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TJ Jackson Granted Permanent Co-Guardianship of Michael Jackson Kids

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- A California judge Wednesday made Tito "TJ" Jackson permanent co-guardian of Michael Jackson's children along with their grandmother Katherine, but not without some unexpected drama.

A woman claiming to be the cousin of Michael Jackson showed up in court Wednesday to ask the judge to delay the appointment of TJ Jackson as permanent co-guardian of the singer's children.

Despite a plea from the woman, Debra Jackson, Judge Mitchell Beckloff granted TJ Jackson the motion to share guardianship with Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, of the three children.

The judge made the ruling after also considering a letter submitted by singer Diana Ross, in which the singer said she has met TJ and thinks he has good intentions in caring for Michael's kids.

Beckloff said Ross mentioned in the letter that she is very interested in what happens with the children and that she takes her role in the will as the next guardian in line very seriously.

Earlier, Beckloff heard from Debra Jackson, who arrived with her adult son Anthony Jackson, whom she says the singer helped raise after Anthony's father died. Earlier, Debra and Anthony Jackson submitted a letter to the court expressing their concerns with appointing TJ co-guardian.

Debra Jackson told the judge that she and her son were abruptly cut off from the lives of Michael's three children and that their relationship with the kids had been curtailed. Debra said that not allowing a relationship between her son and Michael's children is "cruel and not in their best interest and well-being."

She described an incident at a birthday party for one of the children in which she and Anthony were asked to leave. She said Katherine Jackson was very unhappy with that order and neither Katherine nor the kids wanted them to leave.

Debra added that she's asked several times for an explanation as to why they have been cut off from the children, but she was never given one.

The letter Debra and Anthony submitted to the judge Wednesday was written last year around Christmas time. It's unclear why they waited so long to file the letter.

Beckloff said he had read and taken their letter into consideration, since the two are relatives. However, he added that he has a very good understanding of what's going on with Michael's children based on the report written by his investigator.

"It's clear to me that the children have a very strong, loving relationship with TJ and that they love the grandmother very much," the judge said.

He then granted the motion for permanent co-guardianship to TJ.

The son of Michael's brother Tito Jackson, TJ had been appointed temporary guardian after Katherine Jackson was suspended amid a bitter family dispute over Michael Jackson's estate. Days later, Katherine Jackson was reinstated as guardian and announced she would be seeking joint guardianship with her grandson, TJ.

Responding last month to the announcement, Randy Jackson, one of Katherine's sons, told ABC News that the agreement was based on "lies."

"In order to obtain temporary guardianship, TJ lied to the court. Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine and I would never harm our mother and we are doing our best to protect her and the Estate knows that," Randy said in an exclusive statement to ABC News.

"The same people that are trying to manipulate my mother are the same people that were involved with my brother when he died," Randy said in the statement. "The Estate is trying to isolate my Mother from her family JUST LIKE THEY DID TO MICHAEL, in order to propagate their lies, financial agendas and to protect a fraudulent will."

He concluded his statement with, "It is my fear and belief, that they are trying to take my mother's life."

In court Wednesday, Beckloff asked Katherine's attorney Sandra Ribera if she was being unduly influenced to agree with the new co-guardianship agreement, to which Ribera replied "absolutely not! Ms. Jackson is well informed, makes her own decisions and wholeheartedly supports this arrangement."

The judge also ordered TJ to consider visitation between the kids and Anthony and Debra. However, he told Debra that the final decision lies with the co-guardians.

"You have a right to be heard as relatives, and I'm going to be mindful of what I heard," the judge said. "There have been lots of conflicts within the family, and the duties of the guardians consist of navigating through these conflicts and helping the children maintain important relationships."

Only TJ and the attorneys were present for the hearing. Beckloff had previously excused Katherine and the children from having to appear.

Also not present in court was a woman named Billie Jean Jackson, who claims she is the biological mother of Blanket. Judge Beckloff said she filed a petition requesting guardianship of Blanket and that he scheduled a hearing for the end of September.

TJ's attorney, Charles Shultz, argued that the judge had already found Billie Jean has no biological relationship to Blanket, but Beckloff said he will have to hear her arguments one more time.

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Katherine Jackson Reinstated as Guardian to Michael Jackson's Kids

Paul Warner/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- A Los Angeles judge Thursday reinstated Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother, as the guardian of his three children Prince, Paris and Blanket.  The kids' cousin, TJ, remains co-guardian.  

The judge told the court that an investigator who was sent to the family's home on Friday came back with a glowing review of the job that Mrs. Jackson, who's 82, is doing in taking care of her grandchildren.

