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Amanda Bynes Hit-And-Run Charges Dismissed

Jason Merritt/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Amanda Bynes has reached settlements in her two hit-and-run cases, according to E! Online.

Bynes’ attorney, Richard Hutton, appeared in court in Van Nuys, Calif., on Wednesday with legal papers signed by the two victims of the alleged incidents that occurred on April 10 and on Aug. 4.  According to the documents, the parties involved indicated they had received "full satisfaction" and wanted to have the matters permanently dismissed. 

Hutton tells E! News that "Amanda is satisfied and grateful for this outcome of the case."

Judge Thomas Rubinson dismissed the two cases, despite a strong objection from the city attorney’s office.  L.A. prosecutors reportedly did not want to see the cases dismissed due to the fact that there were multiple hit-and-runs and Bynes still has a DUI case pending.

Bynes is also still facing two counts of driving while on a suspended license.

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Prosecutors Re-Open Amanda Bynes Hit-and-Run Case

Jason Merritt/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Amanda Bynes' latest driving mishap has drawn the attention of Los Angeles prosecutors.

According to, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office is revisiting a case from April in which the Easy A star allegedly struck a BMW from behind on a freeway and drove away -- all because she reportedly was involved in another hit-and-run this month.

The April case was initially rejected by prosecutors because there were no witnesses who could testify that Bynes hit a car and fled the scene.  However, in light of the most recent incident, which reportedly took place on Aug. 4 in L.A., prosecutors have re-opened the case.

In the latter incident, a Los Angeles woman filed a police report claiming the actress rear-ended her vehicle on Ventura Blvd. in San Fernando Valley and drove off without exchanging insurance information.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office tells E! News, "Both incidents are under review, but no decision has yet been made."

If Bynes is indeed prosecuted for both incidents, she could face up to six months behind bars for each hit-and-run charge.

In addition to these alleged hit-and-run incidents, Bynes was arrested on suspicion of DUI on April 6.  She has pled not guilty.

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Movie Review: "Hit and Run"

Eric Charbonneau/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- The underrated Dax Shepard (Parenthood and Punk’d) wrote, co-directed and stars in Hit and Run, a low-budget indie comedy filled with dirty jokes, exciting car chases and co-starring his real-life fiancée, Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Showtime's House of Lies).

Shepard plays Charles Bronson. That’s right -- his character’s name is Charles Bronson, the name he chose for himself when he entered the witness protection program. Charlie’s been happily dating Annie, played by Bell, for about a year. She’s aware of his situation but thinks he needs protecting because he witnessed a crime.

Enter Michael Rosenbaum’s Gil, Annie’s extremely jealous ex-boyfriend, hell-bent on proving Charlie is no good.  Gil discovers Charlie actually was the getaway driver for a team of bank robbers, and decides to rat him out to the head of the crew, Alex -- a crunchy-granola-loving sociopath who, as played by Bradley Cooper, has a knack for scoring big laughs.

Annie scores a new job in Los Angeles and Charlie decides to drive her there, despite the fact his witness protection deal stipulates he can't, given that it was the scene of his previous crime.  Before it's all over, Charlie and Annie are being chased both by Alex and his crew, and by Randy, the federal marshal in charge of Charlie's case.  Tom Arnold plays Randy as a bit of a moron -- a role, it seems, Arnold excels at playing.

The beauty of Hit and Run is that it was made for very little money (relatively speaking) outside the studio system, which gave this incredibly funny and gifted team the flexibility to do, well, whatever they wanted. More impressive still is the level of commitment from Shepard, Bell, Cooper, Arnold and company to even the cheapest of jokes. They know how to sell it.

Huge bonus as well if you love cars.  Shepard, a car aficionado in real life, has made Hit and Run a bit of a tribute to muscle cars and great car chases.  He's also made an R-rated comedy gem filled with plenty of laughs and hilarious performances.  

Rating: Four out of five stars.

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Dax Shepard-Kristen Bell Comedy "Hit and Run" Opens Nationwide

Creatas/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Hit and Run, a new comedy starring Dax Shepard and his real-life fiancée Kristen Bell, opens nationwide on Wednesday.

