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Stars Dish On How They'll Be Spending Halloween This Year

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Stars love Halloween, but maybe that's because it's a rare chance for them to go out in public without being recognized.  Here's a roundup of how some stars, and their kids, are celebrating Halloween this weekend:

-- If a car approaches you in Los Angeles on Halloween and someone in that car offers you all the candy you want, don't run the other way -- it just might be Janet Jackson.  She tells ABC News Radio, "I like to get those plastic laundry bags, and fill it with candy, and drive around and just give it to kids....we drive around in the car and let them take as much as they want."

-- Jon Bon Jovi has four kids, and he says his two youngest ones have their costumes all planned out -- for the moment.  He says his son Romeo "is some character called Toad," admitting, "I don't know what that is."  And his son Jacob is "some kind of zombie ninja something-or-other, the bloodier the better for him."  But, he adds, "You know as well as I know it, it will change between now and the weekend."

-- Jesse McCartney says he hasn't done much for Halloween in recent years, but he and his buddies have a big plan for a costume this year: they want to go as Blackberry Emoticons.  McCartney says, "We wanna paint our faces yellow, and put on white t-shirts, and then draw...all the faces: happy, sad, embarrassed, sick... one guy will be green...I think it'd be kinda fun."

-- Melissa Etheridge has four kids, and she says her two older ones are still way into Halloween.  She says her son plans to go as a backyard this year -- she explains, "He dresses up all in Astroturf."  Etheridge's friend Crystal Bowersox says her little son Tony has been pretending to be a dog lately, so she might dress him as a puppy.  Alternately, Bowersox says, "Maybe I'll be Snoopy and he's Woodstock or something," adding, " We're gonna do a family Halloween.  It's gonna be really cheesy, horrible and over-the-top."

-- Taio Cruz says that he plans to go as "the most evil thing in the world -- a lawyer."  He'll just wear a suit, he says.  Otherwise, he adds, "I'll be a Jedi or something like that, and go hang out with some friends."

-- Carrying on a joke he's been doing for the past 40 years, Donny Osmond says, "I'm gonna dress up and be somebody really, really scary.  I'm gonna dress up as Marie."

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Jesse McCartney Reveals Details on New Album

Photo Courtesy - Hollywood Records(NEW YORK) -- Now that his song "Shake" is moving up the charts, Jesse McCartney has revealed all the details about his new album.  The disc, titled Have It All, will be in stores in January.

McCartney says he wanted to "push the envelope a little bit more rhythmically and urban-wise" with the disc, which is the follow-up to 2008's Departure.

Explaining why he wanted to go in a more R&B direction with Have It All, McCartney told ABC News Radio, "That's the sort of music I grew up listening to, rhythmic, R&B stuff, and I feel that's where I'm most comfortable as a singer."  He adds, "It's a way for me to stretch my legs a little bit and sorta tap into something a little new."

McCartney says "Shake" was a good choice for the first single because it offers the fans a clue about what to expect from Have It All.  As he puts it, "It's a good way of sort of bridging the last album to this album. It has that same tone as 'Leavin'' did...and I just wanted to re-familiarize the fans with me and my sound."

McCartney will perform "Shake" on Live! with Regis & Kelly on Tuesday.

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