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'Dancing with the Stars' Producer Defends Casting of Chaz Bono

ABC/RICK ROWELL(LOS ANGELES) -- It’s only been a few days since the new Dancing with the Stars roster was announced, but the show’s executive producer has already been forced to defend the choice of certain celebrities, particularly Chaz Bono.

Some people on the message boards have criticized the selection of Cher’s transgender son, with one commenter writing, "I am disgusted with the choice of Chaz Bono."

And that’s not all., which says its goal is to “stop the exploitation of our children, especially by the entertainment media,” says Dancing with the Stars has "gone too far" by casting Bono and the openly gay Carson Kressley.  The organization is asking people who visit the site to email ABC and "let them know that we will not tolerate" lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues "being forced into our homes."

Dancing with the Stars executive producer Conrad Green believes the backlash against Bono is premature.

He says, “I would ask those people, who've expressed discontent about this, to give Chaz a try.  If they still feel the same after, so be it.  But have an open mind.  You might actually find that you really grow to like Chaz.”

Green also disputes the notion that the show is pushing an LGBT agenda.

He says, “I've been accused of having a right-wing agenda when I had Bristol Palin on the show, and we've been accused all kinds of agendas in the past and I genuinely don't think we have one.”

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Romeo and Chelsie Hightower Voted Off 'Dancing with the Stars' 

Bob D'Amico/ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- Romeo and Chelsie Hightower were one of the favorite couples on Dancing With the Stars this season, but they just missed their chance at being in the final four when they were eliminated on Tuesday's results show.

"I'm not surprised because the competition in here, it could be anybody could go at any time. But we went out with a bang," Romeo said after the results were announced. "This show has changed my life forever. I was terrified of dancing. I didn't dance at my own prom. I turned down a lot of movies because I was terrified of dancing ... I think I showed kids anything is possible if you try."

Throughout the season, judges had praised Romeo's dramatic improvement and commitment to the routines, and the actor and entertainer had received impressive scores.

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