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Charlie Sheen Asks Fans to Get Revenge to End Daughter's Bullying

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- Charlie Sheen is one mad dad.  After his 9-year-old daughter Sam was bullied at school, the actor asked his Twitter followers to help him get revenge on the little culprits.

"Cadre! This is a legitimate call to arms. My daughter Sam was bullied out of Viewpoint school and then called a liar. It's on!" Sheen tweeted.  "If you have a rotted egg a roll of toilet paper or some dog s--t; I urge u to deliver it with 'extreme prejudice' to their KamPuss run by trolls and charlatans Make me proud."

"We will not tolerate this level of abhorrent disrespect towards the child of your favorite Warlock," he continued.  "And if your feeling the 'show and tell' of it all, smear the s--t to spell one name on the front door; VICTORIA. Eat that loser. C hashtag LYLMN?"

There's no word on if any of Sheen's nine million followers followed through with the Anger Management star's request.

Still, Sheen's daughter's school, Viewpoint has issued the following statement on its Facebook page: "The parent of a former Viewpoint School student who has not attended Viewpoint School since March, 2012 has made certain accusations in the media. Viewpoint School first became aware of these accusations last year. Our administrators addressed the issue appropriately at that time. Our School takes accusations of bullying very seriously."

Charlie tells TMZ the school “should be ashamed of itself for allowing the bullying to go on and try to hide it."

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Charlie Sheen Wants to Be Lindsay Lohan's Mentor

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- Charlie Sheen wants to help Lindsay Lohan get her life back on track, and he thinks he's just the guy to do it.

Sheen tells TMZ, "I have a kinship with somebody who clearly needs a mentor, whether she wants one or not. She can continue to hang out with her dress-shredding club buddies, or turn to me for some advice from a guy who's been down the road as well as every other side trail on the journey."

He adds, "If she listens, she'll win.  If she doesn't, that's on her."

Sheen and Lohan became friends while working together on Scary Movie 5, which is due out in April.  Sheen even wrote Lohan a $100,000 check last year to help her with her tax problems.  Now, Lohan is set to appear as herself on an upcoming episode of Sheen’s FX sitcom Anger Management.

Some may think there's an ulterior motive to Sheen's generosity, but he claims that he has never hooked up with Lohan.

He says, "I love her, I respect her, and I've never laid a finger on her that wasn't on film.  How ya like me now, America?"

Despite Sheen's kindness, sources tell TMZ that Lohan doesn't want him as a mentor.

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Lindsay Lohan to Guest Star on Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management"

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- It appears Charlie Sheen really likes helping out Lindsay Lohan: she will make a guest appearance as herself in an upcoming episode of Sheen's FX sitcom, Anger Management, according to Entertainment Weekly.

On the show, Lohan reportedly becomes a patient of Sheen's anger management therapist character, and develops a romance with him.

The appearance can only boost Lohan's career, which has suffered setbacks from her ongoing legal woes, and from bruising reviews for her telefilm Liz & Dick.

Last year, Sheen reportedly gave Lohan $100,000 to help cover her tax debt, and just last week he reportedly offered to pay half for a glitzy gown the troubled star later reportedly ruined after a charity event.

The Mean Girls actress and Sheen co-star in Scary Movie 5, due out in April.

Away from the cameras, Lohan still has a couple of legal headaches to deal with.  She faces misdemeanor charges, including lying to police, in connection with a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in California last June. is reporting that Lohan's lawyer has filed a motion to seek dismissal of the charges on the grounds that she wasn't read her Miranda rights when she was questioned by authorities after the accident.  However, the website argues it was not necessary for her to be Mirandized because she hadn't been placed in custody.

Lohan is accused of falsely claiming she wasn't behind the wheel of the car when it collided with a dump truck in Santa Monica.

According to E! News, the court documents also seek a "continuance" in Lohan's probation violation case, proposing that she participate in "certain activities" that will allow her to contribute to society, such as charitable endeavors.

A source says, "She's finally made a decision to turn her life around."

Lohan's probation stemming from a 2011 necklace theft case was revoked as a result of the charges related to the car crash.

Another case, involving Lohan's alleged physical altercation with a psychic at a New York City nightclub last November, is still pending.

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Charlie Sheen Donates $10K to Girl for Therapy Dog

ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT(NEW YORK) -- Charlie Sheen has made a generous donation to a Florida teen who suffered serious injuries at an amusement park in Wisconsin three years ago.

Teagan Marti, who's now 15, fell 100 feet from a ride, causing brain, spinal and other injuries.

Sheen learned of her plight through a Wisconsin family who has been supportive of Marti's family following her accident and has raised money for her.  Last week, the actor donated $10,000 to Marti so she can get a therapy dog.

Marti is thrilled by Sheen's gesture, saying, "I just think it's really great and I want to thank him for helping us."

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Charlie Sheen Performs Brazilian Song on Soundtrack for New Movie

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- Who knew Charlie Sheen could sing so well?

Maybe it's a stretch to say the Anger Management star sings "well," but he does perform on the soundtrack for his new movie, A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III.

He and co-star Katheryn Winnick collaborate on a cover of the the Brazilian classic "Aguas de Marco."  The soundtrack will be released digitally on Feb. 5 and in CD form on March 19.

A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III stars Sheen as a graphic designer whose life falls apart after he's dumped by his true love.  The comedy, also starring Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and Patricia Arquette, opens in limited release on Feb. 8.

