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Lindsay Lohan: Rumors of Me Falling Down Drunk Are 'Absurd'

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Lindsay Lohan has put her foot down about rumors that she left a friend’s party on Saturday falling-down drunk. reports that Lindsay said, "Reports of me being intoxicated and not even able to stand are nothing but absurd." Lindsay went on to say that she didn’t even drink at the birthday bash for her friend at the Palihouse hotel in Los Angeles, Calif. One of Lindsay’s friends has got her back too, saying, "Lindsay walked out of the party fine and she never once couldn't stand up by herself.  It's strange how someone can come up with such detailed lies."

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Lindsay Lohan Escapes Jail Time, Can Legally Drink Again

AL SEIB/AFP/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Lindsay Lohan has escaped jail time again, and now she's officially allowed to drink alcohol.

At a Los Angeles Superior Court hearing Thursday, Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled that the actress did not violate her probation stemming from her 2007 DUI case because there was no order in place to test her for drugs and alcohol.

But Sautner ordered Lohan, who was in court because she failed an alcohol test last week, not to have parties and not have more than one friend at her house at a time. She also told the problem-prone star not to do "stupid" things that fly in the face of the court's order.

Sautner said Lohan was guilty of "extremely poor judgment by having roof parties while on home confinement" before adding, "poor judgment is not a violation of your probation." Lohan threw a rooftop barbeque for her friends last week.

Prosecutors asked to reinstate mandatory drug and alcohol testing; Sautner declined the request.

The decision came after more than an hour of deliberations between Lohan's legal team and prosecutors in Sautner's chambers. The actress arrived for her 10 a.m. PT hearing in a conservative outfit -- black slacks, black shoes, a button down shirt, her blonde hair pulled back -- a departure from her more revealing recent courtroom attire.

Lohan was ordered to court after she failed an alcohol test last week. The L.A. County probation department was under the impression that she was required to take drug and alcohol tests, but upon a closer reading of Lohan's old probation order Thursday, the testing requirement was deemed expired.

That means that technically, Lohan can drink alcohol.

The hearing came as Lohan wraps up her house arrest stint for taking a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store. She's due to be released from house arrest Wednesday.

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Ryan Dunn's Blood Alcohol Level Well Over Limit

J. Strauss/FilmMagic(WEST GOSHEN, Pa.) -- Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn's blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit, according to West Goshen, Pa., police who released the results of a toxicology test Wednesday.

According to a press release obtained by ABC News from the West Goshen Police Department, the county coroner determined that Dunn had a blood alcohol concentration of .196 -- more than twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania -- at the time of his death in a fiery car crash.

In 2003, the state lowered the limit from .10 to .08 and created three levels of DUI. The highest level offender is considered to have a blood alcohol level of .16 and higher.

The coroner did not detect any "drugs of abuse," the release said.

Both Dunn, 34, and his passenger, Zachary Hartwell, 30, died in the accident in the early morning hours of June 19 when his 2007 Porsche crashed in West Goshen.

Dunn's car was found in a wooded area off the road engulfed in flames.

The initial police investigation indicated that Dunn was traveling at a speed between 132 and 140 at the time of his crash. Police also say Dunn possessed a valid driver's license.

Dunn's Porsche jumped a guardrail, flew through 40 yards of trees and burst into flames, killing both Dunn and Hartwell instantly.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Dunn had received at least 23 driving citations, including 10 for speeding and careless driving, in the 13 years before his fatal car accident. According to records obtained by the Inquirer, Dunn was arrested for DUI in 2005. Charges were dropped after he completed a probationary program. His license was also suspended for more than a year.

Dunn had posted a photo online just hours before the crash that showed him and two friends drinking at a local bar, Barnaby's, in West Chester. Friends said he had six drinks before getting in his car.

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Hugh Grant Bails on Bar Bill

Athit Perawongmetha/Getty Images for Mission Hills(DOVER, England) -- We don't know if Hugh Grant is having money problems, but we do know he skipped out on a bill at a British pub, according to Britain's Daily Mail.  The tabloid reports the Four Weddings and a Funeral star recently walked out of a watering hole in the town of Dover without paying his tab.

The owner of The Castle Inn said, "People normally hand over the money when they get the beer but a couple of guys at the bar asked for his autograph and I assume he got distracted."

Grant, who ordered a few beers, racked up a $9 bill, but the owner is taking the mistake in stride, saying, "If he does it all round the country then it's a great scam to get free drinks but if this was a one off I will put it down to an honest mistake."

It's unclear if Grant ever returned to The Castle Inn to pay his debt.

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Pregnant Kate Hudson Pictured Drinking Wine?

Ramey(BUENOS AIRES, Argentina) -- Actress Kate Hudson was photographed drinking what appears to be a glass of red wine while vacationing in Argentina.

The photo of the 31-year-old actress -- now pregnant with her second child -- has renewed the debate on how safe it is to drink during pregnancy.

Most experts agree that an occasional glass of wine will not harm the child.

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Report: Friends Concerned About Christina Aguilera's Drinking

Photo Courtesy - RCA Records(NEW YORK) -- She may have just signed on to judge the upcoming NBC reality show called The Voice, but some of Christina Aguilera's friends are getting worried about her drinking.

They tell People magazine her recent public missteps -- from allegedly passing out at Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner's birthday party late last year, to her famed national anthem flub at the Super Bowl, to her drunken encounter with police this week -- can all be pinned on new boyfriend Matthew Rutler.

"There's a real concern about this guy," an unidentified "pal" tells People, "and a lot of [Aguilera's] friends feel she needs to get away from him."

The most recent incident -- when Rutler was arrested for DWI and Aguilera was left to sober up in the custody of Los Angeles cops -- is seen by the singer's friends as the biggest red flag of all.

"Hopefully, what happened is a real wake up call," a friend says.

The source tells People, Aguilera is "going out more and drinking more.  She feels she is embracing her freedom and enjoying life...but now friends are hoping that she takes a step back and focuses on herself for a while."

Other friends apparently disagree, telling the magazine the singer just had a run of bad luck.

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