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Justin Bieber's Story Hits Bookshelves

Photo Courtesy - HarperCollins PublishersJustin Bieber's new tell-all book hits stores Tuesday. Titled Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story, the 240-page book details the teen idol's rise to super-stardom via the magic of YouTube.  It also features plenty of unseen photos of Justin on and offstage.

In a video on, Bieber says of the book, "It's my story and I wrote it for you.  It's got a lot of exclusive photos and a lot of cool stuff about me...go buy it."

An excerpt published in Britain's News of the World reveals the book features Bieber writing about growing up a child of divorce, in a family where his mom "worked her butt off" to afford "a roof over our heads."  He reveals he was grounded twice as a kid; once for skipping school and once for going bike-riding at 2:00 a.m. and being brought home by the police.  He also details how he was able to defend himself against bullies because his dad "was an ex-professional fighter who used to take me to his training sessions."

Bieber's book also tells the story of his first attempt at playing music in the street for money.  He writes, "After a couple of hours, I had almost $200...and at the end of the day, there was a note in my guitar case.  It was something like, 'You're cute!  Call me!  Love, Tiffany.'  And a phone number.  I was 12."

Writing about his stardom, Bieber reveals, "If I was at home and I wasn't doing this, I'd wish that I was in this position.  Now that I'm here, I sometimes with I could just go back home and chill."

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