It was also revealed that Diana Ross, named in The King of Pop's will as the person he chose to care for his children should Katherine not be able to, met with the kids and Mrs. Jackson on Wednesday and was "very pleased" with the way things are going.

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Jermaine Jackson Offers 'Olive Branch,' Backs Off on Estate Claims

Mark Sullivan/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- In the ongoing Jackson family saga, it appears that Jermaine Jackson wants to be the peacemaker.

In a lengthy essay to which he has tweeted a link, Jermaine relates a conversation that he had with his son, Jaafar, in which Jaafar asked him, "Is it true that we cannot visit grandmother's house as a family anymore?"  This "heart-breaking" conversation, writes Jermaine, caused him to reconsider the events of the past few weeks.

"Enough has become enough," he writes.  "After much soul-searching, it is clearly time for us to live by Michael's words about love not war.  In this spirit, I offer this statement by way of extending an olive-branch."

Jermaine then announces that he is rescinding his signature from a letter from him and his siblings Randy, Tito, Rebbie and Janet Jackson, in which they called for the resignation of the executors of Michael Jackson's estate because they have “failed to perform” their duties and “taken advantage of a grieving mother and family."  That letter also claimed that the executors know that Michael's signature on his will is fradulent.

Jermine writes in his essay, "I still hold deep reservations about many issues involving the Estate, and I will continue to bring scrutiny and a resolute voice wherever we have cause for concern. But the way to address such matters is through the proper channels and via a private dialogue, not public conflict."

He goes on to describe himself and his siblings as "understandably and unapologetically over-protective" when it comes to their mother, Katherine, noting, "No-one on the outside has a clue about the stresses and pressures she has been under long before recent events and I, like everyone in the family, adore the ground she walks on."  He notes that "rest is the sole reason" that Katherine went to Arizona, and claims, "[Michael's son] Prince even carried her bags down the stairs and urged her to rest-up, because we all come from the same caring place."

Jermaine also denies that that there was ever a "malicious attempt to 'block' the kids from talking with her," explaining, "We simply worried that a call home would first entail, or lead to, conversations with individuals we are in dispute with and that would, therefore, increase pressure on Mother -- and pressure was what a doctor said she didn't need."

That's why, Jermaine says, he and his siblings last week went to the home in Calabasas, California where Michael's children Prince, Paris and Blanket live: to "discuss arrangements for them to meet with their grandmother."   It was then, Jermaine said, that "we were denied access by security and it was clear that mutual suspicions had allowed events to spiral out of control."  He adds, "I regret that events were ever allowed to reach such a stage.  I regret any distress caused to Prince, Paris and Blanket. That was never, ever the intention of myself, Janet, Rebbie or Randy."

Summing up, Jermaine says he wants to start a "collective dialogue in private" between family members.   "It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand and move towards peace, co-operation, love and healing.  I truly hope that we can find it in our hearts to do so.  Because above and beyond anything else, what family."

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TJ Jackson's Sister Backs Up Brother

Mark Sullivan/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- A little-known Jackson family member strongly supports making Katherine and TJ Jackson co-guardians of Michael Jackson's children: Tanay Jackson, TJ's half-sister.

"My brother would make an ideal father for the kids," she told ABC News. "He knows how to be a father. He's been doing it for a while, and it's been in him from the beginning."

Lawyers for Katherine, Michael's mother, and TJ, the 34-year-old son of Michael's brother, Tito, are expected to file a request for joint guardianship in a Los Angeles court this week. Last week, Perry Sanders, an attorney for Katherine, said, "If the court grants this joint request, it will eliminate concerns such as the ones triggered by the events of the last few days," referring to Katherine's recent trip to Arizona. TJ was appointed a temporary guardian of Paris Michael, Prince Michael, and Prince Michael II in Katherine's absence. He has been integral in the kids' lives for years.

Tanay called co-guardianship a "better idea" than having Katherine or TJ parent alone.

"At first I was saying that TJ should take guardianship because he's a good father and the kids like him and it would be a good way to let my grandma get a rest," she said. "But she's very fond of the kids and she's been raising them. This is a good idea. She'd still get to raise them and then she'd get some sort of backup."

The last time Tanay saw TJ, he was preparing for the birth of his first child. TJ is married and now has three children.

"He was having his first child, and he just had that demeanor," she said. "He was just like a father, like 'No, sit here, do this, this is the right way' -- he just has that characteristic about him."

