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'Insidious' Director James Wan Finds Low-Budget Success

Filmdistrict(LOS ANGELES) -- James Wan, the director of the original Saw film, has found success with another low-budget horror flick, Insidious. He says the film cost only $800,000, but enjoyed a $13.3 million debut last weekend -- that's about 60 times the cost of production. Wan says the key to making a great low-budget movie is having a great script.  "They know they're not going to come in for a payday," he says of the cast and crew, "so you have to entice them with a project they cannot get otherwise, and so it always starts with a great script."

Given his low-budget success, does Wan want to make a big-budget Hollywood film?  "Hell yes!" he declares.  "That's my goal."  Ironically, though, he says his low-budget success is working against him: "The problem is the fact that I keep proving myself that I can make successful films for next to no money, it makes it a lot harder for them to give me a bigger budget to work with."

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'Hop' Leaps to Box Office Top

Ryan McVay/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) -- The Easter bunny bounced its way to the top of the box office this weekend.

Hop, the animated and live-action flick starring the voice of Russell Brand as a teen bunny beat predictions, pulling in an estimated $38.1 million. It's the second week in a row that a kids' movie reigned supreme. Last week, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules was on top. It fell to fourth at this week's box office.

Second place went to the Jake Gyllenhaal sci-fi thriller Source Code.

The horror film Insidious freaked its way to third place.

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'Hop,' 'Source Code,' 'Insidious' Hit Theaters Nationwide Friday

Comstock Images/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Here's a look at the new movies opening nationwide Friday:

-- Hop: In this live-action/animated film, Russell Brand voices the Easter Bunny's son, E.B., who pals around with a man who hit him with his car.  James Marsden, Kaley Cuoco and Hugh Laurie are also part of the cast.  Rated PG.

-- Source Code: Jake Gyllenhaal is a soldier involved in a government project dubbed the "Source Code," which allows him to take over another person's body to travel back in time.  He uses this skill to investigate a train bombing in Chicago.  Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga also star.  Rated PG-13.

-- Insidious: A family moves into a home and discovers it's haunted...or is it their son who's haunted?  Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Barbara Hershey star in this thriller, from the creators of Saw and Paranormal Activity.  Rated PG-13.

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Movie Review: 'Insidious'

Filmdistrict(NEW YORK) -- The modern-day horror film usually has about as much originality as a strip mall.  Thankfully, Insidious is more like an eccentric boutique with a few cliches.Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are Josh and Renai Lambert, parents of two young boys and a baby daughter.  Following a few bizarre episodes, Renai is quite confident their new house is haunted.  Life becomes a little more complicated when their oldest son Dalton slips into a coma for no apparent reason.  Turns out Dalton is haunted -- and what we get is a low-budget horror film with swagger.  In other words, Insidious is cocky -- knowing full well audience members are clenching their teeth, gripping their chairs and hiding their eyes as the hair on the back of their necks stands up.  Equally as scary is the cheap payoff at the end but that can be forgiven for crafting this insanely creepy flick. 

Four out of five stars. 

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