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"Entourage" Movie Picks Up Six Months After Series Finale

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Fans who watched Vince, Drama, E and Turtle traipse around Hollywood in HBO's Entourage get excited because a film isn't too far off.

Deadline reports that creator Doug Ellin is almost done penning the screenplay to the highly anticipated movie.

While writing in Hawaii, Ellin said he needed some time off after working on the series for “10 years of my life,” but now he's up to page 110 on his screenplay, which he hopes to “finish by Sunday (I pray),” he wrote in an email to Deadline.

Ellin also dished that the film picks up six months after the series finale in which Ari Gold get a major occupational upgrade.

“There are interesting developments about Ari as a studio head, and that’s still the first page for me.  But foremost is the friendship between the guys who are still hanging out and going to fun parties, and it continues with the same characters,” he wrote.

Even the actors, such as Jerry Ferrara, who plays Turtle, have no idea what will happen in the upcoming movie.

"That's kind of the fun part," he told ABC News Radio earlier this year.  "I like not knowing because [Ellin] always goes to the right place with it, so I'm curious myself."

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Jerry Ferrara Says "Entourage" Script in the Works

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Entourage fans were hopeful last year when creator and writer Doug Ellin told he was committed to continuing the fun between Vince, E, Drama, Turtle and Ari on the big screen.

"We're going to do it, the question is when and how quickly," he said.

Now, Jerry Ferrara, who played Turtle during Entourage's eight seasons on HBO, confirms that a film script is being written.

"It is being written as we speak," Ferrara told ABC News Radio while promoting his new film Think Like a Man.  "Once that's in the shape that it needs to be, we're going to go do it."

Still, Ferrara has no idea what will happen to his character Turtle in the upcoming film, which has no release date yet.

"That's kind of the fun part," he said.  "I like not knowing because [Ellin] always goes to the right place with it, so I'm curious myself."

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MTV Star Sues HBO for 'Johnny's Bananas' Reference in 'Entourage'

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- An MTV reality star is going bananas over what he claims was the unflattering use of his nickname on the final season of Entourage. The Hollywood Reporter says former Real World cast member John "Johnny Bananas" Devenanzio is suing HBO and Entourage creator Doug Ellin, claiming the comedy made "unwarranted, unauthorized, and unfavorable mention" of his name and personality when Kevin Dillon's character, Johnny Drama, lent his voice to an ape-and-monkey-themed cartoon titled Johnny's Bananas.

Devenanzio, who previously sent HBO a cease-and-desist letter, claims he suffered emotional distress as a result of the Entourage story line. He wants to prevent HBO from distributing episodes containing the Johnny's Bananas reference, and is also seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Dillon has said neither he nor Ellin were aware of Devenanzio when it incorporated Johnny's Bananas into the show. Entourage completed its seventh and final season last month.

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Andrew 'Dice' Clay Conquers Hollywood: Take Two YORK) -- Call it a case of art imitating life, or vice-versa. On the eighth season of HBO's Entourage, Andrew "Dice" Clay plays a version of himself -- a once thriving comedian trying to claw his way back to the top.

In real life, too, he wants a comeback.

"I say it's like a heightened version of who I really am," he said in an interview with ABC News last week. "I am from Brooklyn, I do get loud, I do get emotional."

On the show, Clay teams up with Kevin Dillon's Johnny Drama to voice an animated sitcom about apes. Clay thumps his chest, stomps his feet and flies into rages when, to paraphrase his real-life mentor Rodney Dangerfield, he don't get no respect.

That act stays on set. Prior to talking with ABC News, Clay rattled off the weather report for a New York City morning news program. Despite rocketing to fame in the late '80s with his raunchy, anything-but-PC act and headlining back-to-back sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden (a record-setting feat that led him to proclaim himself the "Undisputed Heavyweight Comedy King"), Clay knows how lucky he is to have scored a multi-episode arc on a very popular TV series.

"I am so appreciative that I was given this opportunity," he said. "The last decade was pretty rough. I went through a divorce, I lost some people that were very close to me, I had to focus on bringing up my kids. And it's the craziest thing to go from watching this show on the couch to being on television now. It's like surreal."

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'Entourage' Movie Being Planned

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage(BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.) -- The eighth and final season of Entourage kicked off Sunday, but diehard fans can rest easy knowing that creator Doug Ellin says there are more stories to tell and that he’ll be doing so in an Entourage movie.

At the Television Critics Association Tour in Beverly Hills Thursday Ellin said, “You know, it's been a challenging run to keep this going with this thing and I think if we're going to do something different it should be a movie.”

Ellin said he'll write the movie, but he has no idea yet what the storyline will be.

The show’s executive producer, Mark Wahlberg, is also pumped to make an Entourage movie, telling reporters, “I said if I had to finance myself, I’d do it.”

There are seven episodes remaining before the show ends, but don’t expect Ellin to watch the finale.  He says he may host a screening at his home, but he’ll be outside while people watch it.

As for the finale, Ellin acknowledges that there are always going to be some people who are happy and others who are not happy with how a show ends, but he’s not feeling any extra pressure, adding, “I tried my best.  I'm happy.”

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