Tanay hasn't seen TJ in years, in part, because of her strained relationship with the Jackson family. Her mother was never married to Tito, and in 2009, Tanay filed a petition in Brooklyn Family Court to declare that the former Jackson 5 member is her father. The outcome of the petition was not made public.

Earlier this week, Taryll, TJ's brother, tweeted "Tanay Jackson is NOT related to us."

"I haven't seen them in a long time," Tanay said. "TJ was cool with me. Taryll and Taj were not. They're probably trying to keep their loyalty to their mom -- she's deceased and I have a different mom."

Delores Martes Jackson was the mother of TJ, Taryll, and Taj. She was murdered by a boyfriend in 1994, a year after she divorced Tito. Her sons went on to form the R&B group 3T.

Tanay's also in the business. Her latest single, "The Spotlight," is available on iTunes now, and she has plans to pitch a reality show "about me and what I'm going through."

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Katherine, TJ Jackson to Request Joint Guardianship

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- It looks like Katherine Jackson may get a little help taking care of the grandkids.

A statement released Friday by the Jackson family matriarch's attorney, Perry R. Sanders, declares that early next week, Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children -- Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II -- will file a modified pleading with the court that, if approved, will reinstate their grandmother as their guardian, and also appoint TJ Jackson as co-guardian.

Friday's statement from Sanders asserts that the planned pleading "will essentially now legally reflect how Mrs. Jackson and TJ have often shared  responsibilities of raising the children since Michael Jackson's tragic passing," and will "eliminate concerns such as the ones triggered by the events of the last few days. It will also empower TJ to take  joint legal responsibility for certain day-to-day duties such as the management of household personnel, including security."

However, a source close to the proceedings tells ABC News the arrangement will be slightly different than the statement declares.  "The request, if granted, will continue the judge's current, temporary order that all staffing and security matters will be TJ's responsibility.  All other decisions of day-to-day duties will be joint, with the caveat that the family allowance will continue to be paid through Mrs. Jackson," says the source.

The statement continues, "Mrs. Jackson will then be freed up to focus on the more personal everyday decision making related to the lives and activities of the children. She would also remain in control of the children's family allowance."

On Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge appointed TJ Jackson, the 34-year-old son of Tito Jackson, as the grandchildren's temporary guardian.  The move was prompted by 82-year-old Katherine Jackson's recent long absence as she stayed in Tucson, Arizona, during which time she reportedly had no contact with her grandchildren.  She later claimed she was taking a break and had voluntarily cut off communication.

"Mrs. Jackson is extremely pleased with the prospect of enjoying the pleasure of raising Michael's children without the day-to-day tedium of items such as managing the large staff that goes with such a high-profile family and focus her attention on being a grandmother and raising Michael's children," the statement declares.  "She is eager to simply enjoy her great relationship with these children, while deeding over some of the stressors that go hand-in-hand with being a guardian."

Friday's statement notes that the court-appointed legal representative for Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II confirmed that the proposed change in guardianship reflects the children's wishes.

Late Friday morning, TJ Jackson's attorney filed a petition for TJ to be appointed the permanent guardian for Michael Jackson's kids.  The filing was mandated by the court during Wednesday's proceedings.

Also Friday, Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who presided at last Wednesday's guardianship hearing, ordered a probate court investigator to interview Michael Jackson's children and report to the court on their status, as well as that of Katherine Jackson as their guardian.

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Jackson Family Feud Update: TJ Jackson to File Legal Papers

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- TJ Jackson, the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson’s three children, has a Friday deadline to file a petition for full guardianship of Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II.  The filing of the request is required by law, but it doesn’t mean he will actually seek permanent appointment.

A source close to TJ tells ABC News, “Until [Katherine] Jackson decides what she wants to do, we are doing what is necessary to stay as temporary guardian.” 

A judge this week suspended Katherine Jackson's rights as guardian of the children.  A hearing for full guardianship is set for August 22.

More is also being revealed about what TJ and Michael Jackson's kids told the court when TJ, as the petitioner, applied for temporary guardianship after not hearing from Katherine Jackson, and learning she was with several of her adult children.

According to court papers, "Petitioner and the Minor Children firmly believe that outside forces were prohibiting their grandmother from communicating with them.  The failure to touch base with Petitioner or any of the Minor Children is way out of character for their grandmother.  Petitioner is certain that his grandmother would never voluntarily cease communications with the Minor Children, or himself, and he is very concerned about her well-being."

In other Jackson family feud news, Tanay Jackson, TJ’s half-sister, tells E! News she doesn’t think her 82-year-old grandmother should be guardian of the children anymore. 

