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Sylvester Stallone: Stop Speculating About My Son's Death

E. Charbonneau/WireImage for MGM(LOS ANGELES) -- Actor Sylvester Stallone called for an end to "the speculation and questionable reporting" about his son Sage Stallone's passing on Monday -- a determination that the Los Angeles County Coroner's office said could take weeks to make.

"When a parent loses a child there is no greater pain," Stallone said in a statement to TMZ. "Therefore I am imploring people to respect my talented son's memory and feel compassion for his loving mother Sasha."

"This agonizing loss will be felt for the rest of our lives. Sage was our first child and the center of our universe and I am humbly begging for all to have my son's memory and soul left in peace," the statement continued.

Sage Stallone, 36, was found dead in his Los Angeles home Friday. An autopsy on his body was completed Sunday.

Sage Stallone's body was discovered by a housekeeper, who called authorities. Police said there were no signs of foul play. While there was no suicide note found at the scene, authorities said there were bottles of prescription drugs.

Sage Stallone played Rocky Balboa's son in Rocky 5 in 1990 and appeared in the film Daylight with his father. He also directed the 2006 short film Vic.

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Sage Stallone Didn't Have Any Serious Health Problems: Lawyer

Albert L. Ortega/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Sage Stallone's attorney said the 36-year-old son of Sylvester Stallone "never had any serious health problems" or had "a history of drug or alcohol abuse."

"Sage was a really young, very sensitive, and very talented kid," attorney George Braunstein told People magazine. "There has been no indication that there was anything wrong in his life."

Sage Stallone was found dead Friday in his Los Angeles apartment by authorities and a housekeeper.

Authorities said there were no signs of foul play and his cause of death remains undetermined. An autopsy will be conducted in the next several days.

"There had been no personal contact with the deceased in the last few days," Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jim Parker said.

Authorities said there were no signs of forced entry and no suicide note, but there were prescription drugs found.

"There are some prescription bottles, however I'm not going to detail what they are or how many," Winter said.

Although media reports surfaced this weekend claiming that Sage Stallone may have been dead several days before authorities discovered his body, Braunstein told People magazine that he updated his Facebook account about 17 hours before he was found.

Braunstein said Sage Stallone was a creative genius.

"He had a lot of bright things on the horizon. He was talking about pictures he wanted to direct and write and ideas that he wanted to go forward with," Braunstein said.

Sage Stallone played Rocky Balboa's son in "Rocky 5" in 1990 and appeared in the film "Daylight" with his father. He also directed the 2006 short film "Vic."

"He was so private, we don't know a lot of the circumstances, even around his personal life. This was not someone anyone followed. This is someone that sadly a lot of people had forgotten about," said Ian Drew, senior editor with Us Weekly.

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Andy Griffith's Death Caused by Heart Attack

CBS via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Television actor Andy Griffith died from a heart attack, according to the death certificate filed Thursday.

The death certificate says the 86-year-old had suffered a heart attack 24 hours before his death Tuesday morning. Griffith was also battling several other illnesses, including coronary artery disease and hypertension.

In an unusual move, he was buried just hours after dying, according to the family's wishes.

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Donna Summer Died of Cancer 'Not Related to Smoking'

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Donna Summer died of lung cancer, but her condition was “not related to smoking,” according to a statement released by her publicist Friday.

“Although she lost her battle to lung cancer at the age of 63, it was not related to smoking,” the statement said. “Ms. Summer was a non-smoker. Obviously, numerous factors can be attributed to the cause of cancer in general, but any details regarding the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of Ms. Summer’s case remain between her family and team of doctors.”

Summer, popularly known as the Queen of Disco, died at her Naples, Fla. home on Thursday.

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Whitney Houston Found Face Down in Bathtub with White Powder, Bloody Nose

LENNART PREISS/AFP/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Whitney Houston's final hours involved "white powder," "a small spoon with a white crystal like substance in it," and a "rolled up piece of white paper," according to the final Los Angeles County coroner's report on the singer's Feb. 11 death, released Wednesday.

