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Female Bus Driver Files Assault Charges against Matthew Fox

Danny Martindale/WireImage(CLEVELAND) -- The female party bus driver whom former Lost star Matthew Fox allegedly attacked last weekend in Cleveland, Ohio has filed assault charges against him, according to CNN.

Cleveland prosecutors reportedly are reviewing the complaint brought by 29-year-old Heather Bormann, and have photographed bruises on her legs and arms.

Bormann claims the scuffle began after Fox had attempted to board her bus, which was reserved for a private party, and she told him to leave.  She alleges Fox punched her in the chest and pelvic area, after which, she says, she struck him in the jaw.

She further alleges Fox was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

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Bus Driver Details Scrap with ‘Lost’ Star Matthew Fox

Danny Martindale/WireImage(CLEVELAND) -- “He said, ‘This is the guy from Lost, Matthew Fox.’  I said I don’t care if he’s Joe Schmoe -- he assaulted me!”

These are quotes from Heather Bormann’s interview with ABC affiliate WEWS in which she described her scuffle late Saturday night with a man she identified as Hollywood actor Matthew Fox.

Bormann said she was driving a private party bus for a bachelor party. She was waiting for her customers outside the Shooters entertainment complex when Fox boarded the bus and demanded a ride to his hotel.

“He smelled like a bar. I mean he smelled like a liquor cabinet,” Bormann said.

When she refused, Fox allegedly lost it.

“He just would not get off my bus…so he started swinging, and I made him leave,” Bormann said.

“He was hitting me in the breast, he was hitting me in the groin area -- I have bruises that I can’t show,” Bormann said. “He bruised me all up,” she claimed, exhibiting her knuckles.

“I did bust his mouth open. I got him good,” Bormann said. In a dramatic touch, Fox “took the blood and just threw it to the ground,” she added.

She said that’s when the police arrived, took a report, detained Fox briefly, then sent him to his hotel in a taxi.

“You’re gonna hit me, I’m gonna hit back. I mean, I bite just as hard as you can bite,” said Bormann, possibly literally.

She said she planned to press charges: “No matter who it’s from, assault is wrong; it’s against the law.”

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