“Me, personally, I don't think she should continue watching the kids.  I just feel like she needs to rest.  I feel like she does not need to be under the stress of the whole situation,” Tanay said.

Meanwhile, Trent Jackson, Katherine Jackson's nephew and confidant who reported her missing, is a bit upset with the family matriarch, but furious at the Jackson siblings who took her to Arizona.

Discussing Katherine’s absence, Trent Jackson tells ABC News, “You can’t just leave for 10 days and not have an excuse where you been.” 

Trent says it was “improper” for her to be gone for 10 days and not call the grandkids.  Still, he blames the Jackson siblings, saying, “If they cared they never would have put her in a position like that.”

Trent reveals to ABC News that the room the Jackson siblings put Katherine in “had no television, no phone, no communication at all.”  Trent acknowledges that Katherine “loves her Jermaine, her Janet, her Rebbie” and is “gonna put them above us.”

Trent says Katherine “has been bamboozled” and “needs to listen to the voice of reason” and “do the right thing.”

When asked about the physical confrontation at Katherine Jackson's Calabasas, Calif., home earlier this week, Trent said he never expected that to happen.  Regarding the recent actions of the Jackson siblings, Trent tells ABC News that Prince told him they have been “planning this since my dad died.”

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Jackson Family Update: Prince Michael Deletes Tweets

Kevin Winter/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- The Jackson family drama continued to unfold Thursday, with Michael Jackson’s oldest child, Prince Michael Jackson, tweeting, then apparently deleting, comments he made earlier in the day regarding his reunion with his grandmother.

Prior to those tweets being removed from Prince’s account, the following message was briefly posted: "these tweets our [sic] not our own."

In a statement posted earlier Thursday on Twitter -- and which remains on his Twitlonger account -- Prince claimed, "As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways. Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to. I’m really angry and hurt."

Prince also published a mobile phone screengrab of a group text messaging session among a few family members in which Janet Jackson purportedly asked that Michael’s children be denied the opportunity to speak with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

On Thursday, Marlon Jackson tweeted, “My Mom is home and that's all I was concern about, her where a bouts and that she was safe. Now that she is home and safe I'm finish. Thank you for your concern, support and all the prayers. It worked she is home.”

Katherine was driven from Tucson, Arizona, where she had been resting at a resort, to Los Angeles on Wednesday.  She arrived at the family home in Calabasas , CA between 1:30 and 2:00 in the morning, with a deputy sheriff in tow.  The deputy sheriff was then given a copy of the order appointing Tito Jackson’s son, TJ, as the temporary guardian of Michael’s three children.

Wednesday in Los Angeles, a judge temporarily revoked 82-year-old Katherine guardianship of Michael's children -– Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II -- awarding it to TJ.

Katherine claimed in exclusive statements to ABC News Wednesday night that the court action was unnecessary because she'd left TJ in charge of the kids from the start while she traveled to a resort in Tucson, where daughter Rebbie lives.  She also claimed she "gave up my phone and I didn't want to have any phone calls" while she was in Tucson.

Sources tell ABC News that while Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II have been filling her in on everything that has gone on over the past week, phones in the house and Katherine Jackson's cellphone keep ringing. "Talk about a turnaround," sources said. "Prince and Paris are not allowing Katherine to answer because they don't want the Jackson siblings to interfere." It was unclear whether the two were successful in keeping their grandmother from her phone.

Meanwhile, TJ is trying to work things out with his grandmother. "TJ needs and probably won't be able to get the assurances he seeks that the Jackson siblings won't pull these kinds of stunts anymore," sources tell ABC News. Sources say TJ Jackson is concerned about Michael Jackson's three kids and the affect the ordeal of the past week has had on them.

Perry Sanders, Katherine Jackson's estate attorney, told ABC News he expects to meet with his client Thursday and file a petition to restore her guardianship.

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Marlon, Paris Jackson Tweet That Katherine Jackson's Home

Lester Cohen/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- A day after Katherine Jackson told ABC News she’s “devastated” her grandchildren have been “taken away” from her, her son Marlon Jackson and granddaughter Paris tweeted that the Jackson family matriarch has arrived home.

A Los Angeles judge on Wednesday suspended Jackson's rights as guardian of Michael Jackson’s three children -- Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II -- in an emergency hearing, declaring that she had been unable to serve in that capacity because of an "intentional act from third parties."  TJ Jackson, son of Tito Jackson, was named temporary guardian.

After Katherine was reported missing and Paris tweeted about not hearing from her grandmother for days, it was revealed by Jackson siblings that their mother was in Arizona.

