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Keanu Reeves Explores Filmmaking's Digital Divide with "Side By Side"

Mike Coppola/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Having conquered acting, Keanu Reeves is now stepping behind the camera, both with a kung-fu film, Man of Tai Chi -- in which he also stars -- and with a new documentary, Side by Side.

The film explores cinema's transition from traditional film, also known as "chemical film," to digital moviemaking.  Reeves tells ABC News Radio he was inspired to make the film because he recognized a shift in the way some in Hollywood were starting to do things.

Reeves interviewed a who's who of cinema's most famous directors -- names like George Lucas and Martin Scorsese -- to explore the art and the science behind moving images.

"I believe there's this evolution, revolution shift in terms of, is this the end of film?" Reeves asks.  "Everyone can make a movie now or do a documentary...What has digital allowed us to do?  What have we gained and what are we losing?"

Side by Side premieres on video on demand on Aug. 22.

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Two More 'Matrix' Films on the Way?

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(LONDON) -- The Matrix could be reloaded with two more rounds.
While recently promoting his upcoming movie Henry's Crime in London, Keanu Reeves revealed two more Matrix films are in the works, reports 

Reeves said the films may be in 3D and added directors The Wachowskis have talked with James Cameron about extending the trilogy using cutting-edge technology Cameron became familiar with filming Avatar.

Reeves said the Wachowskis are hoping "to deliver something which has never been seen."

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