In the film, the duo plays a couple on a road trip that becomes much more adventurous than they'd planned.  They find themselves on the run from a dreadlocked villain, played by Bradley Cooper, and a federal marshal, a role filled by Tom Arnold.

Kristin Chenoweth and Beau Bridges also star in Hit and Run, which was written and co-directed by Shepard.  It's rated R.

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Amanda Bynes Accused of Another Hit-And-Run

Jason Merritt/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- It appears as though Amanda Bynes was in yet another car accident. reports that a Los Angeles woman filed a police report claiming the actress rear-ended her on Ventura Blvd. in San Fernando Valley and drove off without exchanging insurance information.

A woman named Kisa  -- her last name was withheld on the police report -- said she was driving her Toyota Corolla when she was rear-ended by a woman in a black BMW.  Kisa said she did not know who the woman was at first because she "looked like a hot mess," but they had a brief conversation, and she then realized it was Bynes.

She says Bynes attempted to push her bumper back into place, which didn’t work.  Kisa said she wanted to exchange insurance information with Bynes, but Bynes didn’t think it was necessary to exchange information because she felt the damage was not that significant.

However, Kisa said that Bynes' car did have "significant" damage, but Bynes got in her car and drove off. Police took a hit-and-run report from Kisa at the scene.

Bynes was arrested on suspicion of DUI on April 6 and she pled not guilty.  The actress also was twice accused of hit-and-run incidents in May.

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Lindsay Lohan Won't Be Charged in Hit-and-Run Case

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Lindsay Lohan is off the hook after she was accused of striking the manager of Hollywood's Hookah Lounge with her car in March.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office on Friday confirmed to ABC News that it will not pursue charges against the Mean Girls star, citing insufficient evidence.  The decision was made not long after police passed along the case to the D.A.'s office.

The manager of the Hookah Lounge claimed Lohan hit him with her Porsche as she was leaving a nearby nightclub on March 14.  Lohan denied the allegation.

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Alleged Victim in Latest Lohan Drama Wants Six Figure Payday; LiLo Says No

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- The man who claims Lindsay Lohan struck him with her car last week and drove away says he won't press charges -- keeping Lohan's almost-finished probation record clean -- if he gets six figures from the star.

TMZ reports Thayer Kamal -- who has been accused of fabricating his alleged injury when he found out LiLo was behind the wheel -- retained powerhouse celebrity attorney Mark Geragos to represent him.

However, according to the gossip site, Team Lohan isn't biting, so Kamal is now seeking a buyer for video of the alleged hit-and-run.

Lohan's probation is set to end March 29.  After last week's incident, she reportedly put herself under house arrest so she can't get into trouble before then.

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Lindsay Lohan Could Face Charges From Alleged Hit and Run

Toby Canham/Getty ImagesUPDATE: Lindsay Lohan claims she didn’t hit a nightclub manager with her Porsche early Wednesday morning.

“Scrape? This is all a complete lie,” she tweeted Wednesday. “I’ve been at community service. Last night, I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn’t even get to do because I was freaked out by all of the paparazzi. These false accusations are absurd.”

(LOS ANGELES) -- Lindsay Lohan allegedly hit a nightclub manager with her Porsche early Wednesday morning and left the scene, potentially piling a new legal problem onto what was almost a clean plate.

ABC News’ Los Angeles affiliate KABC cited an LAPD rep who said the actress “grazed” a man while trying to maneuver out of the parking lot of the Sayers Club, where she was partying.  Police did not find any evidence of injury and the man did not want to file a report.  Since she did not hit a car or injure anyone, authorities did not take a police report. reports that the man now wants to press charges. According to TMZ, he’s the 26-year-old manager of the Hollywood Hookah lounge, which is in the same complex as the Sayers Club, and didn’t know who Lohan was when she grazed him.

Lohan’s rep declined ABC News’ request for comment.

Last month, the judge presiding over Lohan’s probation stemming from her 2011 shoplifting case and 2007 DUI gave her a glowing review at a progress hearing and said the 25-year-old actress could be done with her probation in March if she stays on track. Lohan could face a potential probation violation if the lounge manager decides to press charges.

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