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Russell Brand on Marriage: 'I Tried It and I Loved It'

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Russell Brand says he still hopes to be married one day -– just not today.

In an interview with Esquire magazine, the actor says, "I'd like to be married. I'm just not transmitting that frequency of 'Soulmate! Soulmate!' I’m transmitting the frequency of 'Mmm!'"

Referring to his nearly two-year marriage to Katy Perry, Brand says, "I tried it and I loved it."

Brand says their divorce had nothing to do with her character. "I really think she's a lovely, beautiful person...It's just hard isn't it? She's got a lot of options, I’ve got a lot of options, so you've got to really, really want it."

As for what triggered their split, Brand admitted it was partly due to adjusting to a different pace of life then they were used to and prioritizing their respective lives and careers.  "Some of it's the fame, but I think getting married is…you've got a whole other person that you’ve got to make as important as you."

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Katy Perry & John Mayer House-Hunting in L.A.?

James Devaney/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Katy Perry and John Mayer have been together for all of four months, but they're reportedly ready to take their relationship to the next level: the British tabloid The Sun claims the couple is house-hunting in Los Angeles.

The paper claims that the couple hopes to be moved into their new rental around Christmas time, but they're facing a lot of opposition from those around them.  A source tells The Sun, "Lots of people are willing them to fail. They [fight] a bit and have quite a turbulent up-and-down relationship ... Many of her friends are certain it will all end in tears. But that’s brought them closer in a way. It’s given them an ‘us against the world’ mentality.”

According to the source, the two musicians are "together virtually every day," and spend their time cooking, watching movies and playing music. The couple was spotted together in Katy's hometown of Santa Barbara, Calif., two weeks ago, and the source claims Katy even introduced John to her parents while they were there.

"[It] was a huge step for Katy and it proves she’s 100 percent committed," claims the source. "Despite what the cynics may think, she is looking forward to moving in with John and says she’s happier than she’s been in a very long time.”

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Katy Perry Nails it for Obama

@KatyPerry/Twitter(LOS ANGELES) -- Inside the Nokia theater Sunday night, 6,000 people packed in for a star-studded concert to raise money for President Obama’s campaign. Most of those who attended the “30 Days to Victory” event, however, were likely too far away to see the smallest display of support that appeared on stage.

Singer Katy Perry took the stage to perform “Let’s Stay Together,” which Obama famously crooned at a fundraiser in January. Only those closest to the stage would have seen her fingernails, which were painted red, white and blue and adorned with the Democratic donkey logo as well as the president’s face. If you weren’t one of those exclusive few, Perry also tweeted a photo of her nail art to her 27 million Twitter followers, along with the message, “Appropriate nails.”

Earlier in the evening she tweeted, “Today I am so honored to play for the President!”

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Russell Brand: ‘Incompatibility’ Led to Katy Perry Split

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage(SYDNEY) -- Ever since Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s very public divorce in December, the former heroin addict turned movie star has slowly been opening up about what exactly caused the split with the “Fireworks” singer.

“Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it don’t,” Brand told Australia’s 60 Minutes about the relationship.  “But if you sort of sense there’s an incompatibility, then in any relationship regardless of the status of the individual, it kind of is best to go separate ways.”

Brand also hinted that he and Perry had little interests in common.  Reports after the split stated Perry’s partying and reluctance to have a baby right away may have been a contributing factor.

“I think if you’re someone who’s really into mountain biking, it would be good to go out with someone else who’s into mountain biking, and if you’re really into Eastern mysticism, go out with someone else who into Eastern mysticism,” Brand said.  “I think if you’re a devoted tennis professional and you get married to a crystal meth addict, you might have trouble.  I’ve been in a lot of trouble.”

Brand and Perry married in India in 2010, but 14 months later Brand filed for divorce.  Their divorce was finalized in July.  Perry chronicled much of the split in her documentary Part of Me.

“I thought it would have been strange if I had completely avoided it, because it’s, sometimes, you know, when there’s a problem, it’s not about the problem, it’s how you solve it.  And you can’t avoid an elephant in the room, of course,” Perry told ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas in July.

“But I wanted to be very diligent and respectful about it.  And hopefully, you know, people see that problem and they see me having that problem, they’re like, ‘Oh.  Well, even she can’t dodge life’s curve balls.  Even at that level.’  And they can relate to me better.  That’s what I want is, I want that human connection, especially with my fans,” she said.

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Katy Perry, John Mayer ‘Seeing Each Other Again’

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- Katy Perry and John Mayer’s reunion tour continues.  Less than two weeks after they reportedly broke up, the two have now been spotted out together twice.

Mayer and Perry attended the FYF Festival in Los Angeles together over the weekend.  Now People magazine reports that the two were seen leaving the L.A. restaurant The Little Door on Tuesday night.  A friend of Perry’s told the magazine, “They are seeing each other again.”

As for whether the couple’s reunion is surprising, the friend told People, “The only thing that would surprise me is if she were to get back with Russell [Brand].”

