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Psy Debuts New Single "Gentleman" Before 50,000 Fans

Dana Edelson/NBC(SEOUL, South Korea) -- “Gangnam Style” celeb Psy has finally released his long anticipated new single, “Gentleman,” amid North Korea’s daily threats of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula.

Consisting of heavy house beats and witty lyrics, “Gentleman” is a bid to prolong the international success Psy gained with “Gangnam Style,” which garnered more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

“Gentleman” contains several repeated phrases, which are grammatically incorrect but very addictive, attempting to mock those who dress like gentlemen but act like complete bums.

In celebration of Psy’s new release, some 50,000 people attended his concert, “Happening,” which was also broadcast live on YouTube for millions of fans from all around the world. With much anticipation, the music video of “Gentleman” was unveiled in the latter part of the concert.

“‘Arrogant Dance,” which made the Korean girl band Brown Eyed Girls famous, is the main dance move in his latest music video. Seeing how viral the horse dance in “Gangnam Style” became, Psy said Saturday: “I hope to continue remaking Korean songs and dance moves and introducing them to the global music industry.”

When asked about his thoughts on North Korea, Psy said: “It’s tragedy. We are the only country divided right now … We’re really close to there (North Korea), so they can hear ... our voice.”

Psy said it is his job to perform and entertain people, and he believes he can bring happiness to his fans by doing so.

As for worries that the singer might be just a “one hit wonder,” Psy said that doesn’t concern him.

“Whether or not a couple of my songs become a global hit, I’ve been doing this job for 12 years. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity (Gangnam Style success) and I will carry on as a singer. I’m not desperate to keep my records,” Psy said before the concert.

Scooter Braun, one of the key people behind Psy’s success in the global music market, told reporters the success was more than numbers.

“He is an underdog,” Braun said. “He did something no one thought was going to happen. It broke down barriers, stereotypes, forms of racism… One-hit wonders don’t do concerts in front of 50,000 people.”

Psy will soon travel to the United States, trying to prove his ability to again woo fans around the world.

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