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New Jersey Boy Jon Bon Jovi Says Hurricane Sandy Destruction Is 'Like Armageddon'

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage(LONDON) -- Jon Bon Jovi was supposed to do a European promotional tour to promote Bon Jovi's upcoming album, but in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, he's chartered a private jet and returned home to his family.  Jon told the British paper the Daily Mail, "I really need to get back home...I need to be with my people. Thankfully my family are safe."

In addition to worrying about his family, Jon is of course deeply affected by the destruction the hurricane caused in his home state of New Jersey.  He tells the Daily Mail, "There is no power, water, the devastation is off the charts. The president is in my home town in New Jersey because of the damage.  It’s like Armageddon.  Where my children surf, 80 houses burnt down."

Jon says he wants to help rebuild through his charity, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, and one way he can help is through the foundation's charity restaurant, the Soul Kitchen.  "A lot of people rely on [it] for their food.  I need to find a generator and get that working," he tells the paper.   "What can I do?  I have to get there and find out. We take care of each other, that’s what we do in our town."

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Report: Jon Bon Jovi Will Not Take "American Idol" Judge Gig

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- While chatting with ABC News earlier this week about her decision to leave American Idol, Jennifer Lopez suggested Jon Bon Jovi might be a good choice to fill her slot, but quotes a source close to the New Jersey rocker as saying that’s not going to happen.

TMZ quotes one Bon Jovi source as saying, “With all systems go for a new album and a mega-tour on the horizon, Jon wouldn’t be able to give those aspiring singers the guidance they deserve.”

“Jon wouldn’t commit to anything unless he can give 100 percent.  With planning for the next album already underway, he’s focused on the band,” the source went onto say.

Lopez had also suggested during her interview with ABC News that Bono or Mick Jagger might also be good choices to fill the Idol slot.  No word from Bono or Jagger yet.

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Jon Bon Jovi Victim of Online Death Hoax

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage(ASBURY PARK, N.J.) -- Is Jon Bon Jovi “Dead or Alive?”

That was the big question being asked Monday afternoon as an ugly online rumor spread quickly that the Sayerville, N.J.-born singer had died in Asbury Park.

First of all, fans can rest assured he is very much alive.

The whole mess started when the website dailynewbloginternational first “reported” that Bon Jovi had died from cardiac arrest, and word soon spread that the singer was found unconscious in a room at the Empress Hotel in Asbury Park, according to E!

The false report also stated that hundreds of reporters had gathered at the hospital awaiting word on his condition. The bogus report concluded that Bon Jovi was later pronounced dead at Jersey Shore Medical Center. The bad information was then re-tweeted Monday evening.

However, Jon Bon Jovi wants all of his fans to know he’s still “Livin’ on a Prayer.” In fact, he posted a photo on his Facebook site of himself in front of a Christmas tree holding a sign that reads, “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey, December 19, 2011, 6:00.”

In addition, his spokesperson, Sunshine Sachs, said the rumor was completely false.

Bon Jovi's self-named band will headline the Bamboozle festival when it returns to Asbury Park in May.

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Bon Jovi Opens New 'Volunteer' Restaurant in New Jersey

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage(RED BANK, N.J.) -- The menu may have gumbo, cornmeal crusted catfish and carrot cake with lemon cream frosting. But the main dish served at Bon Jovi’s experimental new restaurant is hope.

"If you cannot afford to eat, still come,” said the rock ‘n’ roll superstar. “We are open to any and everyone who wants to volunteer.”

The Soul Kitchen, inspired by the adage “teach a man to fish” and spearheaded by the Bon Jovi family, opened in Red Bank, N.J.

With no prices on the menu, the Soul Kitchen provides meals to anyone who has earned them through volunteer hours.

"At a time when one in five households live at or below poverty...we believe this is a time for this restaurant,” said Bon Jovi.

“The Soul Kitchen is meant to serve people in need who will then donate their time. We are not a soup kitchen.”

Bon Jovi hopes the restaurant, which took two years to come into fruition, provides a new model for community empowerment, and hopes to see his dream spread to other communities.

"This is a place for this community made by our community. This is America. We can fix these problems.”

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Bon Jovi to Continue Tour Without Richie Sambora

PRNewsFoto/MTV Networks International, Kevin Westenberg(NEW YORK) -- Following a report that Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has gone back to rehab, the band appeared to confirm the news by posting a note on its official website assuring fans that the current tour will continue.

"Our support for Richie is absolute," reads the statement.  "He is, and will remain, a member of Bon Jovi.  And though he will be absent from upcoming shows for the time being, we very much look forward to his healthy return.  In the meantime, we will keep our commitment to our fans and continue our tour."

The band has dates scheduled through the end of July.

A source told that Sambora re-entered rehab because he had recently started drinking too much and "wanted to get his life together."  When asked for confirmation, Bon Jovi's publicist said that out of respect for Sambora, the band will not comment further.