She was found face down in a water-filled bathtub with a "bloody purge coming from her nose." Remnants of a "white powdery substance" were on multiple surfaces in the bathroom of her room in the Beverly Hilton hotel along with the spoon and rolled up paper.

Officials previously determined that Houston died from accidentally drowning in the bathtub of her Beverly Hilton hotel room. They also said heart disease and cocaine use contributed to her death. Information from Wednesday's 42-page report has painted a clearer picture of what happened during Houston's last moments and immediately after she died:

Between 2:45 and 3:00 p.m.: Houston complained of having a sore throat that had been lingering for a "few days." Her assistant told her to take a bath and start getting ready for Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party, then left. Her assistant then went to Neiman Marcus.

3:35 p.m.: The assistant returned to Houston's hotel room and found the singer lying face down in the water-filled bathtub, unresponsive. Water was on the bathroom floor as well, but the faucet was not running. The water was 93.5 degrees (determined "extremely hot" by the autopsy report).

The assistant called for Houston's bodyguard; together, they pulled Houston out of the bathtub and tried to administer CPR. The assistant asked the hotel's front desk to dial 911.

3:43 p.m.: 911 was called; paramedics arrived shortly after. When they arrived, Houston was lying on the living room floor.

3:55 p.m.: Paramedics determined Houston had died from a possible overdose of drugs, prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and alcohol.


What was in the room: The detective assigned to the case said that prior to his arrival in the room at 10:20 p.m. on Feb. 11, the "majority of [Houston's] prescription medication bottles had been removed from a brown bag that was on top of the table in the southeast corner of the living room, and then placed on top of that same table." He also noted that Houston's purse was on the couch, and her ID had been removed from the wallet.

An open bottle of champagne sat on the mini-bar. An open can of beer was on a table. Plates of food were scattered across three tables in the room. There was also a bottle of beer on a nightstand and several loose tablets.

What was in the bathroom: There was approximately 12 inches of water in the shallow end of the tub, and 13 inches of water in the deep end. A towel, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and a pitcher sat in the bathtub. An ashtray filled with multiple cigarette butts sat on a counter in front of the sink. Also on the counter was the "small spoon with a white crystal like substance in it and a rolled up piece of white paper."

Remnants of a "white powdery substance" were also on the counter.

Houston's body: The report described a "bloody purge coming from [Houston's] nose" and "small scars" on her breasts "associated with breast implants." Officials determined that Houston had a hole in her nasal septum before she died.

Houston's forehead, hands, and arms had "superficial abrasions" but showed no signs of foul play. The autopsy report stated that Houston weighed 151 pounds, was "muscular and fairly well nourished" and described a wig tightly affixed to her head.

Drugs in the room: The report lists a number of prescription drugs found in the room, including Xanax, Dexamethasone, antibiotics, and Ibuprofen.

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Coroner: Whitney Houston Died from Accidental Drowning  

Kevin Mazur/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- The cause of Whitney Houston's has been revealed.  The L.A. coroner's office confirms to ABC News that the superstar singer died last month of accidental drowning.

Ed Winter, spokesman for the Los Angeles cororner's office, told ABC News that the singer's cause of death was drowning aggravated by a pre-existing heart condition called atherosclerotic heart disease.

Cocaine was also found in Houston's system, but the coroner's office refused to comment on how much of the drug was found during the toxicology testing. But in the official report under the category "HOW INJURY OCCURRED" it is noted that the singer was "found submerged in bathtub filled with water; cocaine intake."

The report stated that along with cocaine, metabolites were identified in Houston's system and were contributory to her death. Marijuana, Xanax, flexeril (muscle relaxant) and diphenhydramine (benadryl) were also found, but were not found to have contributed to her death.

No trauma or foul play is suspected. It is anticipated that the final Coroner report will be available for release within two weeks.

