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Top FAILS of the Year: Justin Bieber, BP Oil Spill

Photo Courtesy - ABC News Radio(SEATTLE) -- Teen idol Justin Bieber has received a lot of accolades, but he may not be so quick to boast about the latest. 

The FAIL blog, the Internet's bastion of blunders and embarrassments, today released its second annual lists of the year's top 10 most memorable embarassing people, moments and videos, and crowned Bieber the "Prince of FAIL in 2010."

With 44 percent of the vote, Bieber won the title by a landslide, beating both reality star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and embattled golfer Tiger Woods for the top spot on the list of the most memorable FAIL people. He takes the crown from singer Kanye West, who, last year, was anointed "King of FAIL" for upstaging Taylor Swift at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Since 2008, the FAIL blog has paid close attention to real-life goofs and gaffes, posting videos and photos of corporate embarrassments, political faux pas and personal screw-ups.

"We tend to celebrate some of our best, but some of our worst can be just as enlightening," said Ben Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger Network, which runs dozens of Internet humor sites, including the FAIL blog.

To create the lists of the year's "failiest" antics, the FAIL blog's editorial team generates a list of 30 entries for each category and then asks the blog's community to vote on their favorites. In this year's competition for the worst of the worst, Huh said more than 190,000 votes were cast.

The BP Oil Spill took the number one spot on the list of the year's top FAIL moments, followed by "Jessi Slaughter's Dad Goes Ballistic." Eleven-year-old Slaughter became a target of Internet trolls after posting a profanity-peppered video to the Internet.

The "failiest" video of the year? A wince-worthy clip of a woman who takes a giant watermelon in the face when a slingshot backfires during an Amazing Race challenge.

It's painful to watch, but fits the blog's definition of "fail" to a T.

"The vernacular definition of fail is when somebody attempts to be great at something, somebody attempts to succeed at something and doesn't make it," Huh said.

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