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“The Wolverine” Claws Its Way to First Place at the Box Office

20th Century Fox(NEW YORK) -- The Wolverine, the sixth movie in Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men film franchise, cut down the competition to take first place at the box office this weekend.

The movie, which starred Hugh Jackman playing the mutant Wolverine for the sixth time (counting a brief cameo in X-Men: First Class,) made $55 million its opening weekend. It has received generally favorable reviews. The X-Men franchise has a theatrical box office total of nearly $2 billion worldwide.

The Conjuring fell just 47 percent from last weekend for second place, bringing in $22.13 million at the box office. Propelled by good reviews and word-of-mouth, the horror flick was able to avoid the steep second-weekend drop typically endured by scary movies.

Universal’s Despicable Me 2 took third place, and with a with a North American total of $306 million, the film has now made more money in North America than any other movie released this year with the expectation of Disney’s Iron Man 3, which made $407.1 million.

Here are the top 10 movies from Friday through Sunday, with estimated ticket sales, according to

1.     The Wolverine     $55.0M     
2.     The Conjuring     $22.13M    
3.     Despicable Me 2     $16.0M      
4.     Turbo     $13.32M      
5.     Grown Ups 2     $11.5M    
6.     Red 2     $9.4M      
7.     Pacific Rim     $7.54M     
8.     The Heat     $6.85M      
9.     R.I.P.D.     $5.85M      
10.   Fruitvale Station     $4.657M  

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Hugh Jackman Denies Gay Rumors

Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland(LOS ANGELES) -- No topic is off limits for Oscar nominee Hugh Jackman.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor opens up about dropping weight for Les Miserables, the roles he’s turned down, and the rumors that he’s gay.

Jackman, 44, said the gay rumors affect him more than he has previously admitted. It is especially difficult for his wife of 16 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, who, Jackman said, often sees stories online.

“Just recently, it bugs her,” he said. "She goes, ‘It’s big. It’s everywhere!’"

Jackman’s X-Men producer, Lauren Shuler Donner, denied the rumors.

“I have seen him with Deborra since the beginning of their trip to Hollywood, and I’ve been on five movie sets with him and have never seen him stray, have never seen him eye anyone,” Donner told THR. “I met him when he did Oklahoma! [at London's Royal National Theatre in 1999]. He was genuine, hugely talented. He was in love with his wife that day and still is.”

Jackman and Furness, who is 13 years his senior, met on the set of Correlli, a prison-set TV series. Jackman recalled how meeting her, “was 10 times better than my single life.”

“She was very beautiful.  She was unbelievably fun -- this energy, this spirit — irrepressible. And she had a confidence in herself. I had a massive crush on her instantly.”

When Jackman began filming Les Mis, for which he’s nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, it was the first time he was away from Furness and their two children, Oscar, 12, and Ava, 7, for more than two weeks.

Jackman was cryptic when asked if he will continue the X-Men series after he wraps the sixth installment. The actor said that he hasn’t ruled it out, but for now, ”I need to be home.”

“I told my agent, after Days of Future Past, I need to be home [in New York's West Village],’" Jackman said. He wants to be home to support his son, who has dyslexia.

The Wolverine actor has turned down roles before. Jackman felt he was too young to play Richard Gere’s role in 2002′s Chicago, and he dropped out of the 2011 crime drama Drive because he was weary of working with then-untested director Nicolas Winding Refn. The role ultimately went to Ryan Gosling.

Jackman also declined being considered for the role of James Bond. "I thought it would box me in too much,” he said. “My natural instinct is to keep as many doors open as possible.”

Jackman is up for his first Oscar this year for his role as Jean Valjean in Les Mis. The actor crash-dieted for the role and gave up fluids to get the gaunt look of Jean Valjean when he first appears in the film.

“You lose up to 10 pounds of water weight, mainly from the exterior of the body. But it was really brutal,” Jackman said. “About 20 hours in, a headache came. Then I wanted to drink water out of the ocean! I see the scene now, and I look really thin, really sunken.”

The actor also revealed that he is a friend of News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, who asked Jackman to be his daughter’s godfather.

“He loves having friends and family around. A lot of people in his life are there for a long time,” Jackman said. “He looks after them and appreciates them. He’s very caring and thoughtful and incredibly respectful of everybody around him.”

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Hugh Jackman Honored with Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Stephen Lovekin/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Hugh Jackman was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday.  The X-Men actor received the 2,487th star on the famed sidewalk.  

Talk show host Jay Leno was on hand at the ceremony, and he praised Jackman for not getting caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle. 

Leno said, "To me the real key to show business and happiness is to make show business money and lead a normal life.  And that's what you do."  

Jackman joked that his children can take out their frustrations on his star whenever they feel the need to.

He said, "Kids, you don't really understand now but you're going to save a fortune in therapy by just coming here and spitting on it, jumping on it, all those things.  When I annoy you, you can come take it out on here."

The 44-year-old Australian native was just nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as Jean Valjean in the new movie Les Miserables, based on the hit musical.  The film opens nationwide on Christmas Day.