Houston's family immediately reacted to the news. "We are saddened to learn of the toxicology results, although we are glad to now have closure," said Patricia Houston, Whitney's business manager and sister-in-law.

The singer was found underwater in a bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hilton on Feb. 11, and pronounced dead at the scene.  She was buried Feb. 19 in Westfield, N.J.

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Dionne Warwick Thinks Whitney Houston Died of a Heart Attack

Mark Sullivan/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dionne Warwick revealed how she thinks her cousin Whitney Houston died.

“You know, in all honesty, I think she had a heart attack, that’s what I think happened to her,” Dionne said when asked what she thought authorities would say was the cause of death. The 71-year-old singer, who is working on an untitled “50th Anniversary” studio album, said she didn’t think drugs played a role.

“I don’t know if it’s that or not. I think her heart just gave out,” she added.

Dionne also shed light on the mood on board the private jet, loaned by movie mogul Tyler Perry, that transported Whitney’s body back to her native New Jersey. “It was a combination of things: stories, laughter, tears. All the emotions that you feel when somebody very near to you passes,” she said.

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Report: Whitney Houston's Death Expected to Be Ruled an Accident

Jason Merritt/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Whitney Houston's death is expected to be ruled an accident.

According to E! News, a source says investigators have not uncovered anything "suspicious" in connection with her death.  The source also says Whitney "had no marks on her body whatsoever to indicate a struggle, and she was the furthest thing from trying to kill herself."

E! News reports the results of the toxicology tests could come in by next week, and the case could be wrapped up shortly thereafter.

Currently, the cause of death on Houston's death certificate is listed as "deferred."  The 48-year-old singer was found in a bathtub in her Beverly Hilton hotel room on Feb. 11.

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Long Flight Killed Rapper Heavy D

Stride Entertainment(LOS ANGELES) -- A pulmonary embolism brought on by a long flight killed rapper Heavy D, according to a report from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office released Tuesday.

Heavy D (real name: Dwight Arrington Myers) collapsed and died suddenly outside his Beverly Hills home on Nov. 8 at age 44.  His cause of death was a blood clot in his lung, but he also suffered from deep vein thrombosis and heart disease.

Craig Harvey, chief of the L.A. County Coroner’s Office, said the blood clot was “most likely formed during an extended airplane ride,” according to the L.A. Times. The rapper had recently returned to L.A. from a trip to London. Risk factors for deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, include long distance travel with little mobility, obesity, and immobility from an acute illness or surgery.

Initially, it was reported that the rapper and actor suffered from pneumonia, and that the illness may have played a part in his death. A toxicology report found that Heavy D had cough syrup in his system but determined it did not contribute to his death.

Heavy D was one of the most influential rappers of the 1990s. He was the leader of the hip-hop trio Heavy D & the Boyz, which gained mainstream fame for the theme song for the TV show In Living Color. Heavy D also rapped on Michael Jackson’s “Jam” and Janet Jackson’s “Alright.”

In recent years, Heavy D focused more on TV and movie appearances. He made a cameo in Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller’s 2011 film, Tower Heist. Heavy D performed at October’s BET Awards, his first live performance in 15 years.

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Alcohol Killed Amy Winehouse, Coroner Rules

Samir Hussein/Getty Images(LONDON) -- An inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse resulted in a verdict of "misadventure," reports the BBC.

The coroner determined that Winehouse was five times over the British legal limit for drunk driving, having had 416 mg of alcohol in her blood at the time of her death. The legal limit is 80 mg, or .08 percent.  That makes Winehouse's blood alcohol level when she died .416 percent.  In addition, three empty vodka bottles were found in her London apartment.

The BBC reports that the coroner, Suzanne Greenway, said, "The unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels [of alcohol] was [Winehouse's] sudden and unexpected death."

The inquest also found that Winehouse had not had a drink three weeks prior to her death on July 23, which may have exacerbated the effect of alcohol on her body.

Prior toxicology reports determined that Winehouse had "no illegal substances" in her body at the time of her death.

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