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Britney Spears May Be Forced to Undergo Psychiatric Examination

Max Morse/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Remember Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears' so-called former "manager" who was allegedly controlling her life a few years ago when she had all those breakdowns?  Well, reports that he's now demanding that she undergo a psychiatric evaluation, to prove that she's sane enough to testify in his ongoing court case against her mom, Lynne Spears.

Lutfi is suing Lynne for defamation, because she claimed in her book "Through the Storm" that Lutfi kept Britney drugged and helpless, cut off her communications with her family and restricted her movements.  Lutfi wants Britney to give her side of the story, but her parents claim she's mentally incapable of testifying.  Despite the fact that she's made a remarkable comeback in recent years, Britney is still under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears, and family lawyer Andrew Wallet.  Lutfi, however, doesn't believe her parents' claims, which is why he's asked a judge to order the psychiatric evaluation.

Lutfi has submitted evidence of Britney's sanity to his own expert, a UCLA assistant professor of psychiatry.  The evidence consists of Britney's recent interviews with Ryan Seacrest and with MTV.  According to, the professor concluded that in those interviews, Britney "responds logically and coherently to questions, evidencing logical thinking and mental competency." Now, Lutfi wants a judge to order the evaluation to prove it legally.

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