In an ABC News exclusive from a spa in Arizona, the 82-year-old said the court hearing was “based on a bunch of lies," adding, "but I have a good idea who’s doing that.”

Katherine read from a prepared script while surrounded by several family members, including her children Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie. 

“There are rumors going around about me that I have been kidnapped and held against my will.  I am here today to let everybody know that I am good and fine and I’m here with my children.  And my children would never do a thing like that, hold me against my will,” Jackson said.

The 82-year-old continued, “It’s very stupid for people to think that but anyway I am devastated that while I’ve been away, grandchildren have been taken away from me.”

The matriarch said she spoke to her grandson TJ Tuesday night and told him it wasn't necessary for him to assume guardianship of Michael Jackson's children.

"I don't know who instructed him to do that," Katherine Jackson said.

Katherine Jackson described her visit to the Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, Ariz., as a “short vacation,” saying she was “grateful” that her children saw that she “needed rest" and wanted to take her away for a while "for just a short vacation to rest up.”  It had been reported that Jackson was staying at her daughter Rebbie's home in Tucson.

When asked about not calling Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II for several days, Katherine said, “One reason I didn’t call is I just gave up my phone and I didn’t want to have any phone calls while I was here.”

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Jackson said she would be returning to her home in California, although she didn't specify when.  However, her son Marlon Jackson tweeted early Thursday morning, "my mom is home she look and sound great. thank you everyone for your support, Study Peace."

Granddaughter Paris also tweeted minutes later, "grandma's here ! #thankyougod <33."

Two hours earlier on Thursday, Marlon tweeted: "Hello everyone Thank you for your support. I'm tired of not knowing where my mom is. I did speak with her last night but she didn't sound like herself. I was told by Janet, Randy and Jermaine that I could not see my mom. Doctor's order. But I see them on television with her. How come they could not call me so I could be with her as well."

For her part, Paris tweeted early Thursday morning, “they promised my grandmother would be home YESTERDAY. Why isn’t she home?

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Exclusive: Katherine Jackson Says Court Hearing 'Based on a Bunch of Lies'

Paul Warner/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Katherine Jackson said she is "devastated" her grandchildren have been "taken away" from her and she's returning to Los Angeles to be reunited with them Wednesday.

"I am devastated that while I've been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me, and I'm coming home," she said.

The 82-year-old Jackson family matriarch also addressed rumors concerning her whereabouts.

"There are rumors going around about me that I have been kidnapped," she said. "I am here today to let everybody to know that I am good and fine."

"My children would never do anything to me like that," she added.

Katherine Jackson said Wednesday's court ruling that made TJ Jackson the temporary guardian of Paris Michael, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II was "based on a bunch of lies." She explained that her stay in Arizona at the Miraval Resort & Spa was a "short vacation and rest."

As for not calling her grandchildren for days, Katherine Jackson said, "One reason I didn't call is I just gave up my phone and I didn't want to have any phone calls while I was here."

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Judge Revokes Katherine Jackson's Custody of Michael Jackson's Kids

Kevin Winter/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- TJ Jackson, son of Tito Jackson, has been named temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's three children.

Los Angeles Judge Mitch Beckloff made the decision late Wednesday morning after Charles Schultz, representing TJ Jackson, made an emergency appeal on behalf of the children.  The judge suspended Katherine Jackson's rights as guardian, declaring that she'd been unable to serve in that capacity because of an "intentional act from third parties."

Katherine Jackson has been staying at her daughter Rebbie's Tucson, Ariz., home for some days, though the circumstances that brought and keep her there remain unclear.

"There are only three words I want to say: Always kids first!" TJ Jackson said outside the court. When asked if he wanted Katherine Jackson home, he responded, "That too!"

TJ Jackson told the court that he'd spoken with Katherine Jackson the night before and that she sounded "strange…the way it sounded, I never heard her talk like that. … I never heard her use some phrases."

Earlier Wednesday, Randy Jackson said his mother had spoken on Tuesday night to her grandchildren Paris Michael, Prince Michael, and Prince Michael II.

The appeal and decision came at a previously-scheduled hearing to address unrelated estate matters.

Judge Beckloff also ordered that the children's mother, Debbie Rowe, and singer Diana Ross, be informed of the decision within 48 hours.  Ross is reportedly named in Michael Jackson's will to succeed Katherine Jackson as custodian.

The judge also ordered Michael Jackson's children not to leave California, and ordered that another hearing be scheduled in 30 days.

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