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Oprah Reveals 'Bombshell' Family Secret

Photo Courtesy - Oprah Winfrey/ABC News(CHICAGO) -- Oprah Winfrey promised to reveal a family secret on Monday's edition of her talk show and she certainly delivered.

The talk show queen revealed she has a half-sister -- a 47-year-old mother-of-two named Patricia who lives in Milwaukee.  

Oprah said she had learned the "bombshell family secret," which "shook her to her core," right before Thanksgiving.  Patricia had been given up for adoption as a baby in 1963, but didn't get information about her biological family until recently when she began trying to track down her birth mother.  That's when Patricia came to learn she shares the same mother as Oprah.  They have different fathers.

Oprah drove to Milwaukee over Thanksgiving to meet Patricia.  She also said their mother, Vernita Lee, never told anyone she had given Patricia up for adoption.

Oprah said she revealed the news because there was no way the media wouldn't get hold of the story and she wanted to disclose the information to her viewers herself.

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Oprah to Reveal 'Hidden Family Secret' on Monday

Photo Courtesy - Oprah Winfrey/ABC News(CHICAGO) -- What is Oprah’s big family secret?

The longtime talk show host says she plans to reveal some personal news on the Monday edition of The Oprah Winfrey Show that “literally shook me to my core.”

“This time, I’m the one being reunited,” Winfrey says in an ad, noting that she’s been keeping the secret for months.

Winfrey grew up a troubled adolescent, raised by various family members and sexually abused by various men – including members of her own family – throughout her childhood.

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