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Carrie Fisher's Top Crazy Tales

PRNewsFoto/Jenny Craig(NEW YORK) -- Given the title of Carrie Fisher's latest book, crazy tales were a given. But the Star Wars actress and Wishful Drinking author exceeds expectations with her new memoir, Shockaholic, in which she chronicles a night on the town with two major senators, her dealings with the dentist that sued Michael Jackson, and her attempt to grant her dying father one final, raunchy request.

Below, check out Fisher's most outlandish anecdotes:

On a 1985 Washington, D.C., dinner with her date, the then-single former Sen. Chris Dodd, and dining companion, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy:

"Suddenly, Senator Kennedy, seated directly across from me, looked at me with his alert, aristocratic eyes and asked me a most surprising question. 'So,' he said, clearly amused, 'do you think you'll be having sex with Chris at the end of your date?' ... To my left, Chris Dodd looked at me with an unusual grin hanging on his very flushed face."

On being a patient of the dentist who sued Michael Jackson:

"So here was Dr. Chandler telling me how Michael was buying his kid computers and taking him to incredible places and sleeping in the same bed and getting him ... WAIT! 'Hang on,' I said. 'I have to interrupt here. Let's just go back a tic, okay?' 'Sure,' Chandler said. ' They're sleeping in the same bed?!' He blinked. 'Well, yeah, but my ex-wife is always there, so it's okay and his stepfather and ... and ... and ...'

"Then one night some months later, Dr. Chandler came up to my house again and told me that he and his wife were going to sue Michael. 'Why?' I asked. 'Because,' he explained rationally, 'Michael is sleeping in the same bed with my boy.'"

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