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Report: Ewan McGregor Says 'Yeah' to New "Star Wars" Movies

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images For AFI(LOS ANGELES) -- Could Ewan McGregor once again wield Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber in Disney's new Star Wars trilogy?

It was a possibility no fan could have envisioned, given the actor's initially lukewarm endorsement of the prequels in which he played the Jedi Master.  But a TMZ reporter gave fans some hope after he ran into McGregor outside Hollywood's Chateau Marmont Tuesday night.

While McGregor signed an autograph, the reporter asked if the Scottish actor would be up for reprising his role.  "Yeah," was his one-word answer.

Meanwhile, a showbiz website called HeyYouGuysUK just posted a red carpet chat with X-Men: First Class actor Jason Flemyng that seems to confirms rumors his pal and X-Men director Matthew Vaughn will be directing Star Wars: Episode VII.

"Me and Matt have done nine films together, so I'm sure I'll get the call for Star Wars," Flemyng says before joking, "but I'm sure it's going to be, 'Flemyng, no.  Flemyng, I know on paper it doesn't look like much, but I promise you it's essential to the plot.'"

When asked a follow-up about the new Star Wars, however, Flemyng pulls a shocked face, seemingly realizing he's let the cat out of the bag, and backpedals by saying of Vaughn, "I think that's -- he's interested, yeah."

X-Men: First Class writer Simon Kinberg and Empire Strikes Back screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan were recently hired by Disney to work on what The Hollywood Reporter is now calling "separate projects" that could become spin-offs from the new trilogy of films set in George Lucas' galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: Episode VII will reportedly blast into theaters in 2015, with Toy Story 3's Oscar writing screenwriter Michael Arndt penning it.

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