In 2007, Sambora spent a month in rehab following the breakup of his marriage to Heather Locklear, a subsequent breakup with his girlfriend and the death of his father.

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Man Arrested for Stealing Jewelry from Jon Bon Jovi's Home

PRNewsFoto/MTV Networks International, Kevin Westenberg(ASBURY PARK, N.J.) -- He was "Wanted: Dead or Alive," but now he's in police custody.

The Asbury Park Press reports that Nicholas J. Tracy was arrested last Wednesday after being caught red-handed burglarizing a New Jersey home -- and police later charged him with pulling off another burglary at the home of Jon Bon Jovi.

According to the paper, Tracy was charged with stealing $100,000 worth of jewelry belonging to Jon's wife, Dorothea, from the couple's 15-acre New Jersey estate.  He's also been accused of pulling off several other heists in the area, stealing a total of half a million bucks' worth of jewelry.

Overall, Tracy has been charged with four counts of third-degree burglary and three counts of second-degree theft, and is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

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Jon Bon Jovi to Duet with Lea Michele in New Film

Island Def Jam Music Group(NEW YORK) -- Bon Jovi's song "It's My Life" was performed by the cast of Glee, and now one of those cast members will get to sing with Jon Bon Jovi himself.

Both Jon and Glee's Lea Michele appear in the upcoming star-studded film New Year's Eve.  Director Garry Marshall told that Michele will perform at least two songs in the flick, including a duet with Jon.

"It's quite a number," Marshall said. reports that in the movie, Jon plays a rock star named Jensen, while Michele plays Elise, his back-up vocalist, so it makes sense for them to sing together.

New Year's Eve, the cast of which also includes Robert De Niro, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Swank, Halle Berry and many others, will hit movie theaters Dec. 9.

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President Obama Appoints Jon Bon Jovi to White House Council

Photo Courtesy - Island Def Jam Music Group(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama has appointed Jon Bon Jovi to the White House Council on Community Solutions, which will advise him on how to mobilize citizens, nonprofits, businesses and the government and have them work more effectively together to solve specific community needs.

The singer was chosen for the council because through his charity organization, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, he's worked to create affordable housing for low-income families and support projects that help those families get back on the right track.  Plus, he's an Obama supporter, performed at some of the president's inaugural events, and has been to the White House several times.

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Bon Jovi Release 'Greatest Hits,' Rock Band Songs Tuesday

Photo Courtesy - Island Records(NEW YORK) -- Bon Jovi is releasing their Greatest Hits collection on Tuesday but it's a project that Jon Bon Jovi says he only agreed to do as a kind of payback.  He tells ABC News Radio when the band decided to go to Nashville to make their "country" album, Lost Highway, the head of the record company thought it would be a flop.

Jon says the guy told him, "'While you're losing millions of my dollars, would you consider doing a Greatest Hits?'  And I felt bad for him so I said, reluctantly, 'Absolutely!'"

Jon says the way he sees it, the album is a way to introduce a new generation of their fans to their back catalog -- and for those fans who already have the catalog, he and Richie Sambora wrote some new songs for the project, including the current hit, "What Do You Got."  The album's available in two formats: one single-disc 16-song collection with all the big hits, and a two-disc, 28-track Ultimate Collection which features all the chart hits, plus fan favorites.

Jon says, "It was difficult to pick 'Song X' and leave out 'Song Y,' because you can have an emotional attachment to all of them...but the obvious [ones] were the obvious -- the 'Livin' on a Prayers,' the 'Wanted: Dead or Alives.'"

Greatest Hits is actually the second best-of that Bon Jovi has released.  Back in 1994, they put one out called Cross Road.  Since then, of course, the band has scored quite a few additional hits.

Jon says, "It feels rewarding that we're able to have had two volumes of greatest hits in the last 27 years."

The band is also making 12 of their biggest hits available as downloadable content for the new Rock Band 3 video game.  Jon says he's happy that kids can discover their music through the game, but wishes it actually taught them how to play an instrument.  Jon says he's played Rock Band, but isn't too good at it.

He admits, "I'm a professional singer and I have failed my own songs on Rock Band.  More than once!"

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Jon Bon Jovi May Release Solo Album After Tour Ends

Photo Courtesy - Island Def Jam Music Group(NEW YORK) -- Bon Jovi are releasing their Greatest Hits album next week, and their tour, which resumes Nov. 30, is scheduled to run through July of 2011.  After that, Jon Bon Jovi might just step out solo.

He tells Billboard, "I'm going to sit on a beach for August [next year] and come September, figure out what's next.  [I might do] a smaller-sounding solo record, and/or focus more on the philanthropy and sports ownerships."

Jon, who hasn't released a solo record since 1997's Destination Anywhere, tells Billboard that if he does make a solo album, it'll be "a lyric-driven, acoustic-sounding kind of thing with piano, a couple guitars, an organ and a violin."

Noting that he often performs solo and acoustic for charity, he adds, "It really gives the singer a chance to sing. You're not competing with loud amps."

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