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TV Directors Circling "Captain America 2"; "Black Panther" Coming Soon?

Paramount Pictures/Marvel Entertainment(LOS ANGELES) -- Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, who have directed episodes of the TV series Community and Happy Endings as well as the film You, Me & Dupree, are in talks to helm the Captain America sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Joe Johnston directed the 2011 original, Captain America: The First Avenger.

Speaking of The Avengers, after Cap 2, which hits theaters in the spring of 2014, the next Marvel hero to get the big-screen treatment could be Black Panther, an occasional member of the supergroup.

The well-connected fansite says four anonymous sources confirm the African prince-turned hero, who made his debut in 1966, will be starring in his own movie.  The character, who only coincidentally shares a name with the radical African American group, is credited with being the first black comic superhero.

Marvel hasn't confirmed or denied the Black Panther story, and the website points to a key hint to his existence in Iron Man 2: a map showed the fictional African nation of Wakanda, birthplace of the hero's alter-ego T’Challa.  According to Marvel lore, Wakanda is also the only place where vibranium can be mined: Captain America's impenetrable shield is made from the vibration-proof element.

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Captain America Co-Creator Joe Simon Dead at 98

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment(NEW YORK) -- Joe Simon, who along with Jack Kirby created the superhero Captain America, reportedly has died at the age of 98 in New York City after a brief illness. 

As a Jewish New Yorker during the start of World War II, Simon dreamed up the idea of Captain America as a foil for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. 

Captain America made his debut in Timely Comics in March 1941. The first issue's cover, titled Captain America Comics: No. 1, featured the red, white and blue superhero throwing a right hook at Hitler.

Simon was also Stan Lee's first boss before Timely Comics changed names and became what we now know as Marvel Comics.  Lee told the New York Daily News of Simon, "He was an incredibly talented artist as well as writer… I couldn’t have had a better mentor."

Captain America came to the big screen this year in a hit film that starred Chris Evans as the superhero.

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Chris Evans Sought Therapy after Taking on 'Captain America'

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Chris Evans didn't jump at the chance to fill the title role in Captain America: The First Avenger, which opens next week.  He initially rejected the chance to play the Marvel superhero, and once he changed his mind, he sought therapy.

According to the New York Times, Evans turned down Marvel multiple times when the studio expressed interest in hiring him as its Captain America, in part because it would require him to star in several of its upcoming superhero films.

He told the newspaper, "The reason I kept saying no is because I was scared.  Maybe this is exactly what I had to do.  Maybe this is exactly what I had to face."

Evans, who previously appeared as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films, said he sought therapy once he agreed to the role because, as he put it, he went into "panic mode."

"The second I agreed to do it, I was like, 'All right, I'll do this, but I've got to start working on my head,'" he said.

The Times reports that Evans received encouragement from two actors who have also played Marvel superheroes: Robert Downey Jr., who's portrayed Iron Man on the big screen, and Chris Hemsworth, who recently played the titular character in Thor.  All three actors will reprise their superhero roles in the upcoming The Avengers movie, scheduled for a May 2012 release.

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