart character from the classic holiday film, and agreed that their boss is “well liked” and “always willing to help others.”

Here’s a rundown of all the responses:

  1. George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life, 19 percent - “Well-liked, always willing to help others.”
  2. Rudolph from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, 14 percent - “Can navigate successfully through tough situations.”
  3. Willie, the main character from Bad Santa, 10 percent - “Rough around the edges but not a bad person deep down.”
  4. Ralphie from A Christmas Story, 8 percent - “Stays focused on one goal and thinks about nothing else.”
  5. Kevin from Home Alone, 8 percent – “Very resourceful and independent”
  6. Ralphie's father from A Christmas Story, 8 percent –“Old school, swears a lot when things don't go as planned.”
  7. The Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, 7 percent – “Keeps a distance from others, but longs to be a part of the group.”
  8. Clark Griswald from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, 7 percent – “Likeable but nothing seems to go right for him or her.”
  9. Santa from Miracle on 34th Street, 6 percent – “Jolly no matter the circumstance.”
  10. Buddy from Elf, 5 percent – “Naive and easily awed.”

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Kelsey Grammer Dives Into Drama with 'Boss'

Kris Connor/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Obtaining drugs in dark parks. Grabbing a councilman by the ear and dragging him across an office floor. Cursing emphatically, often. This is not what anyone had in mind for Fraiser Crane.

Kelsey Grammer transcends expectations in his latest show, Boss, premiering on Starz tonight. The hour long drama finds him in territory foreign to many of his fans. Grammer plays Tom Kane, the mayor of Chicago, newly diagnosed with a fatal neurological disorder, chronically corrupt, hungry for power and a graduate of the Tony Soprano school of leadership.

"There is no particular person that we've tried to emulate or imitate or indict," Grammer told ABC News. "I think it says a lot more about human nature than politics. There's a kind of arrogance, a kind of demonic quality with someone who's able to stay in power for a long, long time."

Twenty-two years, to be precise, the same amount of time that legendary former Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley spent in office. Grammer insists Boss isn't a portrait of Daley or anyone else. Neither he nor the producers talked with any elected officials or political consultants in developing the show.

"I've had a plan in my head for years that once I'm done with acting, I might try to seek public office," he said. "I'm a hopeless romantic about the political world. I still believe that good people do good things and they can effect change that is positive and well thought out. I'm still a bit of an innocent in that way."

But Grammer has no appetite for the Big Apple.

"I'm not running for the mayor of New York," he said. "Another office, who knows?"

Grammer called Boss his most challenging role to date.

Boss was renewed for a second season weeks before its premiere.

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