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Report: Jermaine Jones Won't Appear on "American Idol" Wednesday

Michael Becker/ FOX(LOS ANGELES) -- If Jermaine Jones is going to be seen getting disqualified from American Idol Wednesday night, it'll have to be on tape.  TMZ reports that Jermaine flew to Philadelphia Tuesday night, so he won't be on tonight's live show.   There were reports that the producers had confronted the so-called "Gentle Giant" on camera about his alleged criminal past.

Meanwhile, The Smoking Gun has gotten more information on exactly what crimes Jermaine allegedly committed, and then lied about to the Idol producers.  The site says that Jermaine has five arrest warrants against him in New Jersey for failing to appear in court on a variety of charges dating back to 2006.

TMZ and The Smoking Gun report that Jermaine's charges included a narcotics bust, charges of public nuisance, obstruction of justice, driving with a suspended license, disorderly conduct with an open container and repeatedly giving false names to police to avoid arrest on his outstanding warrants.  His two most recent arrests came in March and November of last year.

Apparently, Jermaine's crimes aren't the issue -- the issue is that he lied to the Idol producers about them.  Many past contestants, including Bo Bice, had arrests in their background, but came clean when questioned about their pasts.  According to TMZ, Jermaine swore to the Idol producers that he didn't have any skeletons in his closet.

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