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Natalie Wood’s Death Certificate Amended

Ron Galella/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Natalie Wood‘s death certificate has been changed to reflect the lingering questions surrounding her drowning death 30 years ago.

An amended copy, signed on July 26, 2012, but recorded with the Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office on Aug. 1, changes the manner of her death from accidental to undetermined, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed to ABC News.

Whitmore said the case remains an “open and active investigation.”

The cause of Wood’s death was changed from drowning to drowning with undetermined factors. The amended document also notes that the actress’ body was found “floating on the ocean” under circumstances that were never “clearly established.”

Wood died on Nov. 29, 1981, following a party on a boat off California’s Santa Catalina Island. Actors Robert Wagner, her husband, and Christopher Walken, her Brainstorm co-star, were also aboard the boat.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reopened its investigation shortly before the 30th anniversary of Wood’s death. Nearly eight months later, authorities amended her death certificate.

Members of Wood’s family told TMZ in July that the cause of death was revised because some of the bruises on Wood’s body were inconsistent with an accidental death by drowning. They said Wood definitely died by drowning, but how she got into the water remains a mystery.

Authorities have said Wagner is not considered a suspect in the case.

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Still a Mystery: Coroner Changes Natalie Wood's Death Certificate

Ron Galella/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- The death certificate of actress Natalie Wood has been changed from "accident" to "undetermined," TMZ reports. The change was filed late last month by the Los Angeles County Coroner.

Family members of Wood said L.A. County detectives made them aware of the change Friday morning.  They told TMZ that law enforcement officials involved with the investigation, which has been reopened, can't prove whether Wood's death was accidental or the result of foul play.  Investigators also said, according to TMZ, that Wood's death was the result of drowning, but they are uncertain of how she ended up in the water.

Wood's death on November 29, 1981 after partying on a boat with actors Robert Wagner and Christoper Walken was initially ruled as an accident.  Now detectives say some of the bruises on her body are inconsistent with drowning.

Wood's death is still under investigation.

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Andy Griffith's Death Caused by Heart Attack

CBS via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Television actor Andy Griffith died from a heart attack, according to the death certificate filed Thursday.

The death certificate says the 86-year-old had suffered a heart attack 24 hours before his death Tuesday morning. Griffith was also battling several other illnesses, including coronary artery disease and hypertension.

In an unusual move, he was buried just hours after dying, according to the family's wishes.

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