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Sharon Osbourne Says Double Mastectomy Was a 'No-Brainer'

Michael Tran/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- Sharon Osbourne says she was so fearful of getting breast cancer after discovering she carries a gene that increases her chances, she opted to undergo a double mastectomy and has “no regrets.”

The Sun quotes Osbourne as telling the new issue of Hello! magazine, “As soon as I found out I had the breast cancer gene, I thought ‘The odds are not in my favor.’” 

The 60-year-old Osbourne, who beat colon cancer 10 years ago, says, “I’ve had cancer before and didn’t want to live under that cloud.  I decided to take everything off and had a double mastectomy.  For me, it was a no-brainer.”

The Talk co-host tells the magazine, “I want to be around a long time and be a grandmother...I didn’t even think of my breasts in a nostalgic way.  I just wanted to live without that fear.”

Osbourne also reveals she is now against plastic surgery after learning from doctors that her breast implants had leaked into her stomach wall.

Osbourne left America’s Got Talent this past September after six seasons as a judge on the NBC reality show.

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Kathy Bates Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Double Mastectomy

John Shearer/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Kathy Bates has revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer several weeks ago and is now recovering from a double mastectomy.

The 64-year-old Oscar winner tells People magazine, "Luckily, I don't have to undergo radiation or chemo.  My family calls me Kat because I always land on my feet and thankfully this is no exception."

Bates, who previously battled ovarian cancer about a decade ago, adds that she looks forward to getting back to work.

Bates is nominated for two Emmy Awards: for her work on the since-cancelled NBC series Harry's Law, and for a guest role on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.  The Emmys will be held on Sept. 23.

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Ray Romano Reveals Wife’s Battle with Breast Cancer

Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- Ray Romano and his wife have disclosed in the new issue of People magazine that she has overcome a battle with breast cancer.

Romano’s wife of 24 years, Anna Romano, was told in February of 2010, after a doctor discovered a lump in her right breast, that she had “invasive breast cancer.”

Romano, 48, says she underwent four rounds of chemotherapy, which forced her to focus more on herself than on the couple’s four kids. She says, “I take on everybody’s stress, but this had to be all about me.”

Anna adds, “I’m not like that!”

Ray Romano, who has starred on Everybody Loves Raymond and Men of a Certain Age, says they “dodged a bullet” and are now going public with his wife’s cancer battle in order to “help people.”

The new issue of People magazine hits newsstands on Friday.

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E! News' Guiliana Rancic Back at Work Following Breast Cancer Surgery

Dan MacMedan/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic returned to work Tuesday after undergoing a successful double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery earlier this month in her battle against breast cancer.

She tweeted, "Back at work today since surgery. Excited to be on set of @ENews. I've missed my 2nd family (co-workers and you guys!!!) #thankful."

Rancic later told E! News, "Thankfully, I've been feeling better every single day since surgery and this weekend my doctors gave me the green light to get back to work."

She added, "Even though I moved a tad slower than usual today, everyone welcomed me back with open arms and it was a wonderful homecoming."

Rancic announced her breast cancer diagnosis in October.  She subsequently underwent a double lumpectomy that failed to completely eradicate the cancer in one breast.

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Giuliana Rancic to Undergo Double Mastectomy

Dan MacMedan/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic announced Monday on NBC's Today show that she will undergo a double mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery next week.

The TV hostess, 37, revealed she had early-stage breast cancer in October and had a double lumpectomy later that month.  But her husband, Bill Rancic, said the couple learned during a subsequent doctor’s visit that the cancer didn’t completely clear out of one breast.

The couple has long struggled with infertility, and Giuliana revealed that that was a big part of her decision to have both her breasts removed.

Another reason for her decision, she said, was to decrease the risk of the cancer coming back.

Rancic also wants to send out a positive message to other women that instead of being something to be ashamed of, a mastectomy is a life-saving operation.

“When they first told me mastectomy was an option, I said, ‘Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I am 37 years old. I don’t want to do it’ because to me, the word was very scary and it meant I would be disfigured.”

But a close friend had the same operation, and she realized that women in that situation can be beautiful, healthy and positive, a message Rancic said is important for women.

Above all else, however, the couple said while not all women in Rancic’s situation may opt for a double mastectomy, it was the right decision for her.

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Guiliana Rancic Recovering from Breast Cancer Surgery

Dan MacMedan/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- The husband of Giuliana Rancic says the E! News personality, who revealed her battle with breast cancer earlier this week, is recovering at home after undergoing a double lumpectomy.

Speaking with NBC's Today show on Thursday, Bill Rancic said, "She's a trooper, she pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get it over with and get the cancer out and is doing well at home...I'm adding nurse to my resume now."

Rancic said his wife has a follow-up visit with the doctor scheduled for Friday, and that she hopes to return to work next week.

On Monday, Guiliana Rancic, 37, told the Today show her cancer was caught in its early stages during a mammogram as she underwent a third round of in-vitro fertilization in an effort to get pregnant.

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Giuliana Rancic Has Breast Cancer

Photodisc/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) -- Giuliana Rancic revealed Monday that she has breast cancer after doctors discovered a tumor during her latest round of in-vitro fertilization.

“It’s been a shock,” the 37-year-old E! News and Style Network host said in an emotional interview with NBC's Today show. “A lot of people have been asking, ‘We saw that you went and got IVF, so what happened? Are you pregnant?’ But sadly, we’ve had to put that off.”

Instead, Rancic will undergo surgery later this week, followed by six weeks of radiation therapy.

Having caught the cancer in its early stage, she said her prognosis is good.

“I will be OK, because I found it early,” Rancic said. “Now I truly believe God was looking out for me.”

Rancic had planned to wait until she was 40 to have a mammogram but said her IVF doctor strongly encouraged her to get one before undergoing fertility treatment because pregnancy can accelerate the spread of any potential cancer.

The cable host has long documented her struggle to have a baby on her Style Network reality TV show Giuliana and Bill with husband Bill Rancic, the first Apprentice winner. At the end of last season, the pair were going for their third round of IVF after the first ended in a miscarriage and the second failed to work.

Rancic says she will still push to have a baby after undergoing cancer treatment.

“I still want this baby...because this baby has saved my life,” she said. “If I had gotten pregnant later down the line, I could have been a lot sicker.”

Her property developer husband has been “unbelievable,” she said. “The best thing about Bill is, he lets me cry when I want to cry.”

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Musicians Help Launch Pinktober Campaign

Photo Courtesy - ANGELES) -- Melissa Etheridge and Crystal Bowersox helped launch the Hard Rock International's Pinktober campaign, benefiting breast cancer research, Tuesday in Hollywood. Both musicians performed at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood as part of the event. Etheridge, an ambassador for the campaign, said, "I think that the awareness has definitely gone up in our world and society about breast cancer. Unfortunately, I think it's because too many of us are being touched by it."  Each year's Pinktober event involves the sale of exclusive merchandise, with a portion of the proceeds going to breast cancer research.

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