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Dee Snider Fired on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice"

Adam Olszewski/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Sunday night's episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice kicked off where last week's debut installment ended: with the unexpected vote-off of former winner Bret Michaels.

Dee Snider took the reins for team Plan B, while Omorosa took charge of team Power as project manager, for a photo-themed event to promote Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando, Fla.

The teams were transported to Florida aboard Donald Trump's personal 757, and were informed they had to create a 3D photo experience to promote the park.

Both teams hit snags creatively.  Omorosa asked far too much of Universal's in-house production department when she asked them to help her team make her Universal-themed photo booth, while Dee on team Plan B came up with an idea that seemed as flat as its execution: cardboard cut-outs of the show's cast wearing Universal Studios T-shirts.

While Gary Busey tickled patrons who posed for pictures, Marilu Henner showcased her unusually powerful memory, impressing park attendees by naming the day of the week on which they were born.

Team Power's booth was far more interactive, with the team members ferrying fans through different movie-themed booths that attracted a much larger crowd.

In the boardroom, both teams weighed the pros and cons of each other's presentations, and once again confirmed Trump doesn't wear a hairpiece.

But Snider's team lost, and in an unusual display of an emotion other than anger, Omorosa broke down crying.  She earned $40,000 for the Sue Duncan Children's Foundation, the charity favored by Michael Clarke Duncan, her late fiancee.

For one, her teammate Dennis Rodman didn't buy the tears, muttering to Gary Busey that the reality show villain earned an Oscar.

In the boardroom, Trump faked out Dee's team by pretending to fire Penn Jillette, because he didn't stick up for his own idea, which utilized a magic theme.

Dee took Stephen Baldwin back to the boardroom because he said he didn't trust him, and Busey because of his "limited skill set."

In the end, however, Trump declared the loss was Snider's responsibility and fired him.

The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice returns next Sunday, March 17, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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