Since Mayer recently underwent surgery that, he said, requires him to be on vocal rest, it’s hard to imagine what sort of conversations he and Perry are having on their dates.  He wrote on his Tumblr blog, “Back to notebooks and iPad to communicate for the time being.”

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Report: Katy Perry Turned Down $20 Million "American Idol" Offer

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Katy Perry doesn't want to be a part of American Idol. is reporting that she's rejected a one-year, $20 million offer to serve as a judge for the Fox singing competition.  Sources say Idol had shown interest in Perry for weeks and initially made an offer of $18 million.

Why would Perry turn down all that cash?  TMZ sources say she didn't think it would be a good fit for her.

Maybe she's too busy getting over her reported split from John Mayer.  It seems that Perry and Mayer may have ended their all-too-brief romance just at the point where Perry was starting to believe the two were destined to be more than just a fling.

"They weren't serious, but she was really starting to fall for him," a source close to Perry tells People magazine.  "She wasn't seeing forever with him, but saw it lasting longer than it did." 

The source adds, "Katy likes the 'new' part of a relationship, when everything's exciting and you're getting to know the guy.  So she wanted to continue experiencing that with John."

The source says that it was Mayer who dumped Perry, but the source claims, "There isn't any emotional baggage with them. They may go out again, even, just as friends."

The night their split came to light -- last Thursday -- both Perry and Mayer went out in West Hollywood, but separately.  People magazine says Mayer was seen at Soho House sipping a drink and "flirting and talking" to two women, while Perry attended a concert by her good friend, singer Ferras.

Perry has other things to occupy herself with as well: she's been taking cooking lessons and documenting her successes on Twitter.  Among her creations: truffled chicken on a bed of grilled vegetables and a trio of breakfast omelets.

And that's not all.  E! Online reports Perry threw a birthday bash for a close friend at a Santa Monica, Calif., hotspot over the weekend.  Hilary Duff was among the 40 or so guests.  The report doesn't identify the friend.

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Katy Perry, John Mayer Reportedly Call It Quits

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Katy Perry’s romance with John Mayer has apparently fizzled.

People magazine reports the duo has split.

“They’ll end up as friends,” one source told the magazine. “They were honestly having fun. People made it out to be far more than it was.”

But another source told Us Weekly, “She is making it seem like it wasn’t serious with John, but she is hurt.”

According to People, Perry and Mayer had been dating for a couple of months, though the gossip sites caught on to their relationship only a few weeks ago.

The couple was spotted together at a Los Feliz house party, Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont and a Beverly Hills pool party.

Prior to her hook-up with Mayer, the former Mrs. Russell Brand dated Robert Ackroyd of the British rock band Florence + the Machine.

Mayer has been linked to a bevy of beauties including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

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Katy Perry and John Mayer Together…Again

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- Things are heating up for singers Katy Perry and John Mayer.

The pair was spotted leaving a Los Feliz house party Saturday night and getting into Mayer’s car.

The couple sparked dating rumors Aug. 1 when they were seen leaving celebrity hotspot, Chateau Marmont, also in Los Angeles, where they reportedly had a dinner date.

Could Mayer be a rebound for Perry? After 14 months together, the “I Kissed a Girl” singer and actor Russell Brand filed for divorce in December. Since the divorce, Perry has been linked to male model Baptiste Giabiconi and Florence And The Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd.

As for Mayer, he has been linked to a long list of Hollywood starlets including Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift.

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Katy Perry's Bra Nixed

Paramount Pictures(NEW YORK) -- Katy Perry's infamous spinning peppermint bra has been nixed. Her tour insurers have asked her to remove the revolving bra for her own safety, The Sun reported.

Apparently, Perry's hair has gotten caught in the spinning wheels, pulling her head closer and closer to her chest.

"I keep being told the insurers are worried I will injure my neck. I seriously doubt it could be lethal but they want a new bra designed that will not allow hair to be caught up," Perry told The Sun.

"My hair got caught in the wheels of my spinning peppermint bra and began to coil around and around," she said. "I'm forced to just go with it. … What a girl does for her art."

She wasn't bothered by the incident, but the tour's insurance company wants a newer, safer bra alternative.

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Miley Cyrus and More Being Considered as New "American Idol" Judges?

Kevin Mazur/WireImage via ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- It could be a big case of musical chairs for the American Idol judges' panel when the show returns next year.

Rumor has it that current star Jennifer Lopez may be leaving, and while former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has denied he's been in talks to serve as a judge, he admits to The Hollywood Reporter that he’d “be more than flattered to have that conversation."

Now, according to E! Online, several other celebrities are being “considered” by Idol bosses.

On the producer’s wish list, according to the report, are Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas members Fergie and

According to E! sources, it’s thought that Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler won’t commit to returning until they know who else is involved.

“No one has signed any contracts yet and producers are currently putting out feelers and setting up meetings to see who they can get,” says the insider.

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