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'Soup Nazi' Finally Tells George, 'Soup for You!'

Todd Williamson/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Jason Alexander, the actor who played George Costanza on Seinfeld, is reportedly teaming up with Al Yeganeh, the stern restauranteur who was the inspiration for the sitcom's "Soup Nazi" character.

The actor will reportedly star in ads for the soup-slinger's Original Soup Man chain and for branded soups sold in stores, according to the New York Post.  Sports heroes Shaquille O'Neal and Reggie Jackson will also act as "champions" of Yeganeh's growing line.

Yegeneh's original New York City soup store inspired the Soup Nazi character who was portrayed in the Seinfeld episode by actor Larry Thomas.  He played the character again on the show's finale, and in a recent Super Bowl ad with Jerry Seinfeld himself.

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Romney Channels George Costanza, Actor Jabs Back

Todd Williamson/WireImage(PHOENIX) -- Mitt Romney hadn’t yet finished introducing himself at the CNN Republican debate in Phoenix when the crowd Wednesday night began applauding him. Romney decided to stop right then. He turned to rival Rick Santorum and said: “That’s good enough. As George Costanza would say, when they’re applauding, stop. Right?”

In that episode of Seinfeld (episode 172, “The Burning”), Costanza complained that at work meetings:

“GEORGE: I can usually come up with one good comment during a meeting but by the end it’s buried under a pile of gaffes and bad puns.”

“JERRY: Showmanship, George. When you hit that high note, you say goodnight and walk off.”

Later in the episode Costanza did just that after making a joke that amused his boss:

“GEORGE: (getting up and leaving) Alright! That’s it for me. Goodnight everybody.”

On Twitter late Wednesday night, actor Jason Alexander -- who played George Costanza -- tweeted: “Thrilled Gov. Romney enjoys my old character. I enjoyed the character he used 2 b 2. If he’d embrace that again, he’d b a great candidate.”

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Britney Spears' Ex, Jason Alexander, Reflects on 55-Hour Marriage

Max Morse/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- In the United States, the average divorce comes after eight years of marriage—that's 24 times longer than Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney lasted; 40 times longer than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries; and 324 times longer than Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra.

But Rodman and Electra are a regular Burns and Allen (that's George Burns and Gracie Allen, kids, who stayed married 38 years until her death) compared to Britney and Jason. Britney Spears and her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, were married for 55 hour—one-1,274th as long as the average American marriage ending in divorce.

For Alexander, it all began—and ended—on New Year's in 2004. Spears invited him to Las Vegas and flew him there in a private jet.

In an interview with ABC News correspondent John Berman, Alexander said he went thinking he would simply "have a good time."

"It wasn't really a booty call," he said. "It was just, you know, a friend asking a friend to come on a trip."

Alexander did say he and Spears, who grew up together in Kentwood, La., had once been friends "with benefits" even when she was dating Justin Timberlake.

"There was an instance when [Britney and I] were hanging out," Alexander said. "He had called, and I was ... kicking it with her, kind of like the guy 'behind the scenes' no one knew about."

Then came Las Vegas, and he was behind the scenes no longer.

"She just came out and asked me," Alexander said. "She was like, 'Well, let's get married.' And I was like, 'Sure. You know, let's do this.'"

Alexander said they were drinking and "had party favors."

Asked if he meant drugs, Alexander replied, "Alcohol is a drug. Coffee is a drug. Cigarette is a drug. Yeah, we were doing drugs."

Whatever their state of intoxication, Alexander said he was also riding a wave of emotion.

"I went with my feelings," he said. "I was in love with her.”

They went to the little white wedding chapel, exchanged vows and posed for the infamous photo with Spears sporting a white baseball cap and a bare midriff. It all seemed so promising.

Alexander confirmed there was a honeymoon of sorts.

"I mean, we were in Vegas, you know. I mean ... well, we had a suite. Hmmm," he said.

When he and Spears shared the happy news with her mother and managers, Alexander said, "everyone went crazy because there was no prenup."

"They didn't want to hear anything ... and [Spears] came back, and it ended," Alexander said. "That was pretty wild."

The marriage was annulled. The annulment said Spears "lacked understanding of her actions, to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to the marriage."

"Bullsh**," Alexander said.

Alexander said he signed the annulment papers because he was being a nice guy, and he hoped they might get back together.

It hurt, he said.

"That was probably the hardest part about it," he said. "I had obviously got my feelings involved."

"I didn't get paid. I didn't make any money, uh, directly from that," he said.

He flew coach back to Louisiana.

Alexander is pursuing a career as a fighter in mixed martial arts.

What did he learn?

"Don't be a nice guy," he said with a laugh. "Nice guys finish last. Look out for yourself. If you are going to really get involved into a relationship with a celebrity and you are just an average Joe, make sure you are thinking business!"

In an interview with E! a few months after the annulled marriage, Spears described it thus: "It was me being silly, being rebellious."

Spears has since been married and divorced to Kevin Federline. She is engaged to her former agent.

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Britney Spears Lashes Out on Ex-Husband; Says New CD Out in March

Photo Courtesy - Jive Records(NEW YORK) -- Britney Spears has some strong words for her ex-husband Jason Alexander, who claimed to Star magazine that Spears confessed to him in a phone conversation that her boyfriend has attacked her.

Spears tweeted Thursday, "Star Magazine, Radar Online, Jason Alexander and the rest of you liars, Ya'll can kiss my lily-white Southern Louisiana [expletive]!" this week posted audio of the alleged phone conversation between Spears and Alexander.

Despite adamant denials from the singer's camp, Alexander says he stands by his allegations.  He tells Star, "That it's absolutely my ex-wife Britney Spears on that tape.  I grew up with her since I was in 4th grade and I know her voice.  She has been calling me for years."

In a statement obtained by E!, Star magazine claimed, "Mr. Alexander passed a polygraph test administered by Star, where he was specifically asked, 'Did you record a phone conversation that you had with Britney Spears?'  Moreover, there is information in the tape, which Star may reveal at a later date, that would be known only by Ms. Spears."

In other news, Spears has revealed that her new album will drop in March.  She wrote on her Twitter feed, "I'm almost done with my new album and it will be coming out this March.  I AM IN L-O-V-E WITH IT!"

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Britney Spears' Manager Denies Report She's in Abusive Relationship

Photo Courtesy - Jive Records(LOS ANGELES) -- Britney Spears' manager is denying a report in Star magazine that she's in an abusive relationship with boyfriend Jason Trawick.  He's also threatening legal action over the report.

Spears' former husband, Jason Alexander, who was married to her for 55 hours in 2004, is claiming in Star magazine that in a phone conversation in October, Spears told him Trawick "beat on" her, and hit her hard enough to blacken her eye. posted poor quality audio of the alleged phone conversation, in which Alexander asks if Trawick proposed, and a female voice alleged to be Spears' replies, "Before or after he beat on me?"

However, Spears' manager Larry Rudolph tells Access Hollywood and Us Weekly magazine the voice on the tape is "100 percent not her," meaning Spears.  He further tells Access Hollywood, "Lawyers are amassing.  We are 100 percent talking stern and immediate legal action."

Similarly, another one of Spears' managers, Adam Leber, tweeted Wednesday, "RadarOnline clearly has no idea what Britney Spears sounds like.  These recordings are a joke."

An "official statement" posted on the singer's website says Trawick "has never laid a hand on Britney" and called the audio "so obviously fake as to be laughable."  The statement also says Spears hasn't spoken with Alexander in years.  The website confirms that she will pursue legal action against "all of the appropriate parties."

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