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Channing Tatum: I Gain 25-30 Pounds Between Movies

Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Channing Tatum showed off his amazing physique in last year’s blockbuster Magic Mike, but the actor revealed in a new interview that he doesn’t always look so ripped.

“I’m a fat kid on the inside,” he told Cosmopolitan magazine for its July issue. “I love food so much and I fluctuate about 25-30 pounds between movies.”

In fact, Tatum, 33, who was crowned People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” last year, added that a dream role for him would be “a chess movie that requires very little movement.”

That way, “I can eat pizza and play chess on the beach all day,” he said. “And then eat more pizza and cheeseburgers and drink beer. That’d be amazing.”

But it’ll have to wait. Right now, Tatum is filming Jupiter Ascending in London and preparing for his pregnant wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, to give birth to their first child. So, how does the couple of eight years manage to balance so much at one time?

“You have to want it,” he tells the magazine. “Jenna’s and my thing is checking in with each other all the time, like, ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love me right now?’ And you gotta be honest, and you’ve got to want an honest answer.”

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Khloe Kardashian: 'I'm Not Kim or Kourtney'

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Khloe Kardashian admits that being compared with her famous sisters Kim and Kourtney has taken an emotional toll on her.

“I’ve always known that I’m not Kim and I’m not Kourtney — I’ve always been O.K. with that,” she told the UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, while admitting, “I probably thought I was prettier before I entered the spotlight because being compared to somebody else every day does sort of beat up your spirit and soul.”

But the comparisons — and critiques — have made her a more confident woman.

“It’s made me stronger. I’ve gained another level of confidence,” the 28-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star told the June issue.

Kardashian talks about the public hits she took after her dad died and she piled on the pounds.

“I was quickly criticized for not being a cookie-cutter sister like Kourtney and Kim. I lost about 30lbs [in 2009] before I did Kourtney And Khloé Take Miami. I was feeling so good about myself and I was still so critiqued. I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, if I’m not good enough now…’ And that’s when something clicked in my brain: I have to do whatever is good for me… I feel that I’m healthier [now], but I don’t think I’m prettier thinner.”

Kardashian has recently slimmed down again but says she’ll never be stick-thin.

“I don’t expect to be a size 2 nor do I want to be. I’m 5-foot-10-inches, and I like being curvy, but I also like being toned.”

Kardashian also opened up about her struggles to have a baby with her husband, NBA star Lamar Odom.

“I just wanted to be, ‘Hey, let’s have a baby,’ and we would just have one. Kourtney did. And I wish that was the way for me. But it won’t be. I’ll have to take hormones. I do want to have a baby, but I don’t feel the urgency to have one this very moment,” she said.

When she does have kids, Kardashian said she won’t be a “momanger” like her own mother, Kris Jenner.

“[Once my mom told me] I was gaining weight, but she was talking to me as a manager, like I was ruining a brand deal,” Kardashian told Cosmopolitan. “It’s hard to understand that and it’s more hurtful when it’s coming from my mom.”

Now that she’s older, Kardashian said she feels sorry for rather than resents her mom, especially when she and her sisters “gang up” on her.

She also admitted that Kim is her mom’s favorite.

“It doesn’t bother me. They’re so similar — they could be the same person,” she said.

As for her pregnant sister Kim, Kardashian loves the rapport the family has with the baby’s father, Kanye West.

“I think Kanye knows how to deal with Kim really well. Because we’ve known him for so long, he’ll come to us if he wants advice on a birthday present or something. I like that. Kris [Humphries, Kim's ex-husband] wouldn’t even talk to us. I love that with Kanye we have that friendship. Because when you’re with one of us, you’re with all of us.”

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Actress Julianne Hough Says She Was Physically Abused

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABC(NEW YORK) -- In the cover story of the February issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, actress, dancer and singer Julianne Hough says she was abused as a child in London while studying at a prestigious dance academy.

Hough, originally from Utah where her family was Mormon, said she was 10 when adults began taking advantage of her.

“I was abused, mentally, physically, everything,” she told Cosmo. “I was 10 years old looking like I was 28, being a very sensual dancer.”

Hough, 24, doesn’t go into specifics about how she was abused or by whom, but says the abuse got worse as she got older.

“When I started hitting puberty, when I started becoming a woman and stopped being a little girl,” she said.

The two-time winner of Dancing With the Stars has decided to talk about her abuse now because of a character she plays in the upcoming movie, Safe Haven.

Hough plays Katie, a young woman living in a small North Carolina town who falls in love with a man named Alex, played by Josh Duhamel. Hough’s character is reluctant to start the new romance because of a previous abusive relationship.

While on set filming a difficult scene, Hough says, “I went from bawling to containing to laughing to crying again. Josh was crying. I think it was the most therapeutic moment of my life.”

The actress, who dates entertainer Ryan Seacrest, says she was told by her abusers that if she spread the word back in the United States, she would “amount to nothing.”

Now a successful country-music singer with more films in the works, Hough is riding high as a Hollywood triple-threat.

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