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Unidentified Celeb Sued for Knowingly Spreading Herpes

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) -- A scandal involving a big-time celebrity could be brewing -- even if we don't know who the celebrity is.

An unidentified person suing a well-known star for intentionally passing on herpes claims to have videos of the sexual encounters during which the disease was transmitted, reports

The plaintiff -- whose gender isn't specified -- filed suit against "an A-list celebrity of substantial fame internationally," claiming the star gave him or her herpes in Las Vegas after the defendant said he or she did not have an STD.  The plaintiff is seeking more than $20 million.

Several porn sites are already jockeying for the rights to the tapes, with one site,, offering to pony up $1 million.  Another unnamed site has pledged to ante up even more cash.

The lawsuit claims the sex was recorded "as the [celebrity] expressed, so they could relive the magic over -- and over -- again."

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