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Jane Seymour Made Up Schwarzenegger Baby Claims

ABC/RANDY HOLMES(NEW YORK) -- Actress Jane Seymour was on The View Friday to promote her new movie Love, Wedding, Marriage, but opened her interview segment instead by profusely apologizing for publicly claiming she knew Arnold Schwarzenegger had fathered "at least two" more out-of-wedlock children.

Seymour made headlines shortly after Schwarzenegger's paternity bombshell hit, claiming she was "not even remotely surprised" about his news, and said "I heard about two more [kids] somebody else knows about.  I even met someone who knows him well."

On Friday's installment of The View, however, an "appalled" Seymour called the headlines she made "beyond embarrassing" and feverishly tried to explain herself, saying she was "stupidly" listening to something in the media, and in actuality "doesn't know anything about any love children."

She later apologized to Maria Shriver and her kids with the former California governor, with Seymour saying she can sympathize after living through her own marital turbulence.

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