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Madonna Threatens to Cancel Concert If Fans Smoke

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- You don’t want to light up around Madonna.

The singer scolded her fans for smoking cigarettes during her sound check at a concert in Santiago, Chile, Wednesday, and threatened to cancel the show if they didn’t put them out.  The incident was caught on video.

“If you’re going to smoke cigarettes, I’m not doing a show,” Madonna is heard saying in the video.

The crowd at the outdoor venue screamed “No.”

“You don’t care about me, I don’t care about you,” the 54-year-old singer said. “Are we going to play that game? I’m not kidding. I can’t sing if you smoke. ¿Entiendes?”

“You’re looking right at me while you’re smoking cigarettes like I’m a stupid f**king idiot,” she said.

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Report: Madonna's Ex Gets Engaged

Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- British director and former hubby of Madonna, Guy Ritchie, is now engaged to longtime girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley, reports

Ainsley is pregnant with the couple’s second child.  Their first child together, a son named Rafael, was born last year.  Ritchie and Ainsley have been dating since April 2010.

The 44-year-old filmmaker split from Madonna after eight years of marriage in 2008.  The two share a biological son, Rocco, and an adopted son named David.

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Controversial Madonna Paris Show Wasn't Meant to Be a Full Concert, Says Rep

Ragnar Singsaas/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- A spokesperson for Madonna is defending the star from complaints by French fans that her show at Paris' Olympia club was a ripoff because it only lasted 45 minutes.   After the show ended Thursday night, fans booed Madonna, called her nasty names and, reportedly, chanted "refund!"  But according to spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg, the show was never meant to be a full-fledged Madonna concert.

In a statement provided to ABC News Radio, Rosenberg says, "Madonna's Paris club show was planned as her heartfelt thank you to France which she expressed at the start of her show. … The show was not billed as her full MDNA concert and tremendous effort was made to keep the ticket prices reasonable ($100 for 2000 floor seats) and keep them strictly for her fans."

Rosenberg goes on to say,  "She has done a handful of club dates in the past and they were never more than 45 minutes.  And by the way, she put on a fabulous show which was streamed for millions of fans around the world."

According to Rosenberg, Madonna wanted to take time out from her "grueling" concert tour to do the intimate club show in Paris as a way of honoring "her love for French artists, French cinema and a tribute to France's long history of welcoming and inspiring artists, authors, painters, poets and minorities from other countries over the years."

Madonna closed the Olympia show with a version of "Je T'aime … Moi Non Plus," a  song by the late French music icon Serge Gainsbourg which was controversial at the time of its release in 1969 due to its sexual content.

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Madonna Angers French Fans with 45-Minute Show

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Hell hath no fury like a French Madonna fan.  An intimate Thursday night show at Paris' Olympia club ended with angry fans booing and chanting insults when Madonna left the stage after just 45 minutes.

The show, streamed live on YouTube, was billed as a celebration of tolerance and diversity, announced in the wake of the ongoing controversy over Madonna showing images at a Bastille Day concert of far-right National Front party leader Marie Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.  Fan videos posted on the video channel after the Thursday night event show concert-goers booing Madonna and chanting what sounds like "salope," which depending on the context can mean "b***h" or "slut."

As of Friday morning, the 'likes' on the concert's YouTube channel were just under 11,000, while the 'dislikes' were 13,123.  On Twitter, angry tweets about Madonna -- many of them in French -- continued to arrive by the second.

The Olympia concert will be re-broadcast on YouTube hourly until midnight GMT (7:00 p.m. U.S. ET).

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Madonna Helps Fan Propose, Gives Marital Advice

Ragnar Singsaas/WireImage(AMSTERDAM) -- For many, proposing marriage is a terrifying task. But one lucky woman got help from Madonna before she popped the question to her boyfriend in front of several hundred thousand people.

Halfway through Madonna’s July 8 concert in Amsterdam, she announced that she heard a rumor that someone was going to propose that night. A woman in the front row raised her hand and the “Like a Virgin” singer handed her the microphone so the arena, and now the world thanks to YouTube, could hear it.

“Is that the man you love?” Madonna asked the woman.

“Do you love her?  Huh?  Very much?” the singer demanded of the guy.

Then Madonna, who has been married and divorced twice, walked the woman through the marriage proposal.

