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Far East Movement Flying High 'Like a G6' with Platinum Hit

Photo Courtesy - CherryTree Record/Interscope Records(NEW YORK) -- Far East Movement's dance track "Like a G6" is a smash hit on the charts, and now it has been certified platinum for one million downloads.  In fact, Tuesday, after the four-man group performed in New York City's Times Square, their record label presented them with their platinum awards.

The award meant a lot to Far East Movement, especially because back in the day, they actually used to work for their record company as interns.  Group member Kev Nish told ABC News Radio, "To see the logos of the label that we used to intern at on there, with our names, saying 'one million sold' -- I mean, you couldn't see under our shades, but we might've gotten a little foggy....we were really grateful and appreciative."

The track's hook about "popping bottles" and "getting slizzard" is taken from a completely different song called "Booty Bounce," by a female singer named Dev.  When Far East Movement was working on a new song about going out on the town, their producer, who wrote "Booty Bounce," suggested they sample it on the new track.  They called up Dev and had her re-sing her part, and "Like a G6" was born.  The group posted it online and in three months, the track had a million views.

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