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Superman and Wonder Woman Kiss in New "Justice League" Issue

Ian Walton/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Superman is usually romantically connected to Lois Lane.  But in the Justice League No. 12 issue that will be released on Wednesday, it's clear that he only has eyes for Wonder Woman now.

In the issue, the two popular DC superheroes kiss.  Their newfound romance follows DC's relaunch of the Justice League last year.

As Jonah Weiland, the executive producer of, explains to ABC News Radio, Superman and Wonder Woman have been involved before, but those moments were typically swerves or alternate-reality scenarios. 

Their kiss in the new Justice League issue is significant because, he says, "It offers a lot of opportunities for some really big stories and some really big fights."

And where does this leave Lois Lane?  It leaves her without Superman as a romantic partner.  It will probably leave some fans feeling a little upset, too.

Weiland says, "I think for most longtime comic book readers, the relationship between Clark and Lois is rather sacred."

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