“Do it with feeling, from the heart, baby,” Madonna told the woman.

After the man said "yes" and the singer told them to “kiss with tongue,” she gave them more advice.

“Never go to bed angry, OK?” the singer said.

“Two pieces of advice.  Sorry,” she added. “Learn to say the word, ‘I f**ked up.’”

As the crowd cheered, the singer corrected herself saying, “That’s more than one word.” She then topped off the proposal by dedicating a song to the happy couple.

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Russian Lawmaker to Madonna: Keep Your Pants On

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage(MOSCOW) — A lawmaker in St. Petersburg has a message for Madonna: keep your pants on. Literally.

City councilman Vitaly Miranov warned the pop star not to step out of line during her upcoming concert there on Aug. 9.

“We are warning the organizers of her concert to make it as decent as possible. Otherwise we will use the harsh laws against them. I heard that during the concerts of this tour she has taken off her pants. We do not need that here,” Milanov said, according to Russia’s Interfax news agency.

The Material Girl caught Miranov’s ire earlier this year after she vowed to speak out from the stage against a harsh new anti-gay law, which would make it a crime to discuss homosexuality around minors. He threatened to fine her if she did and said in March that he would was willing to “personally suffer” through her concert in order “to control its moral content.”

The so-called “gay gag rule,” which Miranov proposed, would impose hefty fines up to $16,700 on violators. A similar law was later approved at a national level. The laws’ supporters say it’s meant to protect children from gay “propoganda,” but opponents say it’s just the latest in a string of efforts to discriminate against gay, lesbian, and transgender people.

Madonna is not the only famous musician standing up for gay rights in the region.

On Saturday Elton John begged Ukrainian authorities to stop a recent pattern of violence against gay activist leaders.

“I plead with you. Stop the violence against gay people,” he said during a pause in his act, which headlined a concert ahead of the EuroCup soccer tournament final, which was held in Kiev.

Lady Gaga has also repeatedly spoken out against the treatment of homosexuals in Russia.

Homosexuality was banned in the Soviet Union and was only decriminalized in 1993, though it was still declared a mental disorder until 1999. It remains highly taboo in Russia.

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Madonna Kicks off MDNA Tour in Tel Aviv

Kevin Mazur/WireImage(TEL AVIV) -- Madonna kicked off her highly-anticipated MDNA tour, her first in almost three years, in Israel's Tel Aviv, the cultural capital of a country she loves.  Performing in Israel can often be controversial: several famous artists have backed out of touring there due to the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict. But Madonna didn't shy away from the issue, taking time out in the middle of her set to call for peace in the region.

"I chose to start my world tour in Israel for a very specific and important reason," she told the crowd. "As you know, the Middle East and all the conflicts that occur here and that have been occurring for thousands of years...They have to stop...You can't be a fan of mine and not want peace in the world, OK?"

She added, "We are all human beings.  We all bleed the same color.  We all want to love and be loved....If we can all rise above our egos and our titles and the names of our countries and the names of our religions...and treat everyone around us...with dignity and respect, then we are on the road to peace, OK?

Madonna continued, "So, start today. Start now, each and every one of you. You are the future.  We are the future, and if there is peace here in the Middle East, there can be peace in the whole world, OK?"  Her comments were greeted with cheers.

The elaborate stage production, which started over 30 minutes late, was not totally sold out --- there was space at the back of Ramat Gan stadium.  The festivities started with monks ringing a church bell, and an altar onstage.  Madonna appeared in a confessional, and then broke out of it, kicking things off with her song "Girl Gone Wild." The first part of the show featured Madonna and her dancers brandishing numerous guns for the songs "Revolver" and "Gang Bang."  During other parts of the show, she appeared wearing a red and white majorette outfit, and also in a Jean-Paul Gaultier-designed cage-like bustier.

The set list was a mix of old and new tracks, and included Madonna's much-discussed mash-up of her own hit "Express Yourself" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," with a few lines of her song "She's Not Me," from the 2008 album Hard Candy, sung repeatedly -- and pointedly -- at the end.   Other songs performed included "Papa Don't Preach," "Like a Virgin," "Vogue" and what proved to be the most popular number of the night, "Like a Prayer," which featured a gospel choir. 

Two of Madonna's four children, Lourdes and Rocco, performed in the show as dancers, according to press materials given to reporters, but they were difficult to spot.