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Hugh Jackman: Risks Were Taken During Shooting of "Les Miserables"

Stephen Lovekin/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- After receiving an honorary Tony Award on Sunday, Hugh Jackman will make an appearance later this year in a movie based on a popular musical.

Jackman stars in the big-screen adaptation of Les Miserables, which opens Dec. 14.  He says the crew took some chances during the making of the film.

"We're doing something that's never been done before, everything's sung live, it makes it very exciting 'cause every day at work is like an opening night....[A]lso that means you have to be on your game for 10 hours, that's a lot of singing," the actor says.

Jackman is pleased with the positive feedback for the recently-released teaser trailer of the film, saying he senses a "general excitement."

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Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman Snag 'Big Daddy Awards' Nominations

Eric Charbonneau/WireImage/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Several of Hollywood's most well-known celebrity fathers have received nominations for the first annual "Big Daddy Awards," presented by On The Line, a national prostate cancer awareness campaign.

Some stars, such as Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman, earned nods in multiple categories.  For example, they are both featured in the "Heartthrob Big Daddy" category, along with Patrick Dempsey, Johnny Depp and Matthew McConaughey.

Other A-list celebrities who are nominated in categories spanning TV, movies, sports, music and more include Steve Carell, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Will Ferrell, Chris Rock and even Donald Trump.

You can check out all of the nominees and cast your vote at, through Father's Day, June 17. The winners will be announced the following day.

The "Big Daddy Awards" are meant to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer programs. To that end, On The Line encourages fans to make a donation when they vote online.

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Anne Hathaway Cast for 'Les Miserables' Movie

Jim Spellman/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- It was previously rumored, but Anne Hathaway has now officially been cast in a movie adaptation of the musical Les Miserables, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She'll play Fantine.

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe will also star in the film, which will be helmed by The King's Speech director Tom Hooper.

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Was Hugh Jackman Offered Role of James Bond Before Daniel Craig?

Stephen Lovekin/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Before Daniel Craig became James Bond, the role was offered to Jackman, Hugh Jackman.

So says Jackman himself, who, according to, told the Press Association that he was given the opportunity to play 007 in the 2006 movie Casino Royale.

He reportedly said, "I got a call from my agent saying, 'There is some possible interest in you for Bond, are you interested?'  At the time I wasn't.  I was about to shoot X-Men 2 and Wolverine had become this thing in my life and I didn't want to be doing two such iconic characters at once."

Craig has played Bond in two films, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. His next 007 adventure, which is still untitled, will hit theaters next November.

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'Real Steel' Edges 'Footloose' for Top Spot at the Box Office

Comstock Images/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) -- The Hugh Jackman robot boxing flick Real Steel earned an estimated $16.3 million over the weekend to edge out the Footloose remake, which opened in the runner-up spot, with $16.1 million.

The horror prequel The Thing debuted in third place, collecting $8.7 million. The Steve Martin-Jack Black-Owen Wilson comedy The Big Year was a big flop, finishing in ninth place, with $3.3 million.

Here are the top 10 movies from Friday through Sunday, with estimated ticket sales:

1. Real Steel, $16.3 million.
2. Footloose, $16.1 million.
3. The Thing, $8.7 million.
4. The Ides of March, $7.5 million.
5. Dolphin Tale, $6.3 million.
6. Moneyball, $5.5 million.
7. 50/50, $4.3 million.
8. Courageous, $3.4 million.
9. The Big Year, $3.3 million.
10. The Lion King, $2.7 million.

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Hugh Jackman Opens Up About His Difficult Path to Parenthood

Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland(MELBOURNE, Australia) -- He reportedly earned $20 million for his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so it would be easy to think that Hugh Jackman has a blessed life.  But in an interview with Australia's Herald Sun, the actor reveals that becoming a father was one of the most stressful times in his life.

Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, found out they could not have children naturally, and after a stressful time trying in vitro fertilization, decided to adopt instead.  The couple is now blessed with two children, a son Oscar, 11, and daughter Ava, six, and involved in charity projects and awareness campaigns, including Worldwide Orphans Foundation and National Adoption Week.  Jackman says they are happy the stigma of adoption is fading.

As for the future, the idea of enlarging their current family comes up occasionally but Jackman says his busy film schedule has put further adoption plans on the backburner, adding, “We thought we’d have a number of kids, but traveling and being hands-on parents, which is what we try to be, isn’t easy.”

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Hugh Jackman Injured Making Entrance on Oprah's Australian Show

Photo Courtesy - Stephen Lovekin/ WireImage(SYDNEY) -- Hugh Jackman wound up with a black eye Tuesday when he tried to show up on the Australian set of Oprah Winfrey's talk show on a zipline, but hit some lighting equipment along the way.  The 42-year-old actor was looking to burst onto the stage at the Sydney Opera House, where Winfrey taped two shows during her stay Down Under.

Jackman smacked his face and had to have paramedics rush to his aid while the show stopped taping.  Afterward, the X-Men star joked with Winfrey about the incident, saying, "That was so much fun until the end.  Too much fun."

He explained, "I came down waving to everyone, looking over Sydney Harbor, saw my dad, the kids and you [Winfrey], went to pull the brake and then boing!"  He also insisted to fans, "It doesn't hurt."

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