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Mark Wahlberg Finishing High School Online

Indigo/Getty Images(BOSTON) -- He's got a successful film career as an actor and producer that includes two Oscar nominations, but Mark Wahlberg doesn't have a high school diploma. That, however, is about to change.

After reading that 41-year-old Wahlberg regretted dropping out of high school his freshman year, Kerry Tondorf, the headmaster of Boston's Snowden International High School in Copley Square, wrote to Wahlberg, telling him of a program the school offers to allow students to complete their high school educations online.

Says Tondorf, "He called me the next day, and he seemed very excited and serious about the opportunity," reports the Boston Globe.

Snowden International High School in Copley Square was known as Copley Square High School when Wahlberg dropped out to give showbiz a try.  Over 25 years later, he's already enrolled in the online program to complete his high school education and has even signed up for his first class.

The program allows students to study and complete classes at their own pace, just as long as they log in at least once a week.

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