After leaving Israel, Madonna heads to Abu Dhabi, then on to Europe and North America.  She'll wrap things up in early 2013 in Australia, a country in which she hasn't performed in more than two decades.

Here's the set list for the show, according to the fan site Madonnalicious:

First Act:
"Girl Gone Wild"
"Gang Bang"
"Papa Don't Preach"
"Hung Up"
"I Don't Give A"
"Best Friend/Heartbeat" (Interlude)

Second Act:
"Express Yourself" (Ft. "Born This Way")
"Give Me All Your Luvin'"
"Turn Up the Radio"
"Open Your Heart"
"Justify My Love" (Interlude)

Third Act:
"Candy Shop"
"Erotica / Human Nature"
"Like a Virgin"
"Nobody Knows Me" (Interlude)

Fourth Act:
"I'm Addicted"
"I'm a Sinner"
"Like a Prayer"

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Madonna Covers Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ During Rehearsal

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Marc Jacobs(NEW YORK) -- Pop icon Madonna may have fired another salvo in the ongoing musical feud between her and Lady Gaga.

The Material Girl reportedly may be using her upcoming concert tour as a forum to perform a Material Girl/Mother Monster mash-up.

During a recent concert rehearsal in Israel, Madonna was caught on video performing her 1989 composition, “Express Yourself,” before transitioning into Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” complete with the sound of a revving motorcycle that is Gaga’s trademark.

Madonna seamlessly flipped back and forth between the choruses of both songs to further illustrate the similarities.  She ended with a drum-driven remix of “Express Yourself” and chanted chorus of “Respect yourself … she’s not me.”

Whether it was an homage or a pointed dig went unstated, but Madonna told ABC News Nightline anchor Cynthia McFadden in a January interview that Lady Gaga’s hit song “Born This Way”  felt “reductive” of “Express Yourself.”

Lady Gaga has made her mark with a unique style of dress and music that many say is reminiscent of Madonna’s iconic style and attitude.

And it’s no secret that the “Poker Face” singer admires Madonna. She has spoken of her regard for the pop icon, but the admiration apparently is not mutual.

Last year when a Belgian magazine’s reporter asked Madonna about her fans, including Lady Gaga, the singer replied, according to the magazine,  “I have no comment on her obsessions related to me, because I do not know if it is based on something profound or superficial.”

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Nude Photos of Marilyn, Madonna Up for Auction

Bonhams(NEW YORK) -- Nude photographs of American icons Marilyn Monroe and Madonna were up for auction at Bonhams.

A black-and-white photograph of Madonna, taken by U.S. photographer Steven Meisel in 1990, hit the auction block Tuesday along with more than 150 other items. The music icon, known for her often-racy outfits, posed naked, cigarette in hand, with only a sheet to partially cover herself.  The photo Tuesday was sold to the highest bidder for $23,750 -- more than double its estimated value of $10,000.

An image of Marilyn Monroe from her final photo shoot with only a sheer scarf to hold over her breasts are set to be auctioned in London on May 17. The photograph of the blonde bombshell is just one of several images included in the collection, which is estimated to be worth $24,000. The picture was taken by U.S. photographer Bert Stern.

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Madonna ‘Not Happy’ About Daughter Smoking

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Madonna may be totally in control of her career, but she doesn’t have that same control over her teenage daughter.  Last month, a picture of 15-year-old Lourdes smoking a cigarette popped up in the press, and in an interview that aired Wednesday night on NBC’s Rock Center, the superstar mom reveals her less-than-thrilled reaction.

Interviewer Harry Smith said that when he saw the photo, he asked himself, “How did Madonna react to that?”  “She wasn’t happy,” Madonna replied.  When Smith asked if Madonna is a “tough mom,” she admitted, “I think I am but honestly, I don’t think I’m as tough as I should be. I think I need to be, maybe, tougher. It’s hard, every day is a negotiation. But cigarette smoking, I’m not very fond of.  For anyone.”

When Smith pointed out that a recent video of Madonna shows her smoking a cigarette, she acted annoyed and said, “I don’t smoke! That’s just an accessory, Harry!  There’s a difference!”  Then she laughed and said Lourdes “smoked that cigarette before I did that video!  So she didn’t get that from me, ok?”

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