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Jose Canseco Denies Sex Assault Accusation

Kirby Lee/Getty Images(LAS VEGAS) -- Outspoken former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco is being investigated by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman.

The LVMPD said in a statement Wednesday, "Jose Conseco has been named as the suspect in this investigation. At this time no charges have been filed and our investigation remains ongoing."

Authorities said Canseco, 48, has agreed to be interviewed about the accusations.

Canseco maintained his innocence in a series of tweets that have since been deleted. In one tweet, Canseco named his accuser, asking her, "Will u take a polygraph cause I will."

Canseco, a prolific home run hitter who played much of his 17-year career with the Oakland A's, has freely admitted taking steroids to enhance his performance while alleging that many other stars during his playing days did the same.

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Jose Canseco Impersonated by Twin Brother at Celebrity Boxing Match

Ozzie Canseco is at left in a 2005 photo. Jose Canseco is on the right. Ralph Notaro/Getty Images/Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage(HOLLYWOOD, Fla.) -- Will the real Jose Canseco please stand up?

Canseco, the former Major League Baseball star and current Celebrity Apprentice contestant, and his twin brother Ozzie tried to pull a switcheroo on boxing promoter Damon Feldman when Ozzie pretended to be his notorious twin for a fight Saturday night, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

"I was just misled by the whole thing," Feldman told ABC News. "I'm disgusted."

Feldman had booked Jose for a fight at the Hard Rock nightclub in Hollywood, Fla., paying $5,000 in advance with plans to pay him an additional $5,000 when he arrived.

"The guy I thought was Jose kept asking for cash," Feldman said. "I told him I had to pay him by check."

Ozzie's identity was blown when fans noticed that his tattoos were not the same as his brother's. Feldman paid him with a check and Ozzie never threw a punch. He was escorted out of the nightclub before the fight by police, once his identity was known.

"I've never had a problem like this. He's [Jose is] very difficult to deal with, but I've never had a problem like this," said Feldman. "I work with people like Michael Lohan and Rodney King and nothing like this has ever happened."

Feldman said he has canceled the check, but still wants the original advance of $5,000 back from Jose.

"We've lost money, it's just not right," said Feldman. "These guys played a fast one on me. I want my money back."

This isn't the first time Ozzie has impersonated his brother. The two have pulled the same stunt at autograph signings in the past, and Feldman said he now wonders whether he was fooled when he hired Jose on other occasions.

Jose has taken to Twitter, warning people to "be very careful with Damon Feldman who runs celebrity boxing he will not pay you if you fight for him."

Jose also tweeted, "Let's see who is smart enough to figure out what happened at the boxing match."

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