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Jon Gosselin ‘Sorry’ for What He Did to Kate

Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Jon Gosselin says he’s partly to blame for the way his marriage to Kate Gosselin ended.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 couple went through a bitter divorce that was finalized in 2009. Reflecting on that experience in an interview with People magazine, Gosselin said he was “passive-aggressive,” adding, “Then I’d get mad, but I was the one who wasn’t communicating.”

Gosselin said the lines of communication between he and his ex-wife are open again. He called her a “great mom” who simply has a different parenting style than he does.

The 35-year-old dad also regrets that the mother of his kids had to watch him date several women after their divorce. He said, “I am sorry, because I did stuff I wouldn’t want done to me.” He’s now dating a 27-year-old single mom.

Will we ever see Gosselin on TV again? Probably not in the near future. He said, “I’ve been offered a lot of stuff. Crazy stuff. It wasn’t the right fit, then or now. I don’t want [my kids] thinking I take every show just to make a buck.”

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Kate Gosselin’s New Gig: Cruise Hostess

John M. Heller/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Fans of Kate Gosselin can get a chance to meet the reality star up close this summer when she hosts a week-long cruise on board Royal Caribbean’s new ship, Allure of the Seas.

According to the company’s website, the former Kate Plus 8 star will host several private dining events and also participate in a Q&A session and shore excursions with fans during the August 12-19 cruise. Gosselin fans will also receive a personalized gift from her.

Stateroom prices for the cruise range from $1,900 to $3,175, double occupancy. The ship departs from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

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Did Kate Gosselin Get a Facelift?

John M. Heller/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Kate Gosselin has undergone an extreme makeover -- at least that's what Us Weekly is speculating.

The magazine consulted a New York plastic surgeon who believes the reality TV blogger may have had a facelift, based on what he describes as her defined jawline and changed eye shape in recent photos.

An Us Weekly source claims Gosselin is "consumed with her appearance" and "wants to look 10 years younger."  According to the magazine, Gosselin underwent a tummy tuck and a breast enhancement procedure in recent years. Indeed, included before and after pics of the mother of eight show the drastic changes in her appearance.

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Kate Gosselin's Slammed After Son Crawls Under Van

John M. Heller/Getty Images(READING, Pa.) -- A child- and auto-safety group criticized Kate Gosselin after one of her eight children crawled under the family van Thursday while she sat behind the wheel.

“A minivan is a 3,000-pound, lethal weapon and having children crawling around it is not prudent,” president and founder Janette Fennell told

The little boy was photographed crawling beneath the van to retrieve a paper after getting off the school bus in Reading, Pa.

Gosselin’s rep did not respond immediately to ABC News’ request for comment.

The mother of eight had been waiting at the bus stop to pick up her children. Radar reported that she stayed in the driver’s seat oblivious to what was happening underneath the van, as the other children piled in. The little boy, one of the sextuplets, got into the car safely before Gosselin drove away.

The criticism is another blow to the former darling of reality television. Her show, Kate Plus 8, was canceled in August after seven seasons and 150 episodes, and she's been weathering criticism for her attempts to keep her kids in the spotlight ever since.

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Kate Gosselin’s New Gig: Blogging about Coupons

John M. Heller/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Kate Gosselin has gone from reality TV royalty to coupon queen. The Kate Plus 8 star has scored a new job since her TLC show got the ax — blogging about coupons for

“No matter how much money you have, it’s just smart to use coupons,” she told E!. “It’s like free money in your pocket.”

Gosselin said she’s been clipping coupons for years, before she had any of her kids, but she’s been more scissor-happy since becoming a mom.

“One week, I remember saving more than half my grocery bill that week with coupons,” she said. “I was beyond thrilled.”

Gosselin’s first blog post, about shopping for the holidays, debuts on Nov. 22.

In September, a month after her show got canceled, she told People magazine, “I’m freaking out. Big time.”

“I’ve never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up,” she said. “I don’t know what’s next.”

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Jon Gosselin to Ex-Wife: 'Reality TV Is Not a Career'

Amy Sussman/WireImage for Discovery Communications(NEW YORK) -- Kate Gosselin may be "freaking out" because her TLC series was cancelled, but her ex-husband has little sympathy for her. Speaking with, Jon Gosselin encourages his former Jon & Kate Plus 8 co-star to find a new line of work. He says, "Reality TV is not a career. Get back to a normal life -- a simple life. Provide for your family." Gosselin, who's now a computer support engineer, believes that "things will work out the way they should work out. Obviously there are families out there that have several kids -- people work normal jobs and things work out."

In the latest edition of People magazine, Kate Gosselin says she's "freaking out" over her uncertain future. Her current series with her eight children, Kate Plus 8, ends Monday on TLC.

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Kate Gosselin 'Freaking Out' Following 'Kate Plus 8' Cancellation

John M. Heller/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Reality is setting in for Kate Gosselin after losing her reality show.  She tells People magazine she's "freaking out" over TLC's cancellation of her series Kate Plus 8 because she's not sure how her family will move on with their lives. Gosselin says she and her eight children were not "ready" to end the show, adding, "I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up."  The series finale of Kate Plus 8 airs Monday.

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Jon Gosselin Happy 'Kate Plus 8' Got Canceled

Amy Sussman/WireImage for Discovery Communications(LOS ANGELES) -- Now that TLC has canceled Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin says he's "very relieved."

In an interview with RadarOnline, Gosselin, who sired the titular eight children with ex-wife Kate -- and left reality show stardom behind when their Jon & Kate Plus 8 was re-tooled following their divorce -- said, "I hope that this will bring more privacy to my children and that they can get the proper attention they need for any personal issues they might have in the future."

Kate Gosselin, meanwhile, isn't giving up on the spotlight just yet.  She spent the night of TLC's announcement re-tweeting messages from the show's fans and pitching daughter Mady to TV producers.

"Aww that Mady... So well spoken! Wants to do MORE tv!!! Disney anyone? Lol," Kate posted.

"I plan on staying on tv :)," she also tweeted, when asked if she would return to her pre-TV career as a nurse.

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Kate Gosselin's TV Show Given the Axe

Amy Sussman/WireImage for Discovery Communications(LOS ANGELES) -- Kate Gosselin's reality star career is on ice, at least for now.

"TLC has decided not to renew another season of Kate Plus 8," a network rep told People in a statement.

"By the end of this season Kate Plus 8 will have hit the 150 episode mark (including Jon & Kate Plus 8); an exceptional milestone. TLC hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future."

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Kate Gosselin Ready to Date Again 

Amy Sussman/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin is officially putting herself back on the market, two years after she and Jon Gosselin divorced. Appearing on NBC's Today show on Monday, Gosselin said she is "definitely ready to start dating."

Even though she's on the lookout for a good man, Gosselin believes it will be a challenge for her to find a partner because she's juggling motherhood and a "crazy work schedule."

Gosselin, who famously has eight kids with her ex-husband, elaborated, "It's sort of daunting when I think about the obstacles. I'm hoping that person is out there, because the kids on a daily basis are just begging me to get married again. They bring it up all the time."

The Gosselins divorced in late 2009. She now stars with her kids in a spin-off show, TLC's Kate Plus 8, which returned with a new episode on Monday night.

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