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Charlie Sheen Is Going to Be a Grandfather

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- Charlie Sheen announced on the Late Show with David Letterman Monday night that he’s going to be a grandfather. 

Sheen, 47, said his married 28-year-old daughter, Cassandra, is expecting.  According to, Cassandra is Sheen's daughter with ex-girlfriend, Paula Profit.

Sheen seemed amazed by the news that he’s going to be a grandpa, telling Letterman, “For me as a grandfather, I don’t’s like the world is going to crack in half.”  Sheen said it’s not a title he’s "ready to adopt.”

Reflecting on his 2011 mega-hyped, catchphrase-spawning flame-out that resulted in him being fired from the CBS series, Two and a Half Men, Sheen said the meltdown was fueled by anger at the network and the production company. 

He told Letterman, “I’m sure it looked like I was going to spontaneously combust at any moment, right.”

“Good thing I got the new show, Anger Management,” Sheen added.  The series airs on FX.

When Letterman asked Sheen if he would like to make a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men, Sheen replied, “I would like to go back.  I would like to appear, uhh, in their final episode.” 

When Letterman reminded Sheen that his character had been killed off, the actor replied, "Well, no, I am dead but so is the show.”  He quickly added that the series is doing the best it can.

Sheen said a lot of what happened during his meltdown “was memorable,” and provided “experiences” he would never have had otherwise. 

Sheen recalled, “I booked a 21-city tour in 33 days with no act.” 

The actor said people asked him if he wanted to go on tour and he replied, "Sure. What does that mean?”

Sheen declared that he’s clean and sober “at this moment,” adding “I don't really believe in that lifestyle anymore because it doesn't seem fair.”  But the next words out of his mouth seemed to contradict his feelings.

“You guys don't want me clean and sober, right?  That's boring,” Sheen told the audience.

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Lindsay Lohan Using Charlie Sheen Money to Pay Off Taxes

ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- Lindsay Lohan's reported debt has shrunk somewhat. reports the actress has forked over the more than $93,000 in taxes she owed the IRS for the year 2009 -- thanks to the $100,000 donation made to her by her Scary Movie 5 co-star, Charlie Sheen.

She used the remaining sum of that donation to lower the amount she owes for 2010.  She now owes $133,000 for that year.

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Lindsay Lohan Finally Thanks Charlie Sheen for $100,000

ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- Lindsay Lohan has finally thanked Charlie Sheen for giving her a check for $100,000, reports 

The Liz & Dick actress reportedly sent Sheen flowers and a thank you card.

The gratitude came after Sheen complained to Entertainment Tonight, “She got shorted and I found out, so I said, ‘Here.’  I'm still waiting for a text to say ‘Thank you.’  Anything, you know?”

TMZ says that Lohan wasn’t trying to be rude, but her phone broke and she lost all her contacts -- including Sheen’s number.

The former Two and a Half Men star sent the troubled actress a check for a reported $100,000 to cover almost half of her IRS tax bill after they became friends while filming Scary Movie 5 together.

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Charlie Sheen Blames Angus T. Jones' 'Emotional Tsunami' on Chuck Lorre

ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT(LOS ANGELES) -- Charlie Sheen is chalking up his former Two and a Half Men co-star Angus T. Jones' negative remarks about the CBS sitcom to what he calls the "hive of oppression" created by series creator Chuck Lorre.

Jones referred to Two and a Half Men as "filth" in a video interview posted online by Forerunner Chronicles regarding his religious awakening. 

Sheen later reacted by telling People magazine that the show is "cursed."  In a separate statement, he said Jones is welcome to join his FX comedy Anger Management.

Sheen now seems to be assigning some blame to Lorre, with whom he famously feuded with last year prior to being fired from Two and a Half Men.

Speaking with, Sheen said, "I dare anyone to spend 10 years in the laugh track that is Chuck Lorre's hive of oppression and not suffer some form of an emotional tsunami."

He also said, "Obviously, not having been there for some time, the Angus T. Jones that I knew and still love is not the same guy I saw on YouTube."

Jones on Tuesday issued a statement in which he apologized if his remarks were interpreted as showing "indifference to and disrespect of" his colleagues.  According to TMZ, he feels badly that he's caused such an uproar, but he will leave Two and a Half Men after the current season wraps up.

TMZ also reports that Jones wanted to quit the show after last season but was encouraged by reps and family members to stick around due to his hefty salary.  He reportedly makes $300,000 per episode.

Meanwhile, Stephen Baldwin, a devout Christian, offered the following advice to Jones on ABC's Good Morning America Wednesday: "I think he ought to walk his walk and stand up for what he believes in and finish out the season and go about his business."

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Report: Charlie Sheen Donated All of His "Scary Movie 5" Dough

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- While a recent report said Charlie Sheen took pity on his Scary Movie 5 cameo co-star Lindsay Lohan and sent her a hundred grand to cut in half her $200,000 debt to Uncle Sam, TMZ reports Sheen helped out other charity cases as well with his salary for the spoof.

The gossip site says the former Warlock donated the remainder of his $250,000 paycheck to three charities chosen by the movie's director and producers.

Earlier this year, Sheen announced he'd given one of his profit points for his new show Anger Management to the USO's Operation Enduring Care Campaign for wounded veterans; the donation was worth at least a million bucks, but that amount will grow because Anger Management was subsequently picked up by FX for 90 additional episodes.

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