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Rihanna Unveils New Album Cover 

Photo Courtesy - Def Jam RecordingsSinger Rihanna had some fun with fans on Tuesday, revealing the cover of her new album, Loud, bit by bit online.  She started out by tweeting, "Here's a little taste of LOUD. Meet me at my Facebook page for more."  The Twitpic was a close-up of the upper right side of her face, but when fans clicked on her Facebook page, they saw the lower left side of her face.  Finally, Rihanna posted the full album cover image on her official website, revealing the full picture.  The cover is a close-up of her face, with eyes closed, lips in full pout, flaming red hair and just a hint of her new "Rebelle fleur" neck tattoo.  Loud will be in stores in November.  The first single, "Only Girl (In the World)," has already topped Billboard's digital sales chart.

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