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Britney Spears' Video for 'Hold It Against Me' Debuts

Photo Courtesy - Jive Records(NEW YORK) -- The new video for Britney Spears' latest single, "Hold It Against Me," premiered Thursday night on MTV and

It begins with a comet striking modern-day planet Earth.  Viewers are then taken inside a studio, where Spears -- wearing a short white top, baring her midriff -- is surrounded by lights and male dancers.  In a convenient bit of product placement, she is seen spraying her fragrance on herself.

When the chorus begins, the video cuts to Spears wearing a really long, flowing white gown, floating in the air, surrounded by a ring of monitors.  She's later splashed with colorful paint as the video cuts to images of two Britney Spears -- one wearing a red dress, the other wearing a purple dress -- fighting one another.  During the confrontation, brief clips of Spears' debut video for "...Baby One More Time" are shown on a monitor.  Eventually the two brawling Britneys, plus the Britney in the white gown, all collapse.

For the rest of the video, we see Spears in a tight, black outfit performing her song alongside her male dancers.  The video ends with a burst of confetti and a question mark displayed on the screen.

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Britney Spears Teaser Video Coming Out; New CD Not Complete

Photo Courtesy - Jive Records(NEW YORK) -- Fans have been waiting for weeks for the premiere of Britney Spears' new video for "Hold It Against Me," and now comes word they'll get a peek at it on Friday.

Spears' manager, Adam Leber, tweeted, "The first 'HIAM' teaser should be out on Friday.  Keep your eyes wide open."  He added, "The first teaser video will give more insight into the world premiere...get pumped!  The video will be epic."

Meanwhile, Spears' producer, Dr. Luke, tells Rolling Stone magazine that even though her album, Femme Fatale, is due March 15, it's still not completely finished.

The producer said, "It's a little bit fluid right now.  I can't even say for sure which songs are making [the final cut] and which songs aren't."

He also revealed that he and Max Martin, one of the co-writers on "Hold It Against Me," originally planned to give the song to Katy Perry, but they decided to give it to Spears because "it wasn't a Katy Perry record."

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Britney Spears Debuts on Top with New Single; Sets Records

Photo Courtesy - Jive Records(NEW YORK) -- As expected, Britney Spears blasted into the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with her new single, "Hold It Against Me."

It became just the 18th song to debut at number one on that chart since it was created 52 years ago.  Spears also became only the second artist in history to have more than one of her singles debut at number one -- the other is Mariah Carey, who did it three times.  Spears did it twice, with this new single and with "3" in 2009.

"Hold It Against Me" is Spears' fourth chart-topper overall, joining "...Baby One More Time" and "Womanizer."

Moreover, the single sold 411,000 copies in a single week, according to Nielsen Soundscan, making it the highest first-week sales for a single by a lead female artist.  The previous record was 325,000 set by Taylor Swift's "Today Was a Fairytale" last February.

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Britney Spears' New Single on Track to Be 18th Number One Debut

Photo Courtesy - Jive Records(NEW YORK) -- Since the Billboard Hot 100 was invented over 50 years ago, only 17 songs have debuted at number one -- the last one was Ke$ha's "We R Who We R."  But now, Britney Spears' latest single is aiming to be the 18th to debut at the top.

Billboard estimates that the track, "Hold It Against Me," is expected to sell 400,000 copies in its first week, practically ensuring its placement at number one.

Also helping "Hold It Against Me" on the charts is the amount of airplay the track is getting.  Billboard reports that in the past week, it's gotten played on the radio more than 4,000 times.

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The Bellamy Brothers Accuse Britney Spears of Ripping Off Their Single

Photo Courtesy - Jive Records(NEW YORK) -- Country-pop duo The Bellamy Brothers are accusing Britney Spears of ripping off one of their other hits -- 1979's "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me."

Spears' new single is called "Hold it Against Me," and in a statement, David Bellamy said, "If you listen to the'll find some major similarities."  The chorus of Spears' single goes, "If I said I want your body now/Would you hold it against me."

David added that he and his bandmate and brother Howard "have no personal beef with Britney," calling her "a talented gal."  But, he added, "Professionally, well, in all honesty, we feel completely ripped off.  Where's the originality?"  Howard chimed in, "Hey, Britney -- if I said you ripped off our song, would you hold it against me?  Thanks."

It's worth noting that Spears didn't actually write "Hold it Against Me" -- it was written